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20 | 2. November 2020, 15:22
David Lengyel
Moving forward with Scooters, mitigating a handful of errors and doing small tweaks in order to prepare for their final form.
9. November 2020, 09:54
looking nice
3. March, 10:33
What is going on in photo 4 and 5? Was the wing edge too thin?
3. March, 10:54
David Lengyel
@Treehugger There should be a smooth transition from the slat well to the wing. Hasegawa kit has a step there, so I cut the well off and fixed the transition.
12. March, 10:14
Thomas Bischoff
I take a seat - looks like some serious work been done here
12. March, 13:32
David Lengyel
I have uploaded some new images. I'm about to spray both Scooters with a primer.
15. March, 12:22
David Lengyel
Painting in progress
11. April, 18:22
Jos Jansen
Welcome back at your bench with those two scooters 😄, Iam definitely in! Iam currently building an A-4F from the Blues Angels from one of the same Hasegawa kits.
11. April, 18:55
David Lengyel
Tactical Color Scheme laid down at last. Moving forward towards the markings which will be a combination of spray masks and decals.
26. April, 18:57
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great 👍.
26. April, 19:01
David Lengyel
Moving forward with small bits. Everything painted and ready for assembly. I will take a small break from this project as I am waiting for decals and masks.
7. June, 17:55


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1:48 A-4E/F Skyhawk (Hasegawa 07221)1:48 A-4F Skyhawk 'Lady Jessie' (Hasegawa 09399)1:48 A-4E/F (Eduard FE273)2+

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