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Work in Progress - MiG-21SMT Eduard


18. May 2014, 15:43
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Christian Ristits
Hello Mates, started today with my MiG-21 SMT from Eduard...more infos as usual on my blog on http://ristits.at/2014/05/mig-21-smt-148-eduard/ ...glad if you like it!
18. May 2014, 15:45
Ooo pass the popcorn am watching
18. May 2014, 17:09
Vorya hidaryan
So far so good 👍
18. May 2014, 18:39
Christian Borchmann-Backhaus
Nice one... I build the MF some weeks ago...
18. May 2014, 19:28
Christian Ristits
Unfortunately I did not hit the exact colour...but in my opinion Eduard is too blue with his etch-parts...against mine is too turkise...but on the photos it looks more worse that it is...
19. May 2014, 05:04
Christian Ristits
update...Seat is ready...
19. May 2014, 17:35
Christian Ristits
Hello Mates, after one week holiday in Italy some small progress from today of my MiG-21...fuselage is put together, main wheel bay is built and weathered...
31. May 2014, 17:38
Bernhard Schrock
Hi Christian, großes Lob retour!! Der Sitz ist phantastisch. Hast du nicht Lust für mich als Zulieferer für Sitze und Gurte einzusteigen? 🙂 Gurte sind für mich nämlich der Albtraum.
31. May 2014, 17:57
Christian Ristits
Hallo Bernhard, vielen Dank! Warum nicht, wenn wir das logistisch auf die Reihe bekommen 😉 Ich muss sagen, Eduard hat hier ganze Arbeit geleistet, der Bausatz und die Resin-Teile machen bis jetzt sehr viel Spaß!
31. May 2014, 18:01
31. May 2014, 23:18
Christian Ristits
Some small progress again...
1. June 2014, 10:20
Christian Bruer
Hi Christian, impressive build so far. I'm in with this! Cheers, Christian
1. June 2014, 13:01
Christian Ristits
Thank you guys! Its the first Time that I will try some weathering-washing...Augie recommended me the washings from Flory models...I have to say that this is really cool stuff!
1. June 2014, 13:53
Christian Ristits
So Bad news...yesterday I failed with the paint-job on the fuselage...I have to remove all the paint...at the moment I am trying to rescue the panel lines as they are full with paint...hope that I can rescue the body and proceed building!
2. June 2014, 17:28
Christian Bruer
I had this with one of my scale 1/48 planes too. I removed all the paint even in the panel lines using fine steel wool to clean the surface and a fine needle to remove the paint out of the panels lines. Time consumpting but it works well. Good luck, cheers Christian
2. June 2014, 18:23
Christian Ristits
Thank you Christian, i will try it again!
2. June 2014, 18:32
Bernhard Schrock
Oops! Eben habe ich mal wieder bei Dir geschaut und über die Panne gelesen. Wie kommst Du voran? Übrigens welche Farbe hast du verwendet und was ist genau passiert? Hochglanz?
3. June 2014, 18:47
Christian Ristits
Hallo Bernhard, ich hatte an dem Abend einfach keine Geduld mehr...die Mig hat ja ein aufwendiges Tarn-Schema...die Farben hab ich mir mittels Netz auf Revell umgemünzt...obwohl ich mit dem Ergebnis eher skeptisch bin. Naja, was soll ich sagen, schlecht deckende Farbtöne, mit dem falschen Farbton begonnen...dann hab ich es Frei Hand versucht (mit meinem Airbrush Beginner Set fast unmöglich), es wollte einfach nicht gelingen...Farbe verlaufen usw...
Habe dann die ganze Farbe mit Cleaner abgewischt...und die Panel Lines mit dem Messer ausgekratzt...
Bin gerade beim 2. Versuch...sieht soweit ganz gut aus - ich denke ich kann die Maschine noch retten 😉
3. June 2014, 19:03
Christian Ristits
Second attempt...the paint job is almost done...looks nice, although the colours appear a little bit too bright on the photo.
3. June 2014, 19:34
Glenn (.)
Maybe a dirty wash will tone it down a bit? nice neat camo!
4. June 2014, 00:21
Christian Ristits
Ready for decaling! Glenn, this is exactly what I am thinking about...give her a smooth dirty look!
4. June 2014, 17:43
Christian Ristits
Giving her a little Washing today...
5. June 2014, 18:24
Murad ÖZER
lovely colors & camo.
5. June 2014, 18:27
Christian Bruer
Well, you've had luck removing the paint! Now the bird comes out really nice. Very well done so far! I like the SMT (I build the Eduard but in scale 1/144), and your did a splendid job with your one! Cheers, Christian
5. June 2014, 18:53
Christian Ristits
Hello Murad and Christian, thank you so much! Yes, I am very happy with the finish and weathering...now its time to finish the bird 😉
5. June 2014, 19:53
Clifford Keesler
Awesome Mig. I like it alot.
5. June 2014, 21:38
Christian Ristits
Thank you Clifford! Update, now standing on her own "feet" 😉
7. June 2014, 12:06
Christian Borchmann-Backhaus
Siehr sehr gut aus!
8. June 2014, 10:58
Christian Borchmann-Backhaus
Welchen Farbton hast du für den Konus und die anderen Antennen genommen?
8. June 2014, 11:04
Christian Ristits
Hallo christian...der Farbton ist moosgruen von Revell aquacolor...lg christian
8. June 2014, 13:27
Christian Ristits
Uebrigens einer der am schlechten deckenden Farbtöne ueberhaupt...😉
8. June 2014, 13:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
Wunderschöne Mig, insbesondere das Cockpit begeistert mich!
8. June 2014, 15:23
Christian Ristits
Danke Roland, aus deinem mund freut mich das doppelt!
8. June 2014, 15:48
Edgars Bizūns
Love this model!
8. June 2014, 16:42
Clifford Keesler
Looks even better now.
8. June 2014, 20:00
Christian Ristits
Thank you guys! Today i added the Rest of the (feel like one million) decals...i think i will be able to paint the last coat of clear varnish tomorrow ☺
8. June 2014, 20:09
Christian Ristits
Update...only canopy and bombs are missing...
9. June 2014, 15:19
Christian Bruer
High Five Christian!
9. June 2014, 15:45
Ooohh likey
9. June 2014, 15:56
Roland Sachsenhofer
Einfach wunderbar! Cockpit seems ready to get in and go through the checklist...
9. June 2014, 16:07
Clifford Keesler
Just Excellent. How is the Kit, is it worth investing in?
10. June 2014, 13:43
Christian Ristits
Thank you very much for your kind feedback! She is not 100% perfect, and with some errors I should have been able to avoid. At the end I am satisfied with the final result.

