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18 | 4. April 2020, 23:41
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Steven Van Dyck
The Hong shilka has some nice detail that can be improved with Voyager, but both have a difficult manual and have to be checked with reference pics. I decided to add a metal sprocket axle and change the sprocket surface with a circle cutter. Some numbering problems on the Hong idlers and hatch drawings, but nothing that can't be unraveled. This will be a complicated PE-addition, however, due to the number of parts and complexity of the kit.
11. April 2020, 20:26
Palo M
Very cool. Do you know how it compares to Meng?
22. April 2020, 22:22
Steven Van Dyck
There is a very detailed photo comparison review on Armorama, check this: but you have to click on the pics to see them sharper due to Photobucket restrictions. Both kits have some trumps the other lacks, though the article only focuses on Meng errors. Meng would have a driver's cabin interior and be a bit easier to build, Hong seems to be more photorealistic. Both would be a huge improvement on Dragon anyhow.
22. April 2020, 22:55
Palo M
That's a great comparison, thank you for sharing!
23. April 2020, 06:29
Interesting. I wonder, what is going on in photo 16? I mean, is there some kind of correction going on?
23. April 2020, 06:59
I find it weird that Meng got the wheels detailing wrong, according to that armorama article linked to above.
23. April 2020, 07:04
Steven Van Dyck
Picture 16 shows the outline of the idler axle, but my detail picture was so vague I decided to draw it in paint. The axle has a notch in it, making it weaker.
23. April 2020, 07:47
Steven Van Dyck
Some additions to the front hull. Because of the tiny PE-parts, this changes slowly.
2. May 2020, 22:05
Steven Van Dyck
A lot of small PE additions on the Shilka, before I allow myself to start working on the turret. The periscope glasses are heavily clad with brass now. I can not add every PE-part yet to be able to have everything painted, like the large headlight covers.
20. June 2020, 22:02
Steven Van Dyck
Aber PE barrels are installed in stead of the kit barrels. There is even a cover system for the muzzles, though this is excruciating to assemble.
4. July 2020, 21:46
Ingo F
Looks great so far. 👍 Will take seat. 🙂
4. July 2020, 23:18
Steven Van Dyck
Welcome, Ingo. Today I finished the barrels and dry-fitted them in the cradle. Luckily, they can be mounted after the painting stage, so they can be painted gunmetal separately. The turret magazines, although they can be presented open, have no munition provided, which is a pity as it would have meant little extra parts for a great surplus feature.
11. July 2020, 21:23
Palo M
Beautiful barrels, especially like the covers. Well done!
12. July 2020, 08:18
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Palo! I added a lot more today, with lots of loose chains and some tool boxes. I replaced the styrene rod on the Voyager camo-net plate with a thin brass tube, because it is supposed to be a curved lip on the plate end.
25. July 2020, 22:10
Palo M
Looks great! So far, I was scared of PE chain, looks impressive. Do you solder the PE boxes? Looking forward to how this will evolve.
26. July 2020, 06:52
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Palo. I never soldered PE parts, only use CA glue.
26. July 2020, 09:28
Steven Van Dyck
2 new boxes are added, with some smaller objects like locks, the 2 visor covers and the antenna.
1. August 2020, 20:50
Palo M
Very inspiring, should start my Meng Shilka, too. I don't think it will be up to this level, unfortunately. Very nice work on the PE parts.
1. August 2020, 21:55
Choppa Nutta
Full detail ahead and don't spare the horses !! 😄 😄 😄
That is a lot of PE for one tank .... and a lot of patience to go with it too😉
You always seem to do interesting and highly detail worked Steven !!
You must have spent nearly a 120 Euro's on this project thus far looking at all those upgrades and the kit itself,
still though, I imagine this is going to keep you busy for a while 🙂
1. August 2020, 22:29
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, guys, don't let this build hold you back if it would mean an extra Shilka in the newslist! The extras in this build are withering compared to some of my latest additions for future projects. As we speak, a royal Griffon sd.Kfz.7/2 PE set is coming this way at the customs office, following another set to make the flatbed sides (and I still consider to replace the DS front tires) and a Lionroar barrel I bought for an old Tamiya 37mm. Literally half of that model will be covered in brass. If you count the weighty Nuts and Bolts edition in, it easily passes the € 200 threshold. Another project consists of a Thunder Scammel Pioneer with a Valentine loaded on the trailer. The Valentine is already quite upgraded with a Voyagerset and extra plastic tracks, but the Scammell appears harder to improve. Various Resicast possibilities and a recently edited book that is impossible to come by. I'm also stocking up my 1/350 ships builds and taking over some stuff offered by friends. This all seemed over the top until some months ago, now it is getting harder to find things still in stock and I'm happy that I still have enough stuff for about 5 years of continuous projects...
1. August 2020, 23:11
Palo M
Wow, that's a lot of brass! Some time ago, I realized how aftermarket kits make me enjoy a model much more, so I upgraded most of my stash. Don't want to find out during a build that my preferred aftermarket kits are no longer available. I don't think I've got even close to €200, though!
2. August 2020, 06:04
Steven Van Dyck
I have one kit that I fear I will never get the PE set for. A few years ago the Dragon Saladin that I had just bought and wanted to start got a beautiful Voyager PE set. We got about 12 very shiny preview pictures. Ever since, it remained in expectation on the Voyager site, in a list with projects that is refreshed monthly. I presume the moderate reviews for the kit kept them from releasing it, but why leaving them on the list? They even edited a lights set I promptly bought, and I have the DEF wheels. Another set from Inside The Armour seems depleted now.
British Armoured Car Saladin..Voyager Model PE35786, 1:35)

1:35 British Armoured Car Saladin MK.II (smoke discharger include) (Voyager Model PE35786)
2. August 2020, 08:34
Choppa Nutta
Maybe write to Voyager and ask them to send you a PE set Saladin ?
You never know, you might get lucky 🙂
2. August 2020, 10:24
Steven Van Dyck
Today I built the commander's hatch. It showed some double vision weld lines.
15. August 2020, 22:34
Steven Van Dyck
The building stage is now almost completed with only the tools to add. I left off some radar dish PE.
22. August 2020, 22:03
James C
Tidy looking build Steven, particularly on the photo etch. 👍
23. August 2020, 01:11
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, James. I added the last of the etch today. Now, the Shilka is ready for painting. An abundance of tools is fixed to the hull, together with some towing cables. One missing detail was the data cable for the radar dome, that was fixed pretty soon.
29. August 2020, 23:37
Steven Van Dyck
The Shilka is now painted Mr.Hobby 303.
19. September 2020, 00:48
Tom B.
How many details do you want? Yes! That is some oustanding detailing 👍
20. September 2020, 17:21
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Tom, and everybody who liked the album. The Shilka has got some modulation now, using dark blue and yellow paint additions to get some contrast in the dull green. I chose the DDR outfit because of the conspicuous tricolore shield.
20. September 2020, 21:31
James C
Coming along nicely Steven. Great job on the paint work 👍
20. September 2020, 21:57
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, James! Today a brown wash is applied. Some small areas must still be painted.
10. October 2020, 23:42
Top result you show here! And very stylish framed plate!
13. October 2020, 08:29
Palo M
Excellent. Looks like this beauty is finished - congrats!
13. October 2020, 13:04
Rui S
Great model. Well done 👍
13. October 2020, 20:08
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks for the likes and the comments, I declared the Shilka finished and took some outside pictures.
14. October 2020, 20:38
James C
Very nice work Steven, nice job on an awesome subject 👍
14. October 2020, 22:38


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