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Randy Fuller (Gluesniffr)

Tamiya M40 SPG

Photos from myb uild of this great kit!


6. January 2018, 00:44
Ronald Sorrell
i have one of these on my bench now. the m40 looks good and the back cable on the wrench looks great. If you do not mind could you tell me how you got the cable tight with the platform down in the back? i am not on that part yet but i hear this can be a problem. Thanks
6. January 2018, 01:45
Randy Fuller
Sure. I left the cable drum unglued in the mount, so after to ran the cable around the lowered platform I pulled tension on the drum and used CA to hold in place.
6. January 2018, 14:17
6. January 2018, 14:30


1:35 U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40 (Tamiya 35351)1:35 U.S. M40 Metal Gun Barrel Set (Tamiya 12670)

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