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Kerry COX (RedRoo)


Trumpeter 1/35 ASLAV-PC PHASE 3

The current armoured personnel carrier in service with the ADF.

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4. November 2019, 08:58
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Harry Eder
Watching this one! I like the ASLAV!
4. November 2019, 09:02
Holger Kranich
Oh something new and interesting! "Cook the man some eggs"? Is this a Aussie phrase? ;)
4. November 2019, 09:02
Kerry COX
During the war in North Africa, the heat was so intense that the tank crews could cook their egg on the fenders of their armoured vehicles, and now, in Afghanistan, the same applies because of the extreme heat there. ;)
4. November 2019, 09:09
Bart Goesaert
and in on this beauty in the making... ;)
4. November 2019, 09:47
Peter Hardy
Getting excited!
4. November 2019, 10:54
Kerry COX
Welcome gentle men. I have gone to great lengths to have NO glue joins showing or seam lines to get in the way.
4. November 2019, 12:16
Holger Kranich
What? No seam lines? Boring build... ;)
4. November 2019, 14:23
Harry Eder
Yes nice progress so far! Did that all happen in one day?
4. November 2019, 15:20
Kerry COX
I am a speed freak who has no day job. :)
I do not have the patience for a long drawn out build.
4. November 2019, 18:49
Peter Hardy
I for one love the progress!
5. November 2019, 02:00
Kerry COX
Like I said Peter.
It was the quality and fit of all that it comprised of that it was done so quickly.
Im' just wondering how I will get it to you without any damage. ;)
5. November 2019, 02:16
Chris Greathouse
Looks good :D *sitting in to see what's to come*
5. November 2019, 02:33
Nathan Dempsey
Interesting subject Kerry. Nice detail is already showing. Looking forward to more. :)
5. November 2019, 02:40
Kerry COX
Chris and Nathan. All I am doing now is mask off as best I can ready for the four colours I need to apply.
The fun part. hehehehe ;)
5. November 2019, 02:57
Peter Hardy
Back at Xmas Kez. Might work better then mate.
5. November 2019, 05:38
Chris Greathouse
Question. Do you know why the box art vehicle says cook the man some eggs on the side? Made me chuckle a bit.
5. November 2019, 05:50
Harry Eder
Chris, Kerry answered this in his first post after Holger asked for it! ;)
5. November 2019, 06:04
Chris Greathouse
My Bad, I thought I'd read all the posts... Makes sense.
5. November 2019, 06:33
Kerry COX
It's strange really.
I had spent six years in the Australian army from 17 to 23 during the VietNam war and learned to drive just about everything we had at the time, yet never did I build a vehicle of that era til' recently, being the Centurion.
If it hadn't been for Peter Hardy, my good and close friend commissioning this build, I doubt I would have ever done an other armoured unit like this.
And the 'egg' story is the best reason now as to what makes this build good and so different for me.
I really enjoyed it.
5. November 2019, 07:38
Kerry COX
Lode, Again I am overwhelmed by your kind words, and the understanding of what it takes to get so involved with a build, no matter what it is or what it represents.
Most uplifting my friend. ;)
Thank you. :)
6. November 2019, 04:09
Peter Hardy
Lode, what I find interesting is that even at this stage, prior to any "individualisation" by the builder both of us, as model builders can already see the difference by an elite builder. Just going over the photos Kez has added this morning the model is "clean" already, no seam lines, no unevenly met joins. It took me 5 years to understand this and will take me even longer to achieve. I really wanted to build this kit myself, I've had it for three years but when Kez visited me last year I offered it to him to build while he was in Moranbah. He chose a Casey Stoner Honda to play with but I found long after wishing he would have picked this one. Kerry's knowledge of Australian armour is pretty extensive even though he won't claim to be an expert on the subject. I wanted a "Built by Kerry Cox" in my collection and I thought "Yep, that one"!
6. November 2019, 04:19
Kerry COX
Thank you gentlemen for your kind words and appreciation.
My inspiration and desire to do well and improve comes from all of you on SM.
When I try a different approach to the problems I encounter and I overcome them, I am the first to say I screwed up, but then I will always pass on how I overcame the issues that confronted me.
The thing that made me feel special is when my friends want a little bit of Kerry COX in their display case. :) :) :)
THAT is the biggest thrill of all for me. ;)
7. November 2019, 20:51
Kerry COX
James, that Trumpeter LAV III is certainly a kit that holds a ton of possibilities mate.
Either down and dirty or smothered with kit bags and equipment.
I was just looking through 'Google Images' and there is a world of reference material out there to inspire you mate.
(Welcome back too.) ;)
7. November 2019, 20:57
Kerry COX
Peter, I do appreciate your comments mate, and in reply, I must say that your skills and techniques have come ahead in leaps and bounds since we saw your first post. !
Your a good listener and you show your willing to learn and try new and difficult things.
I am looking forward to the day I can have a little piece of Peter Hardy in my display case. ;)
7. November 2019, 21:01
Scott Dutton
Great build and build reference, I will refer to it when I do mine but frankly this level of detail you have shownin this kit has scared me off a bit, you make complex look easy.
7. November 2019, 21:47
Kerry COX
Scott, the secret in building this kit is the glue I use.
I have gone off Tamiya super thin, as it takes ages to dry, and if there is over application of the Tamiya glue, the damage the glue does to the surrounding surface and detail is not what I want.
So. ! I use the glue ALL rail road modellers use, called MEK. !
MEK evaporated quickly, and if there is any excess applied, the evaporation rate is so rapid, it has NO time to cause any surface damage.
MEK is great when it comes to using 'liquid glue', with capillary action being the way to have surfaces bond rapidly and cleanly.
The bond is clean and solid.
Providing your well planned in what your going to glue together, it is the very best way to assemble your kits.
That is when the detail you want to do is easier, knowing that it will stay in place and not sag due to the slow drying time like Tamiya.
AND, it is available at any hardware store in the plumbing department, at about $10,00 for 500ml.
7. November 2019, 22:33
Peter Hardy
It's funny you know, the first contact I had with Yoda I PM'd him and thanked him for his postings. I told him that I lived in a remote area with no peer contact and was self taught with some guidance from You Tube. His build with all his comments on each step I admitted had taught me more than three years on You Tube. Kerry LOVES this hobby and will do all he can to help anyone and everyone. Oddly, my 'style' has not mimicked his and if it ever did I would quite likely receive a very firm kick in the arse!

