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Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet - WIP



In progress
1:48 F/A-18F - Diamond Bones (Fightertown Decals 48067)1:48 F/A-18F Super Hornet (Hasegawa 07238)1:48 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet ECS pipes late version (Quickboost QB 48 462)2+
Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VFA-103 Jolly Rogers


29 | 5. November 2020, 19:20
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Michael Phillips
Well, after my trip back in time doing the 109, I am back to the future (or should I say, present) with a modern subject more in my wheelhouse... A Victory Super Hornet! This should be fun and a nice addition to my collection of "Bones" aircraft!
5. November 2020, 19:23
First! :D
5. November 2020, 19:34
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in!
5. November 2020, 19:37
Michael Phillips
Welcome Daniel and Roland!

So far all I have done is assemble cockpit stuff, will prime tonight and hopefully finish up the painting by the end of the weekend. As an added note, when I did my Hasegawa F-14B a couple projects ago I used a Black Box Cockpit set, and one of the cool things about that set is that it has a pair of BOTH GRU-7s (F-14A/B) AND a pair of SJU-17s (F-14D and Super Hornet)! So I have resin seats for this that basically cost me nothing. :)
5. November 2020, 19:49
Count me in as well. Built the same kit and had a...troublesome experience. Not that bad, but the outer Intake/under fuselage fit and especially the LERX require quite some filler and sanding. But at least you seem to have seamless intakes, that will spare you some nerves, lol.
11. November 2020, 00:13
Nathan Dempsey
Nice, a Superbug :) I've got to see this one.
11. November 2020, 01:01
Clifford Keesler
Count me in.
11. November 2020, 03:54
Clifford Keesler
Michael, do you know if Royale Resin is open again?, he was closed.
11. November 2020, 03:55
this one will be really interesting
30. November 2020, 09:32
it seems not yet, this is the message in

The webstore is closed temporarily.
We moved into a new house, and I am still seting up shop from scratch.
I am delayed, waiting on contractors.
I am hoping to open the store again by early 2020.
30. November 2020, 09:42
Jos Jansen
Oh yeah, I'm definitely in...Fear the Bones!
9. December 2020, 21:50
Michael Phillips
Welcome everyone! So I figured I would give an update here... I received some bad news mid-November that the facility I work at will close at the end of March (I have worked there for 22 years), so my modelling mojo has really just tanked ever since. I have worked there most of my adult life, so the thought of trying to find a new job in these crazy times is a bit scary.

Anyway, I have been working on this project a little here and there, but I just can't seem to get any momentum going. I will keep at it and hopefully I will be able to get the magic back here soon.

22. December 2020, 02:40
Ben M
I'm so sorry to hear that. Take good care, Michael.
22. December 2020, 03:01
Nathan Dempsey
Damn it man, that's terrible.
22. December 2020, 03:42
I am sure you will. All the best for 2021, that hopefully will be a much better one than 2020. We are all behind you
22. December 2020, 07:02
Jos Jansen
That's really bad news man...we'll support you here on SCM my friend! I wish you and your wife all the best for 2021...
22. December 2020, 08:01
That sucks man...all the best to you!
22. December 2020, 15:46
Clifford Keesler
Sorry to hear that Michael, I wish you all the best and luck with finding a new job. Here is hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
23. December 2020, 18:23
Sorry to hear it Michael, never give up :) 2021 will be better
23. December 2020, 18:25
Maciej Bellos
Bummer Michael! Wish it all turns out ok.

Following the build obviously!
23. December 2020, 21:02
Murad ÖZER
Michael wishing the best for you. who knows what 2021 will bring, stay positive please. :)
24. December 2020, 01:30
Slavo Hazucha
Checking in with the hope that you will pick it up again when you feel its right...

Sorry to hear about the job... really wish you to get things sorted, hope the new year, while not immediately, will ultimately turn towards something good! Good luck my friend, fingers crossed!
1. January, 22:56
Michael Phillips
Ben, Nathan, Spanjaard, Jos, Daniel,Clifford, AUgie, Maciej, Murad, and Slavo, thank you so much for the kind words. It means the world to me to know you all care. In the grand scheme of things, this is only a moderate inconvenience in my life, many more people have had to deal with so much more grief and pain in their lives, especially in these crazy times. So I am picking myself up from my self-induced pity party and am ready to get back into the things I enjoy, and active again here on SM.

