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Jonns Pfeiffenberger (heavensgate)

ShermanDio a few steps before finish

Last figure painted, now following the dirt on the way, details, and not unimportant, the Sherman tracks 😉 Then it is ready for Leipheim!


27. April 2014, 13:57
Frank Krause
Aha, the story continues. Following with interest. Already any story available, your dio will tell, Jonns?
27. April 2014, 16:42
Mike Kryza
Bis kommenden Sonntag fertig??? 😉
27. April 2014, 17:14
Jonns Pfeiffenberger
thank you Frank, yes, the story ist complete. The dio's name ist "Way home", after the battle of the Bulge, somewhere in France. The civilians und soldiers walk towards home, protected by a Sherman tank. It's cold, the civilians have nothing more than what they have on the way there.
27. April 2014, 17:16
Jonns Pfeiffenberger
klar Mike, sind ja nur noch drei weitere die ich fertig bekommen muss... 😭
27. April 2014, 17:17
Jonns Pfeiffenberger
I've attached a few more icicles 🙂 brrr cold 😉
1. May 2014, 21:21
Fabian D.
cool stuff 😉
1. May 2014, 21:47
Kim Branders
one big 👍
2. May 2014, 05:56


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1:35 M4A3 (76)W VVSS Sherman (Dragon 6255)1:35 Sherman the British track (Firefly) (Friulmodel ATL-94)

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