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Kerry COX (RedRoo)


Takom's 'Kashtan' CIWS in 1/35.

How I have been looking forward to this kit.
I hope that it is as good and complicated as the 1/35 RPG 'Phanax'. !
It has been a while coming, and I really hope as many of you can build one too.

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20. October 2019, 19:11
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Kerry COX
I will be having this kit delivered today, (Monday 20/10/19) And by all reports I have read, it is an exceptional kit for it's size.
20. October 2019, 19:13
Peter Hardy
Hope it comes with all the plumbing!
22. October 2019, 11:51
Kerry COX
If not, I will certainly give it some.
22. October 2019, 12:37
Donald Dickson II
22. October 2019, 12:39
Kerry COX
And, most unusual too Donald. !
That is what got me interested.
After seeing a video of it's fire power, It looks so much more deadly than the 'GoalKeeper' and 'Phalanx'.
They are reputed to be able to take out incoming artillery rounds. !
I hope I can find some really good detailed images of the back side of it, as the front has been well documented all ready.
22. October 2019, 13:04
Kerry COX
This is the "Wot's in the BOX" feed.
24. October 2019, 04:17
Kerry COX
One thing that is lacking are the barrel openings on the 30mm cannons. :(
24. October 2019, 04:28
Peter Hardy
I have a drill bit here. Want me to bring it down next week?
24. October 2019, 05:35
Kerry COX
Peter, I have half a draw in my desk devoted to drill bits, and in fact, you may even end up with some of them when you drop in. ;)
24. October 2019, 07:18
Peter Hardy
Hmmm, early Christmas eh? That will be reciprocated as I have some new toys here and a commission for you.
24. October 2019, 22:30
Kerry COX
A healthy exchange of gifts eh. ?
That sounds fun mate. :)
25. October 2019, 00:40
Kerry COX
Basically, it is finished except for the painting of the red base and gun barrel casings.
Seam lines spoiled what was really an easy build, but it is 'modular' and now the hydraulic lines will be added.
An interesting kit to say the least.
26. October 2019, 05:48
Bart Goesaert
just in time for the finish... awaiting this kit....

Looks good by the way ;)
26. October 2019, 06:08
Kerry COX
Bart. I have had some 'issues', but nothing that can make the kit unwantable. !
It is, in reality, a fantastic kit and a LOT of fun to build, provided you can get past the seam line issues that seem to be in the most obvious but awkward places, and a bugger to get a top result.
But for bang for your buck, this is the kit.
No doubt there will be some PE to add from some manufacturer, like 'Voyager', but until then, a hoot. :)
26. October 2019, 06:23
Donald Dickson II
OK, so are you not painting this one? Or if so, why did you put it all together before doing so?
27. October 2019, 02:58
Kerry COX
A clear coat of matt clear is all that will be needed, as the grey plastic is the exact colour of the Russian Navy. !
The whole kit is a series of sub assemblies, making it easy to paint or detail, like plumbing if need be.
I will be using Uschi metal powders to simulate any 'ware' and maybe some small spots of rust here and there.
The second build will be totally different.
27. October 2019, 03:11
Scott Dutton
Must get one. Got the phalynx this a nice counterpoise. See there is a gun turret as well. Great reference photo. Done a good job on it
27. October 2019, 03:13
Kerry COX
It is a quick build if you want, and as I bought a spare one, the second build will be a long and detailed one.
It should look good on the red deck/stand the Russian ships are famous for. ! ;)
27. October 2019, 05:26
Scott Dutton
Yes, I'm just finishing a Kirov. White Ensign Models make the colour
27. October 2019, 09:20
27. October 2019, 16:55
Kerry COX
All I have to go with in the way of reference material is only what I can find from the Ruskie publications and their images, and, most of those are from the front of the machine. !
IF, and I do mean, IF, rust has a place on the platform, I will make sure there is the minimum applied, as from what I can gather, the Russians like to be as rust free as possible.
As I had said in a previous post.
I have no open end of the 30mm cannons, so I will just have to make something that looks like what I have seen.
Other than that, there is nothing to complain about really.
My second build will be a totally different look.
Having gained some possible ideas of how it could be 'presented', such as the rocket pods coming up from the internal silo through the doors on the upper deck surface of the mount and the 30mm barrels visible too. :)
Just a lot of fun really. ! ;)

27. October 2019, 18:53
Bart Goesaert
looking good, maybe a check on the 30mm flash suppressor. Seems like a small droop in it with regards to the rocketlauncers in pic 101 (I know, nitpicking...) would be nice to show one in action:

28. October 2019, 08:30
Kerry COX
Bart. An optical illusion my friend.
Check 99.............and 98. ;)
28. October 2019, 09:11
Bart Goesaert
99: left side seems ok, right side... but only a hair...
28. October 2019, 09:38
Kerry COX
And that hair, I am not going to split. ;) hehehehe
28. October 2019, 13:44
Ingo F
Kerry if you need some pictures of the back, search for: Кортик 3М87
30. October 2019, 13:24
Holger Kranich
Interesting weapon... But i dont know if i should love it or hate it...
30. October 2019, 14:41
Kerry COX
As with all my choice in models. It's knowing how it works, why and it's effect that attracts me.
Plus, one will never get as close to some of the items we build in real life too. ;)
30. October 2019, 15:46
Peter Hardy
Pretty sure if I got close to that thing I'd want to be BEHIND it'
30. October 2019, 23:17

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