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Phenix Outis (Phenix)

Me 163b V41

W. Späte flew this plane painted in red only once . After the flight, he exiged the plane was repainted in a more conventionnal camo scheme .
The Dragon kit needs some modifications to represent an early Me 163b built by Messerschmitt


14 April 2018, 19:42
Ricardo Reis
Beautiful model and story. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
14 April 2018, 20:39
Stefan Fraundorfer
Wow this Komet looks really good. Perfect work Phenix.
14 April 2018, 21:14
absolutely stunning. excellent details, and a truly fantastic paint job. I got this one in my stash, and i was thinking on the right way of doing the decals. my idea was to leave the previous color visible, and i will certainly take good note of how you did it. thanks a lot for sharing
by the way, i think you have uploaded most of the pictures twice 😉
14 April 2018, 21:58
Phenix Outis
Thanks for your kind comments . Indeed Spanjaard, they were uploaded twice . I corrected that . Thanks . If you need more info about the build, and the corrections to do, don't hesitate to ask 😉
14 April 2018, 22:31
i will certainly do. at the moment i am working on a couple of Me-163.. but much of details will not be possible since they are 1/144 🙂 eventually (probably not soon) i will work on those 1/48 Komets.
i am still waiting for Dragon to send me some defective parts for one of them... but i think I have more chances to get a ride on a real Me163 than to get those parts from Dragon 😛
14 April 2018, 22:36
Phenix Outis
Wich parts do you need ? I have "some" spares and gladly send them to you if I have it . ( The Me 163s without wings I'm working on now is made with "leftovers" from other boxes 😉 ) And there's still a Dragon Me 163 box full of parts :-D
14 April 2018, 22:46
there is some damage in one of the wings, the lines are too shallow in the area next to the fuselage. I was planning on making a copy of parts in the second box. if i do that, i can maybe do some extra ones for the extra fuselages 🙂 but i have no idea when i will have time for it....
15 April 2018, 08:50
Phenix Outis
Oh I see wich kit you have : the box with the Walter engine and two fuselages : front art is the Späte plane . About the wings, I don't have spares but I already made the molds 😉 I can do a couple of wings for you, but the elevons are separated parts .

15 April 2018, 15:29
I will contact you on PM 🙂
15 April 2018, 17:38
for some reason, now i can only see two images of this album.... 🙁 the other 40+ do not appear at all.
15 June 2018, 14:00
Phenix Outis
Spanjaard, i have the same issue here, maybe a bug from scalemates :-/
15 June 2018, 19:31
let's ask Tim 🙂
15 June 2018, 21:24
great to see all the pictures again 🙂
17 July 2018, 21:14
Phenix Outis
If you see some album I forgot , don't hesitate to let me know 😉
18 July 2018, 06:06
18 July 2018, 10:09


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1:48 Me163B Komet w/Engine (Dragon 5551)

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