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Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
21 images
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Updated: December 04, 2018
Project: MIG-25RBF
1:48 MIG-25RBF (ICM 48904)
04. December 2018 at 09:44:07 Share
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Eelco Gregoire He looks really cool. Something different then the grey ones.
16. January at 09:04:32
Christian Ristits Again thanks for your compliments Johne and Eelco!
Daemion, der Bau gestaltet sich relativ passgenau, nur die Bug-Sektion muss man etwas bearbeiten, die passt nicht optimal an den Rumpf. LG
16. January at 14:49:58
Konrad Limmer Richtig Klasse Christian! Gefällt mir sehr gut! Eine Frage, die Camo is die freihändig gemacht?
16. January at 18:45:09
Martien Lourens One of my favorite aircraft. very good models of ICM. I am working on 2 migs from ICM. One in grey . But I like the migs with camo.This one looks great. Very good paint job, Cristian.
16. January at 19:19:01
Christian Ristits Konrad and Martien, many thanks for your kind feedback!
Konrad, die Camo habe ich mit Schablonen abgeklebt, Frei Hand hätte ich das wohl nicht geschafft ;)
Martien, I am convinced that your MiGs will look awesome!
18. January at 07:07:32
Gerald Willing Well done
18. January at 07:40:25
Bryn Crandell Bravo. Great looking Mig-25!
18. January at 17:33:11
Christian Ristits Glad that you like her, Gerald and Bryn!
19. January at 07:13:13
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August 05, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new project.
05. August 2018 at 08:54:41 Share
Christian Ristits Dear Mates, anyone who knows a decal-set in 1:48 for this beauty? Cheers, Christian
05. August 2018 at 08:55:34
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July 16, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
14. July 2018 at 08:28:21 Share
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Konrad Limmer Very nice Christian! Another awesome looking build from you!
15. July 2018 at 05:24:25
Marko Beautiful.
15. July 2018 at 06:54:06
Christian Ristits Many Many Thanks for your overwhelming Feedback Mates! I am really proud to be part of our SM-Community! Cheers, Christian
15. July 2018 at 07:31:24
Martin Oostrom Yeah, I'm the masochist, checking in each day, to see models I can only dream of. You're the sadist posting them :D
15. July 2018 at 10:40:56
Thomas Bischoff Awesome work mate! Followed the link you posted - only one week build time? Incredible!
15. July 2018 at 11:25:59
Timothy Heimer I like it!
15. July 2018 at 13:31:31
Spanjaard I have this scheme pending to be done again for a long time.... I did it 20+ years ago, my worst paint job ever..... Great to see how it should be done. Really good job Christian!
15. July 2018 at 17:54:04
Christian Ristits Again, many thanks for your nice comments Martin, Thomas, Timothy and Spanjaard!
16. July 2018 at 15:38:25
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June 04, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new project.
03. June 2018 at 08:24:37 Share
Konrad Limmer Wow cool project! Count me in here!
03. June 2018 at 08:57:57
Christian Ristits Many thanks Konrad, i thought it would be a Nice Idea as i have so many Vietnam fighters in my stash...
03. June 2018 at 15:45:23
Sören Reifert Indeed a really nice and good idea!
03. June 2018 at 15:46:05
03. June 2018 at 16:06:13
scalemates I think this is great candidate for the collection feature :)
03. June 2018 at 16:07:30
Donald Dickson II The Da Nang F-4 is a GREAT boxing. Did it and loved it. I have the Scooters boxing, but havent done it yet. And I LOVE that you wrapped the 14 in. A lot of folks dont know or forget their debut was the last Nam mission, Frequent Wind. I presume you got ahold of some VF-1 decals?
03. June 2018 at 16:16:53
Konrad Limmer Indeed thats cool! I've also have a lot of Vietnam Fighters in my stash. So I've watch yours and take it as reference for mine ;)! By the way your builds are 1st class
03. June 2018 at 17:10:39
Marko I'm in.
03. June 2018 at 17:15:02
Christian Ristits Many thanks Tim, Donald and Konrad for your attention on this project! But please slow down, its only an idea and I will need a lot of time doing this ;)
And Donald, many thanks for your hint...first at all I had a Sundowners F-14A in my mind, but you reminded me that over vietnam only VF-1 and VF-2 had a few flights.
I will try to grab one of the rare Fightertown Decals-Set for the Wolfpack Scheme...otherwise the original Tamiya kit has the bounty-hunters in 1976 scheme inbox...maybe the difference to 1975 is so small that nobody will see? ;) Cheers, Christian
03. June 2018 at 17:17:07
Christian Ristits Grab a Seat Marko, you are very Welcome!
03. June 2018 at 19:16:10
Donald Dickson II Christian, I grabbed a set from Super Scale. I THINK they are the correct ones. At least close enough I think. Item - 1 48 F 14 TOMCATS VF 1 VF 14 VF 142 DECALS Super Scale
03. June 2018 at 23:36:12
Christian Ristits Thanks Donald, Yesterday i ordered vf1 decals from fightertown...they are sent from Australia
04. June 2018 at 05:02:55
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May 29, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
14 images
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Updated: May 27, 2018
12. May 2018 at 13:57:06 Share
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Hanno Kleinecke Very realistic depiction of the inconel-X surface finish, great result, Christian !
