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Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Revell F-15E Strike Eagle - Completed!


Dale Marston
Nice 🙂
8 November 2016, 05:19
It's a beauty. Excellent work Michael.
8 November 2016, 05:42
Michael Phillips
Thanks Dale, David, and Marko! I am very pleased with how this one turned out, especially considering this was built in about 2.5 weeks. David, thanks for the congrats! For the others who don't know, I entered my very first judged contest this past Sunday at the IPMS John Glenn/Western Reserve Cleveland, Ohio Model Show 20, and won 2nd place in the category "1/48 multi-engine Jets". Feels good to succeed in my first try!
8 November 2016, 05:47
Michael Phillips
So David, you almost ready for our Tamiya Tomcat buddy build? Mine starts Tomorrow. So excited!
8 November 2016, 05:48
Erik Leijdens
What a building speed! it turned out very well Michael 👍
8 November 2016, 05:59
Michael Hickey
8 November 2016, 06:04
Ulf Petersen
Great looking Eagle, Michael!👍
8 November 2016, 06:08
Eelco Gregoire
He looks very good!
8 November 2016, 08:11
Bart Goesaert
spendid strike eagle...
8 November 2016, 08:39
Holger Kranich
Absolute gorgeous, Michael!!!
8 November 2016, 08:54
David Barclay
I'm Getting there Michael! Almost done with my Strike Eagle.... But it may be a few more days......
8 November 2016, 09:05
FANTASTIC!!!! Love the afterburners finish. 🙂
8 November 2016, 13:00
Germen V
beautifull, congrats with the price, any picture of the underside
8 November 2016, 13:31
Germen V
still one thind wich iI'm gonna ask Revell, why is there a difference in decal placemnt between the Revell USA and the Revell Germany, in any way viewing pictures on the net, and sorry guys, the Revell USA decals are wrong in some way

Compare the plans of these to kits :



and then a picture of a real one



look especially to the wingtips and the elevators.
8 November 2016, 13:42
Michael Phillips
Thanks Erik, Michael, Ulf, Eelco, Bart, Holger, Glenn, and Germen! Your kind words and compliments are very much appreciated. I really appreciate you all taking the time to provide me positive feedback. Makes me smile to hear the love!
8 November 2016, 14:33
Michael Phillips
Germen, I did not take any underside pics, but I will try to do so tonight. As far as the stencils go, yeah, I do see the difference there. Perhaps the placement of the stencils has moved over the years? Maybe it was correct in 1999 when the original Revell USA came out, and has since changed by the time the RoG was released and those pics were taken. I do not know this, just a possible reason for the difference.
8 November 2016, 14:35
Gerald Willing
Very nice 😉
8 November 2016, 14:46
Germen V
I don't know, but even the Revell 04550 from 2003 is different from 04981 from 2015, i can only aim what I see on real pictures.
8 November 2016, 15:11
Murad ÖZER
Michael lovely finish, paintjob weathering and all! 👍
8 November 2016, 15:50
Nice work Michael 🙂 hands down a winner.
8 November 2016, 17:58
Michael Phillips
Thanks Gerald, Murad, and Augie! I am humbled by everyone's kind words!
8 November 2016, 18:19
Just superb, like looking at the real thing.
8 November 2016, 19:04
Stephan Ryll
Wonderful work Michael 👍
8 November 2016, 19:12
Michael Phillips
Thanks James, Guus, and Stephan! I am overwhelmed with kinds words and appreciation. 🙂
8 November 2016, 20:21
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful job Michael, I love it.
8 November 2016, 23:29
Bhm Dhn
That is dead sexy!
9 November 2016, 01:26
Scott Dutton
Beautiful panel lines and metal work on the back end.
9 November 2016, 01:43
Michael Phillips
Thanks Clifford, Bhm, and Scott! I used Mig Ammo Deep Gray wash for the panel lines and some random spraying of Tamiya smoke on the panel lines for that effect. The Exhausts are done using all Alclads: First, Gloss Black Primer, then Airframe Aluminum over the entire metal area including the nozzles. Then I went in with some Pale Burnt Metal (has a gold cast to it) on the panel lines and edges, then went in with a little Tamiya smoke in some spots. Then I went in with Jet Exhaust and hit the nozzles. I then went back in with some more Airframe Aluminum to dial back and blend in the added effects.
9 November 2016, 02:34
Soeren .
Wonderful job!
9 November 2016, 07:47
Cristian Bordina
Fantastic !!! Hat off 🙂
9 November 2016, 09:09
Had to come back for another look. Great stuff!
9 November 2016, 10:19
Scott Dutton
Oh is that all, with that much effort you deserve the fabulous metal results you have achieved. Thanks for taking time to detail your technique
9 November 2016, 11:47


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1:48 McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle (Revell 85-5511)1:48 F-15E Strike Eagle Alaska Air Command/391stFS/Lakenheath (Repli-scale 48-5062)3+
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle
US US Air Force (1947-now)
90 TFS, 3 TFW AK (Commanders aircraft)
Elmendorf AFB, AK
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