Its my first russian jet in my second modelling time, and I guess its not the last 😉

@Clifford - the kit is very good, fitting and quality is excellent, instructions and decals are phenomenal, clear parts are very good, I would say it is worth every of its 30 EUR I have paid. I have to say that the investment in the resin-cockpit is not really necessary, as the kit itself is very detailed too! Just spend him an exterior photo etch set, and its good to go...
10. June 2014, 16:29
Christian Ristits
Finished...if you are interested please find more pictures on my blog: http://ristits.at/2014/06/mig-21-smtmt-eduard-148/
10. June 2014, 17:06
Michel Huijghe
Love the cockpit. 👍
10. June 2014, 18:23
Jan Hazes
Really nice job! Cockpit looks great🙂
10. June 2014, 19:32
Clifford Keesler
Thanks for the description and advice, I will be getting one.
10. June 2014, 23:09
Christian Borchmann-Backhaus
Very cool!

Waren die Decals für den Sitz mit dabei?
11. June 2014, 06:36
Christian Ristits
Hallo christian...ja die decals waren im hauptbausatz mit dabei...
11. June 2014, 08:37
Dieter Bihlmaier
Klasse gebaut Christian. Nicht zuletzt durch die Camo ist die MiG ein Eyecatcher in der Sammlung.
2. August 2014, 22:17
Christian Ristits
Vielen Dank Dieter - die Lackierung hatte mich an meine Grenzen (und auch die Grenzen meines Airbrush Starter-Sets) gebracht...nicht zuletzt dadurch wahrscheinlich (zur Zeit) meine Lieblings-Maschine in der Vitrine 😉
3. August 2014, 07:47
Gerald Willing
Sehr schöne Arbeit Christian Ristits 👍
3. August 2014, 08:10
Christian Ristits
Danke Gerald!
5. August 2014, 21:03
Melf Boyens
Wow! I bought the same kit and all the Eduard interior-exterior etc. extras, but was scared to start it...but now i can see how it could really loook like and i have to say you did a perfect job , i like every bit of it!
16. May 2015, 20:12
Hehe did i miss this first time around? sweet build
16. May 2015, 20:23
M.Julian Marles
awesome job!
16. May 2015, 21:07
Christian Ristits
Many thanks mates, thats indeed an"older" build 😉
Yes Melf, the extras are marvellious! They need some extra work, but are definitely worth every working-minute! I really had no problem with them, every part was fitting well...have fun with yours!
17. May 2015, 09:02
Clifford Keesler
Great job Christian.
17. May 2015, 16:32
Christian Ristits
Thanks Clifford!
17. May 2015, 17:55


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