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Tommy Deliyiannis (Delis)

Zvezda SU 27SM


16. February 2015, 09:25
Soeren .
Nice job!
26. May 2015, 07:44
Melf Boyens
Excellent finish and paint Job! The Su27SM from Zvezda seems to be the best kit of a Su-27 in 1/72 on the market, can you confirm that?
26. May 2015, 09:58
Soeren .
The best besides the Hasegawa one!
26. May 2015, 10:23
Tommy Deliyiannis
I haven't build the Hasegawa SU-27 but I guess there is no way Hasegawa can bit this. The whole model was built without any problem and putty. Just some minor sanding and nothing more. the only thing that i found to be on the negative side was the very shallow panel lines that can easily be filled with paint and clear coat leading to problematic panel line wash.
26. May 2015, 13:22
Soeren .
The Hasegawa kit is really nice, but also the Trumpeter kit (forgot this earlier) is a really great kit of the Su-27.
26. May 2015, 13:24
Harry Eder
Great work 👍
26. May 2015, 13:54
Sebastijan Videc
Very nice job! I'd place Trumpeter's Flankers before Hasegawa - Hasegawa has much too wide the rear part of the fuselage together with verticals. Hase Su-35S and Su-33 are good though
26. May 2015, 16:12
Soeren .
True. That would be also my order 🙂
26. May 2015, 16:17
Very good.
26. May 2015, 16:41


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1:72 Su-27SM (Zvezda 7295)

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