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Marko (mmarack)


One of my favourites. Great model, very easy to built. Great fit. I really had fun working on it.


5 | 28. August 2014, 19:20
Kerry COX
Are you folding the tail rotor ?
14. July 2015, 04:28
No, it's glued as it is.
14. July 2015, 04:31
Kerry COX
OK, as I folded the one I had, but that's just me mate 🙂
You have done a beautiful job on the SeaKing and the whole diorama. 👍 🙂
14. July 2015, 06:20
Thanks Kerry. I'm glad You like it. 🙂
14. July 2015, 10:07
Kerry COX
I love it really. as it is 'active/busy', and that always gets people to spend time looking at it, and that is good. 🙂
14. July 2015, 11:32
Steven Van Dyck
That's a great base for your Sea King! I once made one too, so I can tell you about one little but important detail. If you fix the sponsons for the wings, you shouldn't clip the 2 spars extending into the fuselage. Watch this picture: [img1] . Doing so causes a slight deforation in the entire front undercarriage frame, causing the innermost tires to lose contact with the floor. I corrected this in my build, but that was before I came to Scalemates: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27448&sid=4179af026338a4b45180fb55d2a16417&start=50
28. October 2020, 11:59
very nice job
28. October 2020, 12:06
David Taylor
Nice build Marko,got a few in the stash.Did a HC4 conversion with one so the spare long sponson starboard will go to produce a HAS6.One question why did you crop the sponson spars.
28. October 2020, 21:22
Steven Van Dyck
I blame that on the manual, they should warn the builder that there should be some space between. At least in my Revell reboxing that wasn't clear at all. In the Hasegawa manual it's only hinted at in step 12, but that's pages before you assemble the sponsons.

That seems like a Chinook coming along too!
28. October 2020, 22:27
Michael Phillips
Nice blast from the past Marko! I want to build one of these now... Great work mate!
29. October 2020, 01:01
Thank you all. I'm glad you like it.
30. October 2020, 05:22


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1:48 Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King (Hasegawa 07201)

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