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Predrag Ivanovic (Pedja)

E Udet Fokker D.VII "Du doch nicht!"


9 | 1. August 2020, 18:31
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Udet? Count me in! Following.
23. August 2020, 12:57
Mike Daniels
Looking very nice. Great scheme.
7. October 2020, 11:22
7. October 2020, 13:58
Rui S
Another beauty 👍
30. January, 12:19
Giannis Kaltapanidis
The fun fact is that the lower wing has a camo, while the other surfaces are painted in red, and the upper wing with white stripes, screaming "Ηere I am!!! You can see me but not my lower wing. Ha!".

Anyway that's the beauty of WWI birds, and this is a very beautiful one. (Very) well done!
30. January, 12:41
David Taylor
Here I am,you know who I am ,fear me.
30. January, 13:29


1:48 Du doch nicht! (Eduard 11137)

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