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Julian Herrero aka Yuri (yuri)

Porsche 917 K 1971 Heller 1/24

Not a retro-poject even this kit is an oldie. I'll try to bring it to accetable standarts , but not going to add every nut and bolt. For instance exhausts are absolutely wrong but they will stay as is, as will some parts of the space-frame chassis. I've read that this is a difficult kit to build ,,, let's see ....
So far I've got some fitting issues with the engine to the chassis.


Stephan H.
Engine looks great!
26 February 2021, 07:59
István Szücs
Very nice! How did you paint the wires?
26 February 2021, 08:47
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
István , with a number 0 brush , Gunze flat red and carefulnes. Some red paint went to the engine and I had to make some retouching....
28 February 2021, 06:39
István Szücs
Thank you, Julian!
1 March 2021, 11:00
Following! Very interesting subject. I really do like the 917. Part breakdown of the body looks very similar to the fujimi kit wich also spots some fitting issues. The heller kit seems to have Daytona window not opened? (The one over the windshield)
18 May 2021, 18:22
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Dennis ... me too ... I love the 917 ... The kit has this window marked from the inside but not opened .... You can cut the part ... but the kit (at least mine) has no clear part for that window.
18 May 2021, 18:30
Thats an improvement imho. I think you will not need it anyway because there where not many cars with that configuration (as far as I know).

Tried to build the fujimi 917k once and had major problems in filling and sanding the gaps of the plastic insert for that window. Even after primer, base color decal and clear coat the outlines where still visible. One of the reasons it ended up as a shelf queen...
18 May 2021, 18:44


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