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Michael Phillips (Fighting 84)

Academy Su-27 Flanker-B - Completed!


1 | 18. October 2016, 13:22
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Holger Kranich
Simply gorgeous! You can feel her gaining Speed for the cobra manoever!🙂
18. October 2016, 13:38
Stephan Ryll
A beauty 👍
18. October 2016, 14:58
Stefan Fraundorfer
What a great Flanker. Congratulations!
18. October 2016, 16:40
Germen V
very nice
18. October 2016, 16:47
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic and impressive Flanker Michael!!
18. October 2016, 17:09
18. October 2016, 17:50
David Barclay
Well done Michael!
19. October 2016, 01:44
Scott Hastings
Beautiful camo!!!
19. October 2016, 02:34
Excellent job Michael. 👍
19. October 2016, 04:43
Ulf Petersen
Great Flanker, Michael!👍 Very nice finish and I like the In-Flight presentation.
19. October 2016, 05:22
Günther Debiscop
Cool one. How did you do the base?
19. October 2016, 05:24
Lex Jassies
What a great result. The In-Flight presentation really shows of her beautiful lines.
19. October 2016, 07:18
Michael Phillips
Thanks Holger, yeah, I thought about posing it straight up doing the maneuver, but decided for a more neutral pose in the end.
19. October 2016, 14:52
Michael Phillips
Thanks Stephan, Stefan, Germen, Erik, Christian, James, David, Scott, Marko, Ulf, Günther, and Lex! Your kind words are truly appreciated!!!
19. October 2016, 14:53
Bart Goesaert
great build. engines look fantastic, paintjob too
19. October 2016, 14:55
Michael Phillips
Günther, the base is a 6"x8" gloss black trophy plaque that I bought from Trophykits.com. I used 3/16" armature wire connected to a 10/12GA ring terminal that I screwed into a hole drilled into the bottom of the model. The information card is made by me in Adobe Illustrator to 2.5"x3.5", which is the size of a standard Baseball Card. I printed that out and put it in a nice Baseball card holder, and attached it to the base.
19. October 2016, 14:58
Michael Phillips
Thanks Bart!!! I appreciate the kind words. I am happy how the engines turned out too. I love doing heat stressed metal like that, really gives me a chance to get creative and use a bit of artistic license!
19. October 2016, 17:39
Bryn Crandell
Awesome build. Love the panel lines and the engines.
19. October 2016, 18:59
Rui Reis
Excellent work, mate, looks great!
19. October 2016, 19:25
Michael Phillips
Thanks Bryn and Rui for the kind words!
20. October 2016, 20:37
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Michael, How is the kit.
20. October 2016, 20:45
Michael Phillips
Thanks Clifford! The kit is really easy to put together, goes together fast. Not a huge number of parts. The fit is pretty good in most places, but the intakes do have some fit issues and require a bit of putty and sanding, but nothing too terrible.
21. October 2016, 01:02
21. October 2016, 23:49
Glenn (.)
Great color scheme!
22. October 2016, 06:53
absolutely fantastic. i love Flankers, and yours is simple amazing. well done, thanks for sharing
25. October 2016, 09:10
Scott Dutton
Beautiful, great fading and panel lines. Now build this or the new hobby boss?
28. October 2016, 12:47
Christian Ristits
Beautiful Flanker, top job!
28. October 2016, 16:41
Michael Phillips
Thanks Glenn, Spanjaard, Scott, and Christian, you kind words are really appreciated.
31. October 2016, 02:01


1:48 Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker B (Academy 2131)1:48 Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B (Quickboost QB 48 125)2+
Sukhoi Su-27S Flanker-B
KZ Military Sil Vozdushnoy Oborony Respubliki Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Air Defense Force 1992-now)
604 Air base 05

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