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Marc A. (ProScaleModeller)

UH-1H Huey II / 1.72 scale

This a conversion of the UH-1D from italeri in to the UH-1H and after in the UH-1H huey II. Usin scratchbuilt parts, aftermarket products but also home made resin cast.


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Marc A.
More to come...
15. February 2015, 15:20
Dave Flitton
Excellent work! What scale?
15. February 2015, 15:47
Marc A.
1.72nd of course!, thx! mate
15. February 2015, 16:16
Dave Flitton
Yes, the true and manly scale
15. February 2015, 16:20
Ralf Schuster
In this scale... exellent... 🙂
15. February 2015, 16:25
Hanno Kleinecke
Cleanliness and accuracy are awsome ! It's my favourite scale too, but I've never achieved anything like this ! Admiration ! I'll be watching.
15. February 2015, 18:53
Es-haq Khosravi
Good luck!
15. February 2015, 20:27
Clifford Keesler
Love the Huey,but 1/72 is just to small for my old eyes.
15. February 2015, 21:46
Kerry COX
All 1/72 modellers, in my opinion, have the patience of a saint.

Just stunning work mate, a pleasure to look at and imagine the end result.

Great work. 🙂
15. February 2015, 21:54
Marc A.
"Thanks to all of you for so kind words!". Back to my old days of modeller 1/48 was the right one but after time and a long time ago, I found this little scale very rewarding and motivating. In my opinion this one is the best "I'm just saying" 😉
16. February 2015, 01:24
Bernhard Schrock
Welcome in Heli-Surgeon-Club🙂
23. February 2015, 16:01
Marc A.
You Welcome!, dude 😄
23. February 2015, 16:16
Burkhard D
Awesome, first time I see someone tackle a Huey rotorhead in 1/72, looks perfect.😎
28. February 2015, 12:32
Marc A.
Thx!!! Burkhard D
the main rotor have 47 parts in total, and steel mast, also the stabilizer rods that it dons't show in the currently pictures. I'll up load some more pictures soon, good luck!
1. March 2015, 11:42
Holger Kranich
Wow! That looks unbeliveable good, Marc! Keep the pix coming!
5. March 2015, 10:20
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
5. March 2015, 15:19
Marc A.
thx appreciated, guys!
5. March 2015, 23:33
Bulldog Scale Models
Wow!! that is some good details you are doing on that Huey
6. March 2015, 06:13
Marc A.
Thx Antonio, its a great project and a lot of fun
8. March 2015, 12:04
Bart Goesaert
Superbly detailing work...
6. October 2016, 14:44
Marc A.
Thx Bart for your very kind words!!, keep tuned...
6. October 2016, 14:47
John Dunbar
Wow, another extremist! 😉 👍
6. October 2016, 14:58
Kerry COX
Marc A, Your like a watchmaking brain surgeon on a holiday. :-O !!!
Absolutely fantastic work in all you have touched here.👍
Really enjoyable watching the processes and results.🙂
Salute. 👍
6. October 2016, 18:56
Marc A.
Cheers boys!!!, Jhon & Kerry nice to hear you like it. "thumbs up"
7. October 2016, 23:52
Ingmar Stöhr
Awesome detailing you are doing 👍
8. October 2016, 07:39
Utterly fantastic work 🙂
8. October 2016, 08:49
Patrick Hagelstein
This is awesome!!!
8. October 2016, 12:33
Florian H.
I am speechless about that work in that scale.... 👍
8. October 2016, 12:46
Marc A.
Thank you Florian H. Im trying to get back and finish it. That will be my last militar stuff I realize that militarie develop is no longer my interest. There are much more interesting things that the military section. I will get it done, just need time to put hand on the issue.
9. November 2016, 17:40
Kerry COX
It's obvious, your a perfectionist. 🙂
Your powers of concentration are to be admired.👍
Salute. 🙂 🙂 🙂
9. November 2016, 18:01
Remarkable! Beats me how you can work with parts that small.
9. November 2016, 18:33
Very nice, mate 🙂🙂🙂
9. November 2016, 20:06
Marc A.
Thank you so much Kerry Cox, I appreciate your comment and support! cheers mate!
10. November 2016, 00:28
Marc A.
gorbygould, maybe you can ask Ronan how that is posible, the man is a truly modeller. Ronan, can you explain that(?) because for me anyone can do it, its no big deal, or it is??
10. November 2016, 00:33
Marc A.
Thanks Ronan! keep working and dazzling us!!
10. November 2016, 00:34
Yes Marc, i think anyone can do that small parts but he must be very patient , very focused and have goods tools with good techniques. When i was younger, i was too hurry to finish my models, so they were not top models. Now i take the time, if i miss a part, i start again, sometimes few days after but i don't give up easily. 🙂🙂
10. November 2016, 17:34
Marc A.
There you've given! how here in spain they say. Its more patience than anything else. The creativity on what you want to do and start working on it!. We can si it, Ronan...your strength is well showed 🙂
10. November 2016, 17:48
Kerry COX
As I said. A brain surgeon on a watch making holiday.👍
It fascinates me how creative we can get, but more so, the way we solve those problems of HOW it gets done.
We humans certainly are an amazing species. for sure. 🙂
Worth every second in the end. 🙂
10. November 2016, 20:21
Marc A.
Kerry, the more excited things is that humanbeings are natural creative by nature. Not just for create art or music, but to create the better ways to live and solve problems. There's also the oposite side on this but, because we have the hability to learn the signs and use them for comunication we are capable of evolve and grow, adapt and develop ingenious and complex things. In such a way that applying the reason and the capacities we can maintain a line of evolution and growth. The creativity is like those natural signs that we have and that we start to learn when we reach the "reason" of conscious. Some ones said that we already start to learn those signs when we still are inside of momy and maybe that complety true and for that reason parents should be conscious on that too and avoid any kind of bad habits to preserve the healthy the welfare of the species and the person. Its our obligation to reject those bad habits, those implanted as daily and harmless things because in the end that make you!. Because in the real end it is what destroys those brilliant minds and diverts the young, adult from reality.
12. November 2016, 03:58
Kerry COX
Thank you. 🙂
I agree whole heartedly.
All that remains to do now, is limit the amount of "Screen Time" our children have. 🙁
Parents are failing their kids when they buy them these mechanical baby sitters. 🙂
Play outside and eat worms and mud. Build a billy cart. climb a tree, build and blow up a model.🙂
The fun things of life. 👍
12. November 2016, 04:27
Marc A.
You are completely right!! thanks for this conversation Kerry 🙂 and happy modelling for everyone
12. November 2016, 14:26
Kerry COX
Cheers big fella. 🙂 👍
12. November 2016, 21:21
David Thor
This looks like a bunch of ants ordered a working huey to wage war with. Amazing.
25. November 2016, 20:52
Marc A.
hahaha... thanks man!
25. November 2016, 22:32
I have to go back to 1/72 scale... I just wish I could achieve this level of detail.... fantastic job you are doing here
26. November 2016, 11:46
Marc A.
Thnak you Spanjaard, its a crazy project it has a lot of time work and difficulties, but will come out to the light soon 😄
5. December 2016, 07:22
Lex Jassies
I've looked at some of your projects. Must I say more than, wooow!! ?
5. December 2016, 08:44
Marc A.
hehehe, cheers Lex!! It is always well appreciated comments as yours
5. December 2016, 09:18


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