27. May 2018 at 19:36:19
Bernhard Schrock I agree Hanno: very well rendered original (non painted but anodized) surface of the X-15.
27. May 2018 at 19:55:13
Spanjaard i fully agree with Hanno and Bernhard
27. May 2018 at 20:36:17
Michael Phillips Fantastic work once again Christian! The weathered surface is really well done, which can be hard to do depicting that type of surface. I will certainly refer to this build when I build mine some day. Very inspiring!
27. May 2018 at 23:47:39
Maxair Lieber Christian, Deine Arbeit ist wie immer sensationeeeeel!! Auch die Fotos sind super, Danke! Max
28. May 2018 at 08:10:26
Christian Ristits Many thanks my friends, your comments make me proud! Seems that the hard work on the paintjob was worth to do it!
28. May 2018 at 16:40:36
Remco Tijmons Well done!
28. May 2018 at 16:42:54
Christian Ristits Thank you very much Tijmons!
29. May 2018 at 14:41:39
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May 28, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: May 27, 2018
27. April 2018 at 18:05:43 Share
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Marko Excellent work. I love it.
29. April 2018 at 07:00:10
Christian Ristits Tank you Marko, much appreciated!
29. April 2018 at 15:37:16
Sören Reifert Fantastic work Christian - as usual ;)
29. April 2018 at 16:38:55
Christian Ristits Thank you very much Sören!
Update - some proper pictures uploaded ;)
06. May 2018 at 06:59:52
Nam Soo Lee Nice F-14. I'm so sad we never gonna see these kind of aero :(
27. May 2018 at 12:07:03
Daniel Mysak Very nice work, excellent finish .
27. May 2018 at 13:56:25
Scott Dutton Oh I love tomcats, well done
28. May 2018 at 12:20:19
Christian Ristits Many Thanks, much appreciated!
28. May 2018 at 16:39:15
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May 12, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 14 images
In progress
1:48 North American X-15A-2 (Special Hobby SH48008)1:48 Pilot X-15 (AERO Line AL4005)
12. May 2018 at 13:56:33 Share
Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
0 images
This album does not contain any images.
Updated: January 01, 1970
12. May 2018 at 13:36:23 Share
Christian Ristits added a new project.
In progress
1:48 North American X-15A-2 (Special Hobby SH48008)
12. May 2018 at 13:35:50 Share

April 13, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 10, 2018
10. March 2018 at 10:52:57 Share
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Hanno Kleinecke Excellent looking Alpha, Christian !
10. March 2018 at 14:01:45
Timothy Heimer Looks great!
10. March 2018 at 14:38:11
10. March 2018 at 14:49:24
Christian Ristits Again - thank you my friends!!!
11. March 2018 at 08:43:05
James C Very nice!
11. March 2018 at 19:58:25
Christian Ristits thank you James, much appreciated!
12. March 2018 at 18:26:03
Stefan Fraundorfer Zum Alpha Jet hab' ich dir ja noch gar nicht gratuliert. Schaut gut aus. Lackierung und Alterung ist dir wieder sehr gut gelungen.
12. April 2018 at 18:03:16
Christian Ristits Danke dir Stefan!
13. April 2018 at 13:50:46
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March 14, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
View album451686
Updated: March 10, 2018
Project: Su-33 "Blue 79"
1:48 Su-33 (Kinetic K48062)1:48 Su-33 interior (Eduard 49778)1:48 J-15/SU-33 Pitot Tube (DreamModel DM 0718)2+
10. March 2018 at 11:08:29 Share
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Thomas Bischoff very very nice! The camo is just great!
11. March 2018 at 21:41:07
Michael Phillips Fantastic work Christian, and I think this is the first Su-33 I have seen done in the Early Camouflage scheme. Bravo!
12. March 2018 at 00:06:33
Christian Ristits Many thanks - Yes Michael, you are correct...its an unusual scheme for a great aircraft! Cheers, Christian
12. March 2018 at 18:25:45
Sören Reifert Another beautiful build Christian.
How do you liked the kit to build?
13. March 2018 at 09:27:25
Martien Lourens excellent work. very detailed, nice paint job. especially the exhaust. I enjoyed the photo, s. of your model.
13. March 2018 at 14:08:38
Clifford Keesler Excellent job,Christian.
13. March 2018 at 19:26:25
Choppa Nutta nice work :)
14. March 2018 at 07:46:37
Christian Ristits Many thanks again Sören, Martien, Clifford and Choppa!
@Sören - ein kurzer Baubericht ist auf meinem Blog zu finden:
14. March 2018 at 17:35:22
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February 19, 2018

Christian Ristits added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: January 01, 2018
01. January 2018 at 16:42:00 Share
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Martien Lourens Great work.
17. February 2018 at 18:56:01
Vinny Panda That paint job is awesome, bravo Christian.
17. February 2018 at 20:21:34
Ronan Great Fulcrum Christian, she looks awesome!
18. February 2018 at 08:16:11
Christian Ristits Many thanks my friends for your compliments and motivating words!
18. February 2018 at 08:21:09
James C That's a beauty mate!
18. February 2018 at 20:44:22
Maciej Bellos The collector is a lucky man. Splendid job Christian!
18. February 2018 at 22:31:36
Michael Phillips Fantastic work Christian, as usual!
19. February 2018 at 02:03:01
Christian Ristits Many thanks again my Friends! Much appreciated!
19. February 2018 at 06:15:02
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