As far as this build is concerned, I have been slowly working on this behind the scenes, a little at a time. I have it fully assembled now and ready for priming. I will post pics of my current state here soon!

Thanks for standing by and I appreciate all the love!
5. January, 03:10
5. January, 03:31
great to hear you are back in the saddle!!
5. January, 13:30
Michael Phillips
Thanks Nathan and Spanjaard!

So I have been slowly ghost building this project, and have finished painting the two tone camo. So far so good... Getting to the fun part now!
13. January, 19:55
Jos Jansen
Oh man, can't wait to see this Fear the Bones bug roll-out! Good to have you back at the bench Michael...
13. January, 20:15
Clifford Keesler
That is looking very nice Michael, glad to see you back at it.
14. January, 00:24
Nathan Dempsey
That's looking really nice Michael.
14. January, 16:16
James C
Awesome paintwork Michael
14. January, 17:33
Konrad Limmer
Nice mate !
A Little Late but hey the Party goes on :)
14. January, 17:59
Nearly done&looking great! What are your colors of choice for the grays?
14. January, 19:34
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jos, Clifford, Nathan, James, Konrad, and Daniel! It feels good to be back. I feel the mojo starting to flow through my veins again as I start making this Big Bug come alive!

Daniel, I am using Gunze Aqueous H307-FS36320 /H308-FS36375. Always felt these colors are spot on with these paints.
14. January, 20:14
Slavo Hazucha
Wonderful tonal variety with that pre-shading! The Tomcats go, the livery stays - this will look marvelous once all markings & elements come to play. I almost want to give the Hornet topic another try, I´ve seen and keep seeing such wonderful works done with the F-18 all around me. This one being in the lead element of course
14. January, 21:14
Really nice pre-shading and paintwork, Michael.
15. January, 12:13
Michael Phillips
Thanks Slavo and WhiteGlint!

Got all of the main scheme decals done tonight, looks like I might have to fix a couple of things, but overall everything is looking good. Next up is the stencils... probably will take me a couple of nights for that, then it will be wash time!
19. January, 02:51
Looking awesome! This look is on my must have list as well.
Hasegawa should really add some Upgrade sprues to their kits...but maybe meng will kick them off the super hornet throne soon...
(PS: You can reduce the stenciling work if you unleash the corrosion control crew ;) )

@ slavo: well I hope you go navy one day, its lotsa fun!
19. January, 17:55
Clifford Keesler
It is going to be beautiful.
24. January, 01:35
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel and Clifford!

Took awhile, but I have significant progress to report! Decaling, panel wash, weathering, and flat coat completed! Now it is on to metalwork and lots of other little things. Still a long ways to go!
29. January, 14:07
Slavo Hazucha
As lovely as they will ever come - major decals blend-in perfectly, panels & weathering all top notch - 4th gen guru standards are being kept and brushed-up here :)

Also really like the presentation with all flaps & slats busy, I liked that very much on your Sea-Flanker and it´s the same here.
2. February, 19:24
Soeren .
As stupid as it sounds - Fantastic work as always Michael.
Always amazing to see your progess!
2. February, 19:26
Long ways to go? Looks to me like those things lying around need to be glued on and and this beauty is ready to be flung off the boat :) Always amazes me how you make this grey-white-yellow-black look so perfectly balanced
3. February, 08:41
Jos Jansen
Beautiful as always're also a master in fifty shades of grey... ;)
3. February, 10:04
Nathan Dempsey
Oh yeah, that's looking nice indeed :)
3. February, 15:56
James C
Looking fantastic Michael
3. February, 16:18
Clifford Keesler
Agree with everyone, it looks great Michael.
3. February, 18:50
Michael Phillips
Thanks Slavo, Soeren, Daniel, Jos, Nathan, James, and Clifford! You flatter me with your kind words. I appreciate it so much!

I have finished the metalwork and added some more parts, and she is now fully on her feet! Still have to finish the gear doors and start on the weapons, as well as paint the seats and finish the canopy. Getting there!
4. February, 03:11
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Michael! Looking forward to the final rollout !
4. February, 05:36
Excellent work Michael.
4. February, 05:43
Dominik Weitzer
comes along beautiful. like it!
4. February, 08:38
You really seem to have the hang of making carrier-borne aircraft - this is another fine specimen of your talented scale modeling ability.
Only little complain I have is that the weathering looks more "dusty" than "muddy" as I would expect from a Rhino. Though maybe that's just due to the lighting and the black colour.
6. February, 16:39

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