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Craig Moroz (BigSplashBear)

Sherman V - RMASG "Fox"

Vehicle as used by the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group in the Normandy campaign. This work is in progress as I have yet to finish a set of the Model Kasten tracks!


1 | 9. December 2016, 00:34
Achim Ribbe
Wow. Excellent work. The tank and the figur are the way i like it. The scale is 1:35?
9. December 2016, 05:00
Craig Moroz
Yes Achim it's 1:35 scale. Thank you so much for your positive feedback.
9. December 2016, 10:33
Bart Goesaert
when seeing this, one would be tempted to build a sherman... it's a nice one, very nice. Splendid work...

Do you happen to know what's the deal with the turretmarkings?
9. December 2016, 11:14
Lex Jassies
The weathering is very convincing! Like it a lot.
9. December 2016, 12:13
Holger Kranich
Very nice Pigment work!!!
9. December 2016, 15:00
Excellent work Craig! I have never seen a tank with those markings on the turret.
9. December 2016, 15:24
Christian Bruer
I usually know the markings from British Howitzer Tanks.
They were used for fire direction, guess it was the same reason with them applied to a Sherman.
Nice work and interesting and unusual marking 👍
9. December 2016, 17:29
great job, fantastic weathering. those markings look really well done. dry transfer? looking forward seeing the rest of the model 🙂
9. December 2016, 19:24
Wesley De Braekeleir
Very cool sherman! Love the decals on the turret!
9. December 2016, 20:01
Craig Moroz
Bart - Christian's answer is spot on. The RMASG used Centaur and Sherman. And you really should build a Sherman.
Holger - no pigments yet. Is various layers of AMMO and AK dust coats sprayed on and then gradually removed with a wide brush and white spirit.
Spaniard - water slide decals from an excellent Bison Decals set.
All - thank you for your positive comments. So glad I could offer a worthy sample for your viewing pleasure. Best wishes, CM
9. December 2016, 22:38
water slide? wow. they look fantastic. thanks
9. December 2016, 22:59
Holger Kranich
Enamel? You are kidding us!🙂 looks fantastic to me!!!!
11. December 2016, 10:05
Markus Antonius
I see your figures have the apperance of real persons, yet they don't seem to have a complicated paintjob on the clothes... i am confused!
11. December 2016, 10:37
Craig Moroz
Thanks Markus. Hope you like them. Figures are my nemesis - I do them because I need to. Not because I like to. My process: Uniform painted with enamels. Face with acrylics. Body is undercoated with Gunze Black 1500 Primer in spray "rattle" can, while that is still wet I mist Gunze white 1500 primer from the top - the wet on wet effect gives a nice graduation as a base for the real colours. I then mix up three versions of the uniform colour. The darkest colour is brush painted into the deepest creases or where shadow would really occur. The second darkest is then airbrushed from below the figure. The airbrush is quickly cleaned and then the lightest airbrushed from above the figure. Again, wet on wet application means you get a blended effect. Details are painted. Once dry there is a coat of Gunze flat sprayed on (yep just from a rattle can again!).Once dry, I weather the figure in a similar way to the vehicle. Filters carefully applied. Faces - gah....I normally run five or six at a time and then pick the best one to go onto the figure. Many of my figures end up wearing red leather or black leather gloves. I am still learning. Markus, I hope that assists.
11. December 2016, 21:10
Craig Moroz
Am declaring this one done. Model Kasten tracks on. 87 links per side at 8 parts per link equals 1392 parts just for the tracks!!!! Have included the photo that served as inspiration for this model.
12. December 2016, 10:00
Markus Antonius
Thank you Craig, it is a method that turns out to be effective. I will try that technique on a future project!
12. December 2016, 17:27
fantastic final result. wow
12. December 2016, 18:28
Tiberius Jones
I thought the figure was a real person, marvelous!
29. July 2020, 03:10


1:35 Sherman V (M4A4) (Tasca 35-016)1:35 T62 Workable Track Set for Tank, Medium M4 (Modelkasten SK-64)1:35 UK Tank Accessories #2 (Resicast 35.2288)1+

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