I will be very proud of this ASLAV when it adorns a display cabinet in my house along with an armour build of JC's and a fast jet built by Mick Hickey. (Haven't hit them up yet but it will happen)! Absolute Masters in their fields. I would also love a Lode Schildermans battleship and a Bughunter biplane!
7. November 2019, 22:40
Peter Hardy
Don't tease me Lode. If I came to the 'Old World' you would give me a ship and tell me to get it home myself!
7. November 2019, 23:29
Peter Hardy
No, I didn't did I?
8. November 2019, 06:47
Scott Dutton
You know tamiya makes 2 superthin. One is slightly lighter green lid and can be distinguished by the text saying fast drying. I use it almost exclusively. It has s9me MEK in it. You are aware that it's a pretty harmful chemical if I recall. Be careful. There is another product called Tetra, that is short for terra something, maybe tetrahydrine, I can ask my chemist mate. It is also fabulous but the smell was so strong I got a headache and so don't use any more. I used the raw chemical not the marketed one. Just be careful, hence Tamiya extra thin quick dry, similar properties from a reputable company.
8. November 2019, 13:34
Holger Kranich
When you take care and work in a well ventilated room, MEK is no danger.
8. November 2019, 15:38
Rene Scheiblich
Checking in after a while and our aussie Yoda is at it again. Tidy work so far mate! Especially fine handling on the ca glue.
I have some pure MEK here as well, strong stuff. Smelly like hell and very aggressive... I'll stick to the normal TET for now :)
8. November 2019, 17:56
Kerry COX
Scott, Holger and Rene, I hear you, loud and clear, and If any chemical used in our hobby is safe,be sure to let me know which one it is.
MEK, like any bonding agent, has it's negative side.
But like Holger has commented. A well ventilated work area is a vital requirement.
But what I was alluding to is it's superb bonding agent and lack of damage caused if an over application event happens.
But thank you all for your safety concerns lads, I do appreciate and take it to heart your good intentions. :)
Rene, thank you for your mention of my work and how well I am doing, I do appreciate what you say. ;)
8. November 2019, 18:42
Rene Scheiblich
5am at your place and already posting :D
Can we expect updates soon? :P

Ventilation or protection isn't my concern actually, both are catered for. I was worried MEK might be too harsh for Styrene. But I'll try it on pieces that broke off my paint mule.
8. November 2019, 18:48
Kerry COX
Rene, There will be no need to 'squeeze' the parts together when using MEK, rather, gently apply some steady pressure and watch the bonded area for any 'squeeze out' of softened plastic.
It is quick to dry and any excess plastic is easily trimmed off without sticking to the blade. ;)
I love it because I gave myself plenty of time to get used to how it behaved with ALL plastics, and once I found I could work more quickly with the items I had glued with MEK, the more confident I became trusting I was always going to get the same result.
For things I needed more flexibility with in the sense of maneuvering parts after gluing, I will always use the TST for that, as they dry a little slower than MEK.
Horses for courses is my motto. :)
8. November 2019, 21:11
Ade Spall
Terrific & informative thread. I'm just getting back into the hobby after a 30 year absence. Are you able to advise where I could buy MEK from in Melbourne or Australia so I could give it a try?
17. November 2019, 01:32
Peter Hardy
Any hardware store Ade. But don't breath it in and use it in a well ventilated area.
17. November 2019, 23:40
Kerry COX
Yes Ade, I did forger to mention that, but that goes with any chemicals we use.
18. November 2019, 01:40
Bart Goesaert
and we have twins... nice build so far...
18. November 2019, 08:01
Kerry COX
Thanks Mr Bart. ;)
I was so pleased with the detail, I had to have two. hhahahaha _
18. November 2019, 08:46
Bart Goesaert
you just wanted one on your shelf too, just admit it ;)
18. November 2019, 09:13
Kerry COX
Bart. I have to admit that your correct . :)
If it had not been for Peter buying it for me to build for him, I would never have seen it as one I would build for myself.
Strange how others chose what you will like. !
18. November 2019, 14:16
Tim Heimer
Looking great as usual!
18. November 2019, 14:29
Bart Goesaert
ah, he has an excellent taste...
18. November 2019, 14:34
Kerry COX
Thank you all so very much lads.
The painting begins today. !!!
18. November 2019, 19:14
Bart Goesaert
Enjoy... No hard edge camo?
4. December 2019, 08:59

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