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Fighting 84
Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Academy Su-30MK2 Flanker-G - Completed!


Michael Phillips
All done with this one! Very happy with this, it fought me a bit but in the end I was able to come out on top. The wifey is pleased to have a model of the Air Force from her homeland on display, so that makes me feel good. Hope everyone else likes it too!
26 April 2020, 04:27
Maciej Bellos
Beautiful model Michael! Kudos!
26 April 2020, 08:40
Slavo Hazucha
You have an eye for capturing the "visual essence & soul" of a particular aircraft - it's not just about "making it look nice" by blasting layer upon layer of techniques on a model, it's about getting behind the small things that make a certain specific look... This reminds me of the Indonesian Viper done by Jos some time ago which checked all the "Southeast Asia look & feel" boxes...

The Flanker is a big canvas & your base color & the weathering mix is just spot on (again) - a joy to behold 👍🙂
26 April 2020, 09:32
Roland Gunslinger
Just beautiful 👍
26 April 2020, 09:33
Eelco Gregoire
Mean looking Flanker Michael!
26 April 2020, 12:05
Günther Decock
Nice looking Flanker, Michael. I'm already curious for your next project.
26 April 2020, 12:21
Nathan Dempsey
Top notch finish Michael🙂 This was a great choice for markings. You made us happy and more importantly the wife. I'm marking this one for reference too.
26 April 2020, 13:44
really nice Michael, thats come out bloody good.
26 April 2020, 13:55
Jos Jansen
It's absolutely a superb looking Flanker, I love your choice to build an Indonesian version. I'm sure your wife will love it! You convinced me Michael, I definitely want to build Flanker and that will definitely be an Indonesian version, I can use your fantastic model as a reference. As Slavo noted, we both have the South Asian vibe...😎
26 April 2020, 19:06
Murad ÖZER
indeed it's a mean looking flanker and a great looking build!😎

actually i am in love with these indonesian flankers since i've seen 'em in one of those hornet/sf ball videos flying alongside with hornits and doing some acm.
26 April 2020, 19:47
Michael Phillips
Thanks Maciej, Slavo, Roland, Eelco, Günther, Nathan, Augie, Jos, and Murad!!! It has really made my day to see all of your wonderful comments.

Slavo, your comments really are appreciated! Glad to be put in the same league as Jos, that is lofty company!

Günther, next up is a very large US Navy helicopter. 🙂

Awesome Jos, I can't wait to see you take on this subject as well!

Murad, I am pretty sure I saw the same Hornet Ball video. Those are some awesome videos!
27 April 2020, 02:13
Günther Decock
Michael, kijk er naar uit. 🙂
27 April 2020, 14:07
Beautiful build and presentation!
27 April 2020, 15:32
What an amazing beauty you have achieved
27 April 2020, 18:28
Michael Phillips
I am looking forward to it too Günther, I have cleared cleaned, and reset my work area. Will start tonight!

Thanks Neuling and Spanjaard, I appreciate the compliments. I am pleased with the final result!

Neuling, I finally bough some seamless photo paper for this shoot, and it makes a big difference on the look of the final pics, more than I expected, or I would have done this sooner!
27 April 2020, 19:38
Erik Leijdens
Another amazing model Michael 👍!
27 April 2020, 19:47
Donald Dickson II
Wow. If mine turns out even 1/4 as nice I will be happy
27 April 2020, 22:42
Matthew Stec
27 April 2020, 23:14
Michael Phillips
Thanks Erik, Donald, and Matthew! Your compliments keep always motivate me to get going!

Donald, your Flanker is really coming along nicely. I think you should give yourself more credit, your work is pretty awesome too!
28 April 2020, 03:37
Very very beautiful work on that flanker michael, looking both mean and elegant and again spot-on! 👍
1 May 2020, 19:12
Michael Phillips
Thanks Daniel, I appreciate the kind words. That is what I love best about Flankers, mean and elegant at the same time. Love them ALMOST as much as Tomcats. Almost. LOL
4 May 2020, 18:56
Amazing build! The clean yet weathered look is stunning 👍
5 May 2020, 19:42
Michael Phillips
Thanks Tobi, I appreciate the kind words! That is exactly the look I was going for, overall clean with a little bit of a worn look to it. 🙂
7 May 2020, 13:57


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Sukhoi Su-30MK2 Flanker-G
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