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Thomas Schäffter (modellbauer)

U-Boot Typ VII C

Project "Where is the submarine?"
- Revell U-boat Type VII C
- Trumpeter S-100 class speedboat
- Eduard Naval German WW II figures
everything in scale 1: 350

+ Ikea Picture Frame "Bás"


Es-haq Khosravi
Great! I'm in!
28 December 2014, 14:29
Me too. Very interesting.
28 December 2014, 15:05
Stefan Schneider
Interesting arrangement. I am curious how it will look like.
28 December 2014, 16:00
Christian Bruer
Yep curious I'm too🙂
30 December 2014, 16:48
Thomas Schäffter
Hello Christian, let yourself be surprised.
I wish you Happy
30 December 2014, 17:13
Andre Hoencher
Very interesting Projekt. I´m in too.
30 December 2014, 18:10
Thomas Schäffter
New pictures.
2 January 2015, 12:43
Andre Hoencher
Looks good. The Dramtik the scene comes across well.
2 January 2015, 13:48
Christian Bruer
Good idea Thoms. Looking forward to your progress.
2 January 2015, 14:30
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job! I think there will be some cracks made in the u-boot's hull, is it?
2 January 2015, 14:37
Christian Bruer
May they're in the port side of the hull🙂
2 January 2015, 14:38
Es-haq Khosravi
May be!😉🙂
2 January 2015, 14:47
Urban Gardini
Excellent! Have you seen Jonas Dahlbergs various builds? This one kind of remind me ot this one by him! [img1]
2 January 2015, 15:50
Thomas Schäffter
@ Es-haq Khosravi and Christian: Exactly. At the shallow depth of the sunken submarine, are a few of the damage occurred
2 January 2015, 18:25
Thomas Schäffter
Hello, Urban Gardini. I know that does not work by Jonas Dahlberg. But the image of his model like that.
2 January 2015, 18:28
John Thomas
Very cool
3 January 2015, 13:32
Evan Dwyer
This is great - are you still documenting your progress?
14 June 2015, 23:34


8 images
1:350 German Submarine Deutsches U-Boot Type VIIC (Revell 05093)

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