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Jorge Ferreira (jorgefk)

Subaru Impreza WRC 2005 Tamiya


11 | 27. April, 23:07
beautiful blue color. and interior looks great too. pity if that textured aluminium is not seen at the end.
28. April, 23:48
Jorge Ferreira
Yes it is. The textured aluminum its an experience. Now I know how to improve but this is the fourth Subaru I make and it's very frustrating to work and spend time in hiden details. It will be out of the box except for the seatbelts and some exterior carbon fibre items. Thanks
29. April, 08:49
Jorge Ferreira
As you might noticed I didn`t use any kind of clear cote on this Kit. I`m trying to improve the finish to give a real look at my models and a clear cote in my opinion is not the way. I`ve seen a lot of Rally cars since the eighties (last century) and they don`t shine. Also the the gloss if there is any is not the same in the paint and in the stickers. This car was painted and polished where needed. This is a metalised color and now I think I should have used a gloss cote over the paint but at the end with the decals on I`m enjoying waxing the model. The finish is very close to what I want. I Have diferent shine and the model doesn`t look like a bubble. I´ve been watching modelers giving NINE ??? coats ( primary paint and clear) on a 1/24 scale model. They look shine ? Yes . Are they nice? Yes.Are they master pieces ? Yes , most of them but the finish........Thank you guys I`m already moving for another
11. May, 19:19


1:24 Subaru Impreza WRC (Tamiya 24281)
Subaru Impreza WRC 2005
JP Racing WRC
Subaru World Rally Team 5 (Solberg/Mills)
January 2005 Rally Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo MC (Result: DNF)

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