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Leopard 2PL


Ingo F
Leopard 2PL - Part One: Basic turret armor.

Hey guys, i have started a new job a few weeks ago and don't have enough time right now for weathering of my D9R project. Can do that only on weekends. 🙁

So i decided to start a new project: Leopard 2PL.

Something that i can build in the evening for 1-2 hours every day. This one started as a test run to see if i can convert an MENG Leo 2A4 turret into the Leo 2PL. You know, one of this project that no one will know about, if you mess it up. ?

It took me about 3 weeks to build the basic structure of the turret armor. I used 0,5mm plastic sheets to scratchbuild it.

To answer the question, that maybe some of you will have: Yes, i got all the measurements down on paper and will post them after i finished the build.

Next part will be the two rear bins.
Stay tuned.
15 April 2021, 18:23
Murad ÖZER
Tuned in! 😎
16 April 2021, 11:27
Ingo F
Welcome on board mate. 🙂
16 April 2021, 12:03
Following 🙂
16 April 2021, 18:53
Ingo F
Take a seat. 🙂
16 April 2021, 18:56
Ingo F
Finished the turret rear stowage boxes. Until now, they were the easiest part of the build. 😄
Working right now on the turret front and side appliqué armor.
9 May 2021, 10:50
That's some great scratchbuilding, Ingo. 👍
The anit-slip surface looks really nice.
9 May 2021, 11:27
Ingo F
Thanks mate! 🙂
9 May 2021, 11:40
James C
Nice job on the armor scratch building 👍
9 May 2021, 17:10
Ingo F
Thanks mate! 🙂
9 May 2021, 17:36
Ingo F
Smoke Discharger and turret front/side appliqué armor done.
Not much to say on this one. Only the hinges are missing for the appliqué armor. I can build them only after the side armor is glued to the turret. But for this one i need to add the the anti-slip surface to the turret first.
Next part will be overall detailing of the turret and the final part of the turret build.
24 May 2021, 15:52
Ingo F
After two and a half months i have finally completed the turret!
6 June 2021, 16:08
With such a great turret, I am looking forward to the rest of the tank! 👍
6 June 2021, 17:29
Ingo F
Thanks mate! 🙂
6 June 2021, 17:58
Jasper Breur
I already saw it on Leopardmania, but what an impressive project! Have you decided on the camouflage yet? I personally really like the Polish three-tone camouflage scheme.
8 June 2021, 16:54
Ingo F
Nope, still not sure if it will be overall green or the polish three-tone. I tend for the three-tone, as i already bought the needed colors. 😄
8 June 2021, 17:15
Ingo F
Thank you Gastón! 🙂
8 June 2021, 18:05
James C
Awesome detailing mate. The anti-slip coating looks particularly well done 👍
8 June 2021, 18:08
Ingo F
Thanks mate! Hull Tex from VMS a good solution for anti slip surface and easy to use.
8 June 2021, 18:21
Ingo F
Added the APU, moving towards the end of the build. 🙂
5 July 2021, 18:01
wow! Amazing job so far Ingo!
5 July 2021, 19:35
i may have asked you before.... but what do you use for antislip surfaces?
5 July 2021, 19:37
Ingo F
Thanks mate! 🙂
I used Hul Tex from VMS for the antislip surface.
Very good product and easy to use. Bought it a few years ago and still have about 2/3 left.
5 July 2021, 20:23
5 July 2021, 22:11
Ingo F
The build is finally completed. Took me only 3 1/2 months of work. 😄
15 July 2021, 18:03
Congrats, Ingo! I'd say it was well worth the effort, it looks awesome. I can't get enough of that turret's shape.
Now off to painting and weathering! 😄

If you don't mind me asking, how exactly are you able to achieve this precise work on the plastic sheets? Drawing and cutting. It's on of the most basic things to do, but I struggle a lot.
15 July 2021, 18:58
Ingo F
Thanks mate!
Actually, like you said: Measure and cut.
Some would say that you should start with simple objects, but I have never done that. I started with difficult objects and tried until I was satisfied with the result.
I didn't master the technique perfectly and I still make mistakes. Sometimes such that I have to think how the hell I did it. 😄

I usually proceed as follows:
I look at the object from all sides, if possible, and measure it.
Then, before I make a part, I think long and hard about how I can divide it up so that the individual parts don't have complicated shapes and I can glue them together easily.
Then draw, cut out and if necessary, file.
Thats it. 🙂
11 August 2021, 12:07
Ingo F
Finally completed. Enjoy. 🙂
12 September 2021, 12:36
Rui S
Nicely executed 👍
12 September 2021, 12:49
Awesome, you took great care with painting as well. 👍
Nice job, Ingo.
12 September 2021, 13:16
Ingo F
Thank you guys! 🙂
12 September 2021, 14:45
Murad ÖZER
KMW to Ingo: come start working with us monday!

amazing stuff mate, really nice result. also big huge 👍 for documenting the progress, really adds a lot seeing how much thought and effort went into the scratchbuilding, brilliant.
12 September 2021, 14:45
Ingo F
Thank you Murad! 🙂
Dont mind to work for them. 😄
12 September 2021, 14:47
James C
Outstanding looking build Ingo. You've put a ton of time and effort into it and it shows 👍
12 September 2021, 17:57
Ingo F
James, thank you for your kind words. 🙂
12 September 2021, 18:22
Jasper Breur
A fantastic result! The camouflage really makes it look even more impressive
12 September 2021, 18:28
Beautiful result! Very realistic looking anti slip surface. 👍
12 September 2021, 18:34
Ingo F
Thank you Jasper and Neuling! 🙂
13 September 2021, 11:32
Chan Li
Nice work, I can feel that you put a lot energy into it and it paid off at last!
23 November 2021, 13:06
Ingo F
Thanks mate. 🙂
23 November 2021, 16:19
Wanna job with plasticard
Nice piece
27 December 2021, 16:59
Ingo F
Thanks Juskifo! 🙂
29 December 2021, 22:40


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