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Cesar Muniz (Designinja)

A-4 Skyhawk Airfix

Trying out a lot of new stuff on this bird! : AK interactive primers and paints Humbrol clear for clear coat instead of future, and vallejo washes, let´s see how they behave.


30. June 2015, 20:17
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Solid job 👍
1. July 2015, 00:40
Pavel Pinzhin
Coming up really nice!
Can you tell, what did you fix the wires for hidraulics with? What is that thin yellow thing?..
1. July 2015, 03:14
Cesar Muniz
Hello Pavel, that yelow thing is just tamiya masking tape, sliced carefully with metal ruler and medical scalpel blade n°15 (smal curved one) the lead wire are hold in place by superglue and the tape is just to simulate some suports, I have no idea if the are realistic, but I like the efect of them holding the wire, happy modeling!
1. July 2015, 06:25
Soeren .
Really nice job so far Cesar!
1. July 2015, 06:40
Pavel Pinzhin
@Cesar - Yes, I liked the effect too, it's looking qiute fitting and in scale! That's why I asked 🙂 Didn't think that Tamiya tape could look so miniature and thin. Thanks for the tip!
1. July 2015, 07:50
soheil moghisi
Very nice.
1. July 2015, 17:21
9. July 2015, 21:03
It's a different color,,,,,,,,,but, I just thought of some 1/72 ground crew getting all ticked off about having to remove all of that dark SprayLat.
9. July 2015, 21:34
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great job so far ! Cheers.
25. July 2015, 11:26
Soeren .
Nice progress!
25. July 2015, 11:28
Roberto Rocat
Lovely Navy bird 👍
15. September 2015, 19:17
Hanno Kleinecke
Excellent work, nice and crisp !
15. September 2015, 19:42
Christian Bruer
Bravo-Zulu on that Scooter!
15. September 2015, 20:00
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great model ! Why do you place the landing gear legs before to paint the model ? Ok in this case everything was white so I understand....Cheers.
16. September 2015, 07:50
Cesar Muniz
pierre, you got the idea! vc é brasileiro? abraco!
16. September 2015, 19:13
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Sou quase brasileiro, nasci na Bélgica mas morei no Brasil de 1974 até 2006. Agora estou na Suiça. E vc esta onde ? No Brasil ? Abs.
16. September 2015, 19:37
Cesar Muniz
Que legal! Eu sou brasileiro com cidadania italiana, moro na alemanha a 3 anos
17. September 2015, 12:32
Jan Stary
Nice finish!
17. September 2015, 12:38
Cesar Muniz
Jan, thanks, this are not the final pictures, there is missing the ordinance and some further weathering and I'm preparing final scratch building last-minute-made details, stay tuned for more updates!
17. September 2015, 12:56
Jan Stary
Yes I know. Even now it is very nice
17. September 2015, 13:35
Benoit Mathier
Staying tuned for this one! Great job so far! Looking forward to the final result.
3. November 2015, 12:21
John Thomas
Very nice
3. November 2015, 12:44
Jose Miguel Rodriguez
3. March 2016, 22:21
4. March 2016, 01:48
4. March 2016, 10:22
John Thomas
Very nice work
4. March 2016, 13:19
Beautiful work result.
4. March 2016, 17:13
Erik Leijdens
Very nice Scooter!
4. March 2016, 19:53
David Thor
Wirklich schöner Vogel, hoffe ich kriege meinen auch so hin! 🙂
12. May 2016, 07:14
That is a very good looking model. I too noticed the painting instructions were wrong. But, you found it in time, and fixed it. I don't how to say this without being labeled a rivet counter, but, the boxart is correct, the A-4B only had 3 pylons. That extra pair is there in case you do one of the "rebuilt and sold" Skyhawks for some of the foreign operators.
12. May 2016, 17:29
12. May 2016, 18:11
Cesar Muniz
thanks for the coment guys Rex, I know the thing with the pylons, (this time the instructions was right) but as I like my birds fully loaded with stuff (and the pylons was already in the sprues) I tough with myself: Why not? ;) I hate left unused parts behind, I know it is not accurate but looks cooler to me, I am only sad about the fact I could not reopen the speed brakes to show it off as the paint glued in that position that was supose to be temporary there with blue tac... David, das ist eine einfach Vogel, Ich bin sicher Du kann eine super model auch machen! :) Ich habe eine bischen deutsche gelernet aber Ich bin noch sehr schlecht kkk
13. May 2016, 21:50
Oh, that is okay by me. If you chose to do it that way, that is our right as modelers. My philosophy with info is to give it, and then the modeler makes his choices for himself. So, you chose to make an "A-4B heavy lifter", sort of a minor Whiff model. (and the A-4 should have had 5 pylons from the start, don't you think?)

(it costs me nothing to give away info, it costs the reader nothing to read it,,,,,,,and variety is why we all model, otherwise once someone did something, there would no reason for anyone to do that same subject)
14. May 2016, 06:20
David Thor
Ah, i thought you were a german native speaker. thanks for the motivation, i will try my best! 🙂
14. May 2016, 08:44
Cesar Muniz
Rex, I feel the same! I like wen my models aren't accurate because I want it that way on purpose and not because I didn't know the correct way, It is nice to see people paying attention on my model and I am very happy with your comments it just shows that you know what you are talking about!
14. May 2016, 15:09
I'm just glad I didn't offend. That is a sweet little kit, isn't it? Parts that fit, etc, I noticed that your's only took a tiny amount of Red Putty. I also use the Red, because it shows up so well that I can get a model mostly built, look at the Red and it shows me how well the kit fit together. That is because once I get White and Gray paint on it, I tend to forget all the filling and sanding I had to do to get to the two main colors. (or my mind blocks out the memory, lol)
14. May 2016, 16:05
Łukasz Gliński
Nice one, looks really cool
14. May 2016, 17:01


1:72 A-4B (Eduard SS459)1:72 Aircraft Weapons: I - US Bombs & Rocket Launchers (Hasegawa 35001)1:72 Douglas A-4B/4P Skyhawk (Airfix A03029)
Douglas A-4B Skyhawk
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VA-95/ USS Intrepid (CV-11) BuNo 142833 (Lt. FJ West)
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