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Tim Heimer (gearhd)

Knight rider

Building a lit up Aoshima Kitt! With Michael Knight figure.


Nigel Chapman
Yeah Tim, that lit up dash looks awesome
9 October 2020, 07:02
very interesting. do you have also the scanner in that module?
9 October 2020, 07:58
looking at it....i think you do 🙂
9 October 2020, 07:59
K.O.O.L. K.I.T.T.😎
9 October 2020, 08:02
Slavo Hazucha
Wooow, lights inside! I am 8 years old again and believe everything that happens on screen!!! 😄
9 October 2020, 09:09
9 October 2020, 14:30
Tim Heimer
Thank you guys! The big circuit board under the car is for the scanner, the Oshima one they offer for under the hood kit has not been available for quite some time, so I found this one. The LED's for the dash have to be powered by a 3v battery pack as well as the scanner. This will also have a sound clip of Kitt.
9 October 2020, 15:39
Cool, I have tan flocking bought for my kits as well. I also plan on lighting the interior, except for the dash I'm going to photoetch a custom backing panel so light passes through only where the indicators are instead of the whole thing glowing. If you wire a separate LED from the VOX box to your sound output then it will light up in sync with KITT's voice.
9 October 2020, 16:34
Tim Heimer
Interesting thought for that. Thanks Starbase!
9 October 2020, 19:26
Tim Heimer
O.k , so I've completed this project and have pics, but before I download them( Hopefully tomorrow) I will be dropping it off to the Hobby shop for display and taking pics of this Hollywood car collection, I will also be taking pics of the completed Fall guy dio that I forgot to take! Again I have been averaging 1 model per month, which is insane!
14 October 2020, 05:59
Can't wait to see the pix of the Fall Guy truck
14 October 2020, 09:40
Dominik Weitzer
😄 a lot of Lights inside till now.
Is the 3rd Picture made in Berlin?
14 October 2020, 12:16
Tim Heimer
Dominick for all I know it could be. Found it as a reference pic.
14 October 2020, 13:04
playtime 222
Kitt is a Cylon spy!
14 October 2020, 13:52
it certainly looks like Berlin Olympic stadium.
14 October 2020, 13:55
Tim Heimer
I'll take your word on that!
15 October 2020, 01:36
Nigel Chapman
Fantastic pictures. Your models look at home
15 October 2020, 03:08
Tim Heimer
Thank you Nigel!
15 October 2020, 05:22
Konrad Limmer
Awesome Tim!
One of my favorite TV series 👍! Love it mate!
15 October 2020, 06:36
Petr Plaček
Wow! I love it! 😄
15 October 2020, 06:41
looks great, do you have a video of that scanner running?
15 October 2020, 07:34
i guess it is this one https://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/152 🙂
15 October 2020, 07:40
Bob Hall
EPIC ! Love Em !
15 October 2020, 08:14
playtime 222
Excellent 😄
15 October 2020, 09:01
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, even Michael is there! Top 👍
15 October 2020, 09:05
Tim Heimer
Added electrical note to pic. The voice card says " Certainly you don't expect me to just stand here Michael" LOL!
15 October 2020, 17:05
James C
That's awesome Tim 👍
15 October 2020, 17:22
Tim Heimer
Sorry Spanjaard no video, that's why I took a few pics to show it working. Yes that is the scanner kit, I just used different Leds. I got the leds from https://ebay.com/itm/20pcs-1..used-9V-12V-DC-Pre-Wired-LED
15 October 2020, 17:28
Link seems not to work.....
21 October 2020, 23:12
Tim Heimer
I tested it when I posted but now it doesn't work. Let me find the type I used and I will send another link here.
22 October 2020, 04:53
Tim Heimer
O.k Spanjaard I found and pasted the site, unfortunately they seem to be out of what you'd need/ or what I used. What I used was the 2mm flat top prewired 9- 12V leds. Yes they worked at 3V and up. Note: I used a battery holder for 3AA batteries which equals 4.5V and the circuit board for scanner didn't mind it. Colors I used were 10 red/ 8 for scanner, 2 for dash, 1 yellow in middle of dash and 1 for counsel. 3 clear in dash- 1 on far left, 2 for screens on far right. I hope this helps!
25 October 2020, 23:36
big thanks Tim!
26 October 2020, 00:00
Tim Heimer
No problem! Best wishes for you!
26 October 2020, 04:21
An Aoshima red scanner showed up today: https://ebay.com/itm/313259197110
26 October 2020, 13:03
starting bid 45USD and 14USD shipping. i am curious about how far it goes.
26 October 2020, 14:07
$45 is not a bad price for the scarcity of this scanner, but $14 shipping is double what it will actually cost to mail it and the final price will probably be higher than the starting price. I've already got 5 red scanners, 1 orange scanner and 1 yellow scanner, so I won't be bidding. A while back you were asking about acquiring one of these Aoshima scanners so I posted the link.
26 October 2020, 14:29
Tim Heimer
For what it's worth, Other than the size of the Evil mad Scientist kit it works just as good, and a lot cheaper.
26 October 2020, 14:40
thanks Starbase101, I really appreciate that you passed the information. but the price is too high, unfortunatelly. i wonder why Aoshima does not produce those anymore, specially since they keep salling Knight Rider kits.
26 October 2020, 15:28
Tim Heimer
How high did it go?
26 October 2020, 22:23
Still has 6 days remaining, and I'm not yet able to predict the future....
26 October 2020, 22:32
Tim Heimer
27 October 2020, 03:46
In case you might be curious, it closed with only one bid at the opening price.
3 November 2020, 02:33
Tim Heimer
Well thank you for the update! I was curious how far it would go.
3 November 2020, 04:50
Villiers de Vos
A classic
14 April 2021, 04:36
playtime 222
Nice job. And graphic proof that Kitt was a cylon 😉
14 April 2021, 08:43
Tim Heimer
Thank you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Villiers, I thank you for acknowledging my builds! If I can help in any way feel free to ask.
14 April 2021, 13:02


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1:24 Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Aoshima 041277)1:24 Michael K. Rider (Scale Production TMF24017)

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