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Kees Kleijwegt
Kees Kleijwegt



21 12 March, 19:34
Mike Siemers
Nice job, and very interesting kit.
12 March, 20:39
Clean and careful build!
13 March, 09:23
Villiers de Vos
Very nice.
14 March, 05:28
Erik Leijdens
Amazingly crisp and clean build Kees. A real gem of a very rare aircraft
9 April, 20:12
Daniel Klink
Just clean and beautiful build of a vey charismatic aircraft 👍
9 April, 20:14
Steve Desarzens
It looks gorgeous ! How was the build ? not to difficult ?
11 April, 08:32
Kees Kleijwegt
Thank you mates! I uploaded some new and better pics, for some reason they were pretty dark.

@Steve, apart from the conversion work I did, the kit is ok. Nothing a little filler can't solve! 😎
11 April, 10:54
Steve Desarzens
yes the photos are better now. Well done, I also finished one a couple months ago 😉
11 April, 13:35


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1:48 Fokker D.XXI (Classic Airframes 4153)1:48 Fokker D.XXI (Mercury) (SBS Model 48035)1:48 WW I Pilot (PJ Production 481117)1+

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