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A34 MK.1A comet


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Urban Gardini
Oh Bugger, the tank's on fire! Nicholas Moran is great and funny!

Your build will be nice to follow as I've got the same kit as well.
28. August, 17:25
Yea, great, funny, and informative. His vids are very useful in building some rare vehicles. Btw, I wish my experience makes your build easier.
29. August, 09:15
Zach Wilson
Really clean detail work so far.
13. September, 17:37
Oleg Smilyk
I'm watching , very interested!
13. September, 18:46
Simon Nagorsnik
Good job so far, i like all the improvements you've done and the chipping effects looks even nice 👍
26. September, 06:01
Thank guys, @Zach Wilson, @Oleg Smilyk, @Simon Nagorsnik.

So, in conclusion,
A scaled-down bronco kit to me, very crisp detail and minor issues here and there.
- Searchlight (Early/late derivation)
- 'The aiming device?' [: in front of the commander cupola] (Incorrect folding indication)
- Spare tracks (Simplified/incorrect teething) [: Nowhere to hide, correction is almost a must]
- Rare fenders (Interfering with tracks) [: As there's no stopper or whatsoever for driving wheels, to set the center of the entire track assembly all in line with each other, the end tip could end up being too wide, which leads to the interference. A bit of sanding will do as well I suppose. I just cut the retaining bolts of the track.]
- 'Mysterious square detail' at the back of the storage box (Irish post-war units only it seems, red it from: https://forums.kitmaker.net/t/a34-comet-cruiser-tank-vespid-kit-build/1442/13 )
- Canvas fixing points (WWII/post-war derivation)

Thinking of figures and packages, but not for today. Thank you all for watching.
28. September, 14:58
Bruce Huxtable
And very well 'done' too. I'm liking the final piccies 👍
28. September, 15:33
Thank you, @Bruce Huxtable
28. September, 15:56
@HammerMax , that is not 1:72 scale! To support my case, I introduce your own photos 1-77 as exhibit 'A'. I rest my case m'Lord. 😉
28. September, 16:02
Urban Gardini
Beautiful result and good work on the vane sight!
28. September, 16:12
'Why? You found the cent a bit too tall as well?' (Just kidding) 😄 @mark
28. September, 18:36
@Urban Gardini Oh you are right, many thanks for telling me its proper nomenclature.
28. September, 18:40
Urban Gardini
No problem mate!
29. September, 00:31
Simon Nagorsnik
Looks great👍i like your work and now you need a little dio for it😄
29. September, 04:24
Top small scale build!
29. September, 06:00
@Simon Nagorsnik About the dio, I would say that I'm learning from tutorials and works from you guys and I simply think that I still have much to learn.
29. September, 12:36
@Neuling Thanks, master. Looking forward to your next build.
29. September, 12:43
Oleg Smilyk
Outstanding result, mate!When I make my own, I will definitely use your decisions, if you do not mind 😄
1. October, 18:18
Rui S
Very Nice weathering 👍 IMHO a bit too shiny in the tarp 🤔
2. October, 14:07
Thank you, @Oleg Smilyk. I'd be very happy if they are proved to be helpful.
3. October, 08:24
Thank you, @Rui S, and I agree with what you've said.

About the canvas, I didn't apply the varnish by the time meanly because I found that varnish or fluid tends to darken the tone heavily and make the dirt a bit monotonous. I fear that it would ruin the dried-up dirt effect in seam lines that are made with the very sensitive diluted earth pigment.

Also decals, that glossiness is what I'm going to do some experiments on. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.
3. October, 08:40
Hammermax, I make the decal gloss disappear with a light wash of matt medium (Valleyo).
3. October, 09:38
@Neuling Sounds promising. I just ordered one to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!
3. October, 09:59
Guy Rump
Great build, I thought it was 35th scale when I first looked at it. 👍
3. October, 10:58


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1:72 A-34 'Comet' MK.1A (Vespid Models VS720002)
Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34)
GB British Army (1660-now)
11 Arm. Div., 29 Arm. Brig., 3 RTR T335011
April 1945

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