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Kerry COX (RedRoo)

ICM's 1/24 Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886

A model that has just been released and exquisite detail too.


4 25 May 2020, 09:34
Lode Schildermans
Interesting object to build, Kerry. I'm curious how you're going to challenge this one
25 May 2020, 20:47
Kerry COX
Lode, allready there has been one built and posted here on SM and a beautiful rendition of it too I may add. 👍
The detail I am seeing before I even begin is fantastic, but hopefully it will yield the results I can be proud of. 🙂
The paperwork that comes with the kit is just amazing and shows just how good ICM models are becoming. 😉 👍
25 May 2020, 22:24
Tom ...
25 May 2020, 22:57
Peter Hardy
Don't leave me behind! ICM are building a very solid reputation for these historic kits. Just stashed a T model of theirs that won't be in the box vey long.
26 May 2020, 00:56
Kerry COX
Peter, I am sure you will find a world of great enjoyment and personal satisfaction with the "T". 😉
ICM have become a huge surprise for me, as I never imagined that the eastern block nations had any sort of modelling industry, but in truth, they have been around longer than the main manufacturers we had all grown up with. !
26 May 2020, 02:21
Peter Hardy
Kez, I am 'over' armour, 'over' aeroplanes. I love what ICM are doing. Interesting stuff!
26 May 2020, 02:29
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
In my whishlist, following!
26 May 2020, 08:19
Kerry, I think I know the one who built one and posted here on SM😉 Now curios about your result ...
26 May 2020, 13:30
Kerry COX
Buggs. I am going to be following your build of the MB 1886 Benz Motorwagen 1886 | Album by bughunter (1:24) very closely mate. 👍
I have heaps of images from all over the place, but your build has got to be perfect in every way, and, the inspiration I needed to tackle this kit, so I hope mine turns out half of what your results were. 😉 And that will have me smiling. 👍 🙂 🙂 🙂
26 May 2020, 19:52
Oh so much praise - we don't have a red face smiley here ...
Attached to the kit is a great walkaround, don't miss that pictures (but it is a replica). Wikipedia has pictures of the black one, as in ICM manual, of Deutsches Museum München,
I hope your parts have less mould displacement then my kit (see first WIP picture)!
26 May 2020, 20:40
Rui S
Excellent work Kezza 👍
25 July 2021, 14:28
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, simply amazing. Well, the quality of your work speaks for itself
25 July 2021, 21:07
Kerry COX
I am really chuffed that my friends and piers say my work has gained their praise. The hardest part of this build was getting the copper and brass to look like it is as close to the real thing. Bare metal foil is amazing but it is hard to get it to follow curves.
Thank you Bugsy, Rui and Lode, I am so excited you like my work. 👍 🙂
25 July 2021, 21:57

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