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Sd.Kfz. 11 with Pak 40


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i am in 🙂
17. September 2020, 22:20
Steven Van Dyck
Welcome, Spanjaard. The frame halves are joined. Now there's the dilemma of what fuel tank to use, short or long? Reference for that in my books is scant.
17. September 2020, 22:22
Difficult to find kit. Let us see what you make of it.
17. September 2020, 22:52
Rui S
Yap, I´m in too😎
18. September 2020, 20:47
Lenny V
This looks promising, will be followed with great Interest!
19. September 2020, 09:24
Mike Kryza
Count me in!
19. September 2020, 09:30
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Taking a seat...
19. September 2020, 11:53
Steven Van Dyck
Welcome, people! I now cleaned up the wheels, because the mudholes had a lot of flash. But now there is a discrepancy between the Aber and AFV tread plates. It should be the right PE set... At least it has some fine axle restraining braces.
18. October 2020, 14:59
Looks promising...
18. October 2020, 16:26
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Olivier. Today I added the fender supports, the transmission and brake handles and the munition racks. Hobbyfan doesn't give any instructions, but I assumed they had to be placed perpendicular to the loading floor, leaving a crevice on top and after.
24. October 2020, 23:16
Steven Van Dyck
Some additions to the cabin. I dry-fitted the engine but I decided to order the Aber engine hood. The munitions locker has a roof now, after some filling at the sides.
8. November 2020, 11:29
Jan Peters
8. November 2020, 11:56
Steven Van Dyck
Welcome, Jan. The Aber hood has arrived and is bent in shape. If only it had some hinges to hang on to the vehicle, but this seems not have been the case. I will have to put it aside of the half-track. An important point is that you are expected to be in possession of the Aber basic set to be able to add the ventilation hatches and hatch actuators in the hood. Luckily I was.
15. November 2020, 21:44
What colour will you paint the engine ?
15. November 2020, 22:09
Steven Van Dyck
I will probably paint it black. Today I began cleaning up the Friul tracklinks. The sprockets that came with it are really a must. Then I adapted a cable clipper to calibrate my track pins. It takes time to glue the treads on.
29. November 2020, 00:40
I am impressed by your patience and thirst for detail...
29. November 2020, 01:46
So am I .......
29. November 2020, 10:26
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, guys! Just finished the Friul tracks and working on the cabin doors right now. Not all Eduard PE seems useful, like the outside door plate that is only added to be able to insert the hinges at the right place. This would make the doors too thick and it makes only for harder painting.
6. December 2020, 15:17
Steven Van Dyck
Working on the ammunition hatches, but it went different than what the Aber manual said, because the manual is unreasonably asking to cut all loading bay sides 0,4mm. I just glued the PE to it, but now I have to find a way to insert the PE hinges.
14. December 2020, 22:08
Paulo Valado
Love it! Following with great interest. Cheers mate
14. December 2020, 22:26
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Paulo! Today I made an update for the windshield, that is thoroughly modified with Eduard replacement parts. They even make the window hatch workable, necessitating the removal of several kit frame parts and the insertion of a piece of Friul 0,3mm wire as the axis for the hatch. Various tools were used to scrape out the frame inside.
10. January, 00:47
Joerg R.
Nice build so far, Steven 👍👍 Why did you bore up the wheels and with which diameter? What saw is this at pic 60?
10. January, 10:12
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Completely stunned by your patience and sense of detail!
10. January, 10:59
Paulo Valado
This is so rewarding to see! Keep it coming! 😄 Cheers mate
10. January, 11:12
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Joerg. Some of the wheels had flash in the mudholes, so I redrilled them.


The saw is a photo etch set you can attach to a scalpel.

Fine razor saw blade Set No.2 (Airwaves AEM009, No)

No Fine razor saw blade Set No.2 (Airwaves AEM009)
10. January, 11:21
Steven Van Dyck
@Jean-Michel and Paul: I'll try to update every weekend. I guess I'm almost to the point of commencing the PaK.
10. January, 13:22
Joerg R.
Thx, Steven👍👍👍
10. January, 14:13
Paulo Valado
Take your time, no rush... pacience is important! 😄
10. January, 16:58
Rui S
Another unbelievable PE work 👍
15. January, 22:09
Steven Van Dyck
All thanks for these replies, I found the courage to finish these hatches and some PE in the trunk.
11. April, 18:47
Bogicevic Vladimir
Steven, you have nerves like ropes. Great job so far.
11. April, 19:02
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks for the compliment, I found the courage to add the front doors this weekend. Now it's only the roof and then I can start the gun build.
27. July, 14:20
Steven Van Dyck
Time for the PAK. The barrel is fun, but they totally botched the pre-bent splintershields. They were both a bit deformed and easily corrected, but one is completely plied to the wrong side. So I will have to flatten it again and then "counterbend" the bends. And it has to be perfect to get the spacers into the locator holes. We'll find out next time if I had to buy a new shield or not.
4. September, 22:22
Steven Van Dyck
It's worked out with the kit shield and both plates are now positioned with the AFV spacer set. I even have enough bolts to do a Scheunentor afterward, so that goes on the wishlist. The torsion bars are staggered, something that is arranged correctly in the kit but is not visible in the build step aspect. Therefore, checking with your Nuts&Bolts reference is really helpful. One locator block had to be removed to correctly place the extreme parts of the torsion legs.
11. September, 21:58
Steven Van Dyck
The wheels are now added, with some minor changes to the trailer arms. Attention is needed to only remove mold lines and not the weld beads visible in the reference pictures. It's ready to be painted now.
24. October, 00:16
Paulo Valado
Keep up mate! Bravo

24. October, 08:28
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Paulo! Both gun and tractor are now in German Grey and treated to a coat of Pledge.
9. November, 23:47
Steven Van Dyck
I added the Hobbyfan small fuel tank, though I doubt the kit one is wrong for this, and also the drive axle fron the engine that would be visible. I installed the engine with some details painted on it. The gun shield did not align wel laterally due to my repairs on the wrongly pre-bent PE set. I tried to correct that. I painted the resin shells in brass, looking qite conspicuous.
12. November, 11:40
image 116 is utterly out of focus. Could you shoot another one ?
12. November, 18:36
Steven Van Dyck
I deleted it, it should not have sneaked in in the first place.
13. November, 08:35
Steven Van Dyck
The tracklinks are connected and the Hobbyfan figures assembled. The fit is great. The Voyager grenades are prepared for painting, a PE ignition pad is added to each one.
13. November, 22:12
You are moving a a nice pace.
14. November, 00:12
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Olivier. I started the dio now, therefore I added a TS-Modellbau casting to the database. I'm enlarging it so the whole assembly will fit.
15. November, 22:35
Markus Yliaho
Awesome work!
15. November, 22:47
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Markus! Just painted the diorama and added some life to it. Had to make my own drain cover with a file and I will also be twrowing some dead leaves.
22. November, 00:26
Villiers de Vos
Steven, all those details! It is just amazing.
22. November, 01:44
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Villiers. The ammo crates are painted and the license plate and tactical sign from the picture from Nuts&Bolts are recreated. I found a Dragon decal with this sign on it. The foliage is adde with thinned PVA and compressed with glass.
22. November, 23:20
Villiers de Vos
Your attention to detail is evident in every aspect.
23. November, 06:27


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