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Eduardo Arguijo (seth9229)

Lando Calrisian Millenium Falcon from Solo

It´s the bandai 1/144 model, depicture before the famous Kessel run, still with its antena plate, escape pod and paint in acceptable conditions


11 | 19. September, 17:39
Great work, ❤️️ it, very 😎
19. September, 20:30
Very nice! All that pre shading work paid off 👍
19. September, 22:48
Eduardo Arguijo
Thank you both for your comments, Very glad you liked it!
19. September, 23:04
I'm working on the one from Revell at the moment, you have definitely inspired me to work harder!
19. September, 23:37
Eduardo Arguijo
Tanks JD, kind words! For me, still a long way to go.
19. September, 23:51
Uwe Kaeding
Great work Eduardo. Really like this version of the MF - kind of hoping someone will do one in 1/72 one day (maybe if the proposed Lando series on Disney+ goes ahead)
20. September, 01:55
Eduardo Arguijo
to tell you the truth, I have the MF from FM in 1/72 and 1/144 is much more manageble. Of course the 1/72 has so much more detail, but my goul is to have displayed the Iriginal trilogy MF in 1/72, and next to it, the before and after versions in 1/144
20. September, 04:02

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