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Christian Ristits (CR-Modellbau)

WIP - Tornado IDS "150.000 FH" Lechfeld



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1:48 Panavia Tornado IDS (Revell 03987)1:48 Luftwaffe Tornados, Part 1 (Wingman Models WMD48006)4+
Panavia Tornado IDS
DE Military Bundeswehr Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1956-now)
JaboG 33 43+58
October 2007 - Lechfeld


15. November 2015, 16:57
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Christian Ristits
Hello Mates, this will be my contribution for the 1st Scalemodeltrophy Wings, Wheels and Tracks. I will build a Tornado IDS with the special Marking of the 33th JaBoG. Cheers, Christian
15. November 2015, 17:03
Michael Phillips
Very nice Christian! Lots of goodies there, and you are off to a great start I see. Love the Tornado! I will be watching your progress. Good luck!
15. November 2015, 17:45
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much Michael!
15. November 2015, 18:35
Stephan Ryll
ooooh that look's promising - I'll take a seat
got the same kit with add on's but will do the 44+80 from Jabo G 31 -may next year
15. November 2015, 20:41
Nice job so far. Keep up the good work.
16. November 2015, 05:47
Christian Ristits
Thank you gents, much apreciated! @Guido - yes, it is painted, there was a mask included with the decals-set.
16. November 2015, 12:11
Christian Ristits
...main paintjob is done, I am happy with the result. Now painting the details...
17. November 2015, 16:03
Michael Phillips
Movin' right along I see! Paintjob looks excellent. I am really diggin' the tail art!
17. November 2015, 19:40
Christian Lehmann
Sehr schön.
17. November 2015, 19:44
Efthymios Chatzopoulos
Everything looks nice Christian. Good luck in the contest!
17. November 2015, 20:08
Stefan Fraundorfer
Dein Tornado sieht schon sehr überzeugend aus. Besonders das Seitenleitwerk gefällt mir extrem gut. Bin schon auf das Endergebnis gespannt.
17. November 2015, 21:53
Clifford Keesler
Looking good Christian. I have the same kit,with the RAF Operation Granby Markings.
18. November 2015, 01:08
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much gents, glad that you all like it! The kit is better than i thought during building it, you have to be very careful and exact when fitting and putting the fuselage parts together.
18. November 2015, 06:20
Christian Ristits
Decals and Washings are done...
24. November 2015, 17:22
Scott Dutton
Beautiful weathering, very appropriate
24. November 2015, 17:43
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much mates!
24. November 2015, 20:08
Clifford Keesler
Very nice Christian.
26. November 2015, 01:23
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much Clifford!
26. November 2015, 21:10
Erik Leijdens
Coming along very nice
26. November 2015, 21:19
Michael Phillips
This one is really looking fanastic! I would do well to pay close attention to your weathering techniques, they are sublime!
27. November 2015, 01:55
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much for your motivating words! Michael, if you have any questions, please contact me at any time ;)
27. November 2015, 17:24
Stunning work so to make grey look great!!!
27. November 2015, 17:35
Mats Bengtsson
Looking good Christian
27. November 2015, 18:34
Martien Lourens
Nice paintwork and weathering
27. November 2015, 18:37
Christian Ristits
Thanks again for your nice comments mates!
27. November 2015, 18:39
Looking better than good. Excellent.
27. November 2015, 18:58
Christian Ristits
Thank you Marko for your compliments! Much apreciated!
27. November 2015, 19:20
Christian Ristits
Update...some "goodies" are painted and wait for decals and washing...
29. November 2015, 11:42
Thomas Bischoff
great work - why is one tank green and the other grey?
29. November 2015, 20:12
Christian Ristits
Hello Thomas, the two colours are according to my reference pics from the web...cheers, Christian
29. November 2015, 20:16
Thomas Bischoff
all the better - I like such subtleties
29. November 2015, 20:20
Christian Ristits
Oh yes, me too!
29. November 2015, 20:25
7. December 2015, 23:41
Christian Ristits
Thanks Clifford, great that you like it!
27. December 2015, 10:25

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