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Andre B (andreb87)

geschützwagen VI


8. April 2014, 08:23
Andre B
work in progress =) detail painting and pin wash will be next
8. April 2014, 08:36
Holger Kranich
Very clean working area! Why do you paint the tracks and roadwheels after the main paintjob? Is this way easyer for you?
8. April 2014, 08:40
Andre B
the problem was the vehicle is so huge i needed 2 hobby boss track sets. the tracks are complicated to build. the tracks themself were about 500 parts -.- i couldn't glue them off the vehicle because my cement was too fast. it took simply to long to assemble the tracks. they weren't flexible anymore 😄 😄 so i had to build i dont know .. 40 ... segments, fix them and then go on this way ^^
8. April 2014, 08:45
Andre B
normally i paint them off the vehicle but i was surprised. this way was actually very easy with the help of a little bit of tamiya masking tape and the h&s infinity. with the 0.2 needle the infinity so so damn awesome and accurate i was able to paint the tracks on the vehicle with minimum overspray! i love this airbrush! best purchase ever!
8. April 2014, 08:48
8. April 2014, 09:06
What a monster! Love the comparison shots.
8. April 2014, 09:33
Andre B
yes it's huge! and the model is heavy! the barrel is really massive. all in all i think round about 1 kg -.-
8. April 2014, 09:37
Holger Kranich
Ok Andre, that makes sense!
8. April 2014, 09:47


In progress
1:35 Geschützwagen VI 21cm Msr 18 (sf) (Trumpeter 01540)1:35 21cm L/31 21cm Mörser 18, Geschutzwagen Vl (RB Model 35B113)

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