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Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Tamiya F-16C Aggressor - Completed!


28. February 2017, 03:58
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Gary Brantley
Congratulations on a beautiful model Michael! The exhaust looks sweet brother. 🙂
28. February 2017, 04:02
Michael Phillips
Thanks Gary! I appreciate the kind words. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. :)
28. February 2017, 04:11
Michael Hickey
This looks stunning, well done.👍
28. February 2017, 04:15
Very well done.
28. February 2017, 05:43
Ulf Petersen
Stunning aggressor Viper, Michael!👍
28. February 2017, 06:27
Erik Leijdens
Awesome Michael! A reallt cool Viper. Hiw did you manage to get the blueish shine on the exhaust ring?
28. February 2017, 06:34
Dale Marston
Great Result looks really good.
28. February 2017, 06:41
Harry Eder
This Viper looks pretty cool 👍 I love that camo!
28. February 2017, 06:48
Eelco Gregoire
That looks great Michael. Very interesting scheme. Was the masking very helpful?
28. February 2017, 07:11
Lex Jassies
It's a beauty!
28. February 2017, 07:27
Ed Froix
A realy nice plane!
28. February 2017, 07:27
John Dunbar
Fantastic job! Congratulations!
28. February 2017, 07:29
Stephan Ryll
Very nice Viper Michael 👍
28. February 2017, 08:13
Holger Kranich
Splendid Fighting Falcon! She looks awesome!
28. February 2017, 08:16
Günther Debiscop
👍👍 top Viper
28. February 2017, 09:43
Ed Froix
Nice..nice,. Veeery nice! 🙂
28. February 2017, 13:22
Maciej Bellos
Great result Michael. Well done mate.
28. February 2017, 14:25
Mike Grant
Beautiful 👍
28. February 2017, 16:02
Murad ÖZER
Something to be proud of for sure, lovely lovely build Michael, big huge kudos. 🙂
28. February 2017, 16:52
Michael Phillips
Thanks Michael, Marko, Ulf, Erik, Dale, Harry, Lex, Ed, John, Stephan, Holger, Günther, Maciej, Mike, Murad, and James! I am really stoked to get all these great compliments!

I am happy with this although I did make a couple boneheaded errors, most noticeable is the fact that the pods right by the intake opening by "69" should not be there. I went by the Tamiya instructions for a Block 32 aggressor and didnt even look at my reference material before attaching (and painting, GASP!) them. By then it was too late. The camo was too complicated to try to fix if I tore those bad boys off. So I left them.

Erik, the bluish tint is created like this: First, gloss black primer, followed by Alclad Airframe Aluminum. Then I sprayed random spots of Gold Titanium for a slight goldish hue in areas. Then I used Alclad Hot Metal Blue at differing intensities around the ring to give it that "Heat Stressed Titanium Blue" look.

Eelco, the Masks were an absolute necessity. I would not have attempted this scheme without them. It was not all rainbows and unicorns though, as they are a bit rigid and the contours of the F-16 do not lend themselves to easy masking regardless, especially around the intake area. If someone was going to do this scheme, I would say the SB masks for this are a must have.
28. February 2017, 20:54
Jeff Owens
Incredible work Mike, that's a real impressive looking viper
28. February 2017, 21:51
very well done Michael!
28. February 2017, 22:19
Michael Phillips
Thanks Jeff and Spanjaard! I really appreciate the kind words.
1. March 2017, 16:08
Alistair Graham
Nice model, love the cammo scheme.
2. April 2017, 08:09
Michael Phillips
Thanks Alistair, this was a really fun build. Looking forward to building another Tamiya F-16 one of these days. My next one will be an Ohio ANG Have Glass V scheme.
2. April 2017, 19:08
Alistair Graham
I have thought about doing one but so many manufacturers do an F-16, i would not know which is the best. Saying that, i am in process with the Tamiya IL-2 Shturmovik and the quality of these later kits is unbelievable. I love how the sprue attachment nubs are on the mating faces , e.g the wings, so once cut off no need to fettle the curvature of the wing as in a normal model.
2. April 2017, 21:03
Michael Phillips
The Tamiya is far and away the best 1/48 Viper, but the issue is they only do the C model up to Block 52. Anything with two seats, very early, or higher than a block 52 you will have to go with Kinetic or Hasegawa. I have not built a Kinetic F-16 yet, but I have built a Hasegawa, and that was an easy and enjoyable build.
2. April 2017, 23:01
Alistair Graham
Good advice thanks
3. April 2017, 04:52


1:48 F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary" (Tamiya 61106)1:48 1/48 F-16 Blizzard Aggressor (Steel Beach 85012)3+
General Dynamics F-16C Block 32D Fighting Falcon
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
64 AGRS Aggressors, 57 ATG 86-0269/WA/69
2012 - Nellis AFB, NV
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