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Barry Lloyd (Baz)

M48 A3 Patton

This is the Tamiya model that I built in the early 1990's. I added covers to the mantlet and searchlight using brushed on dissolved plastic. I wanted to show the cast effect so brushed liquid glue on the turret and hull front then used my finger tips to add some texture. I used a soldering iron to melt some of the parts to show wear and tear.


15. November 2013, 16:15
Frank Krause
Over 20 years ago? 👍 Nice one!
15. November 2013, 17:24
Barry Lloyd
Yes, a lot of my models are from that era; in the days before Meng, Trumpeter, Academy etc!
15. November 2013, 18:03
Wim van der Luijt
nice Patton...very Impressive
15. November 2013, 18:23
This one brings back memories.. A friend of my brother built this kit back then (minus the stovepipe). He wouldn't let me play with it. But judging by the state of how i left my brothers Jeep, 105 field howitzer and several german infantrymen, he was right 🙂
15. November 2013, 19:22
Barry Lloyd
Thanks Wim! Luckily my brothers had grown up by this time so my models were safe!
15. November 2013, 19:38
Christian Meyerhoff
Very well done! I like Vietnam Stuff!
15. November 2013, 20:26
Barry Lloyd
Thanks! I'll put some more 'Nam armour photos on.
15. November 2013, 20:49
Christian Meyerhoff
Cool! I`m in !
15. November 2013, 21:03


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1:35 M48A3 Patton (Tamiya MM220)

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