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Живко Джаков (JivkoDjakov)


Този проект е различен. Когато бях на 9 прочетох книгата на Бернхард Гжимек "Серенгети не бива да загине". Там единия от основните герой беше този самолет. Няма да разказвам подробности. Няма да описвам модела. Поне за сега. Обещавам да го направя когато е готов.
This project is different. When he was 9, Bernhard Grzimek's book "The Serengeti should not perish" was read. There, one of the original characters was this plane. I will not tell details. It will not describe the model. At least for now. I promise to do it when it's ready.


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Villiers de Vos
Well done Jivko. Let's hope that there is not a lion close by, stalking that horse in pajamas!
22. November, 01:59
Lochsa River
a masking wonder.....
22. November, 03:30


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D-ENTE (Michael Grzimek)
1958 Serengeti Shall Not Die TZ (Result: crashed)
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