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Thomas Wirsching (Black_Sheep)

Kriegsfischkutter KFK 411

This is the excellent SSN Modellbau 1:350 kit of a typical german Kriegsfischkutter used on many occupied coastal waters.


17 | 11. April, 11:54
Łukasz Gliński
Brilliant idea for the presentation, simply outstanding! 👍
11. April, 12:22
Thomas Wirsching
Thank you Lukasz :)
11. April, 12:24
Ben M
It grew up in photo 30! I especially enjoyed the step by step on how you made the ocean. It is thoughtful when more experienced modelers show us how to do things, thank you. The cutter is a little jewel.
11. April, 13:24
Thomas Wirsching
Sorry Ben picture 30 was my recently finished Kriegsmarine Destroyer Z-25 which I do have in another album. I´m still struggling with the things here to get my projects and pictures properly postet here; I find it somehow difficult.
11. April, 13:29
Ben M
Well it is a beautiful model as well!
11. April, 13:31
Sven Schönyan
Very nice!
14. April, 15:46
Absolutely delightful to see such a creatively filled sardine tin!
14. April, 18:27
Using aluminum foil and white glue was
just trick. Very clever. I have never seen
that before.
Most excellent build too.
14. April, 18:29
Hanno Kleinecke
Kriegsfischkutter in a fish tin, very cool way of presenting your superb work. The foil and glue based „water" is very convincing and realistic looking !
14. April, 18:46
Robert Podkoński
Great concept, perfectly executed - I love it
14. April, 18:49
Just wonderful!👍👍👍
15. April, 08:45
Alexander Grivonev
15. April, 09:05
Thomas Wirsching
Thank you all gentlemen, I feel honored 🙂
15. April, 15:13
absolutely fantastic, i love the presentation!
15. April, 16:38
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! This is cool! Very creative! 👍
15. April, 16:42
Alec K
Excellent work 👍
15. April, 17:23

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