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Kerry COX (RedRoo)

Tamiya 1/350 I-400 Submarine.

At the time, it was the largest sub in the world that was actually, an aircraft carrier.


21 4 September 2019, 10:54
Submarines in 1:350 scale can be a eh tricky thing as a buyer, unless you know the subject, it can be a little difficult knowing if you end up with a tiny model, or a huge one. 🙂
4 September 2019, 10:57
Jay Dubya
Permission to hop aboard Capt'n Kez?
4 September 2019, 11:10
Bart Goesaert
enjoy this beauty... expensive but very well detailed kit...
4 September 2019, 11:13
Bryn Crandell
I personnally don't build ships. Looking forward to what Kerry can do to this "little" gem.
4 September 2019, 11:22
Peter Hardy
Had to do it didn't cha? Now I'll have to schedule some time to finish the type VIIC! How do you do a waterline of a sub anyway? Stick a periscope in a bowl of blue jelly?
4 September 2019, 11:33
not to be missed 🙂
4 September 2019, 11:40
Kerry COX
Yet to be started, but a group build no less with some club members an, little is good. 👍
And, so far, I don't 'know the subject', but that will change. 😉
4 September 2019, 11:48
Holger Kranich
Kapitän Kerry and his chaos crew goes "down under"?😉
Very interesting subject!
4 September 2019, 12:30
Kerry COX
Holger. It was something I knew nothing about until a friend of mine showed me what he had just received from Japanplaza, along with an amazing PE sheet from a Korean manufacturer that has everything possible to really get it looking good. 👍
Besides, I have a bit of salt in my blood from my army days, and I built ships when I first started modelling as a kid. 😉
4 September 2019, 13:12
Dave Flitton
OK, convinced, I will be taking a seat.
4 September 2019, 15:17
Holger Kranich
You didnt knew about this sub-carriers?
4 September 2019, 15:30
Kerry COX
Holger. I honestly knew nothing of the existence of this sub until now. !
4 September 2019, 19:34
Slavo Hazucha
Joining the cheering crowd on the pier!😉
8 September 2019, 21:09
Kerry COX
This is a brand new release from Tamiya apparently and it is rolling off the shelves. !
Today, I am spending time with a mate who has one too and we will be working on it to cover both our asses as we go, as the PE sheet is a real treasure.
Images will follow. 👍 🙂
8 September 2019, 21:43
Kerry COX
Lode, with your PE skills, it will be something awsome to see. 😉
8 September 2019, 21:44
Kerry COX
Lode. My short experience with the Arizona gave me one hell of a fright, but from what I have been told, it was a puppy compared to some PE builds. !
I really admire your finesse and determination mate, most admirable indeed.
I love your work mate. 😉
9 September 2019, 04:53
Erwin Leetink
Nice subject... Nothing I've ever done, so curious how it turns out...
9 September 2019, 10:33
Kerry COX
Erwin. I am just as curious as you are mate. 👍
Just a little different from the usual sub kits, but with a twist. 🙂 🙂 🙂
9 September 2019, 11:25
Erwin Leetink
I have all confidence that you'll manage 😄
9 September 2019, 13:37
Norbert Steffens
Hi Kerry I'm in eager to see your build
10 September 2019, 04:11
Kerry COX
Norbert, This is going to be a fairly slow build, as I am working with a mate to get two subs finished, sitting at the same table and working on a sub each and encouraging each other to do the best we can, comparing and sorting out the best way to get the finest result we can.
An opportunity I can't pass up, as my friend is the Australian ship building champion many times over, so I have a lot to learn from him, not to mention the skills I will have when it comes to ship modelling. 👍
10 September 2019, 07:28
Bart Goesaert
wow, that is nice... direct hands on tips from the master himself...
10 September 2019, 07:46
Kerry COX
Bart, I am in a most fortunate position mate, as he is willing to pass on all he knows, and I have such a small brain. !!!! hehehehehehehe 🙂
10 September 2019, 08:42
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Kerry, what´s going on here? Time to surface with some fresh pics!😉
30 September 2019, 09:01
Bart Goesaert
Nice crane... first fidley things coming together...
30 September 2019, 11:47
Kerry COX
Good morning gentlemen. (Tuesday, 1st of October.) 5.23am
Things have been very quiet on the submarine front, as the build is being done in conjunction with my mentor, Mr Dalton, only progressing each time we have a club meet so he /we can compare techniques and exactly mirror each others work for what we expect to be the 'Perfect build'.
Though in the meantime, I am working on the 1/35 30mm Flak quad from Das Werk and getting ready for the Kashtan CIWS from Takom that is due for release this month, (Oct).
But in the time being, I am progressing with the Tamiya 1/24 Nissan 787B car and it's awesome green and orange paint job. 🙂
Not to mention the Tamiya 1/24 Sauber-Mercedes C9 I am waiting for from 'Lucky Hobbies' to arrive that will get the whole nine yards with the PE set added. 👍
Watch this space. hehehehehehehe 👍 🙂 🙂 🙂
30 September 2019, 19:23
Peter Hardy
That's an evil laugh Kez! I can almost see you rubbing your hands together!
30 September 2019, 20:24
Kerry COX
Peter, You should see the smile on my face mate. !!!
I am in seventh heaven right now, being surrounded by some really special kits that I have been hanging out for for a long time. 👍
All is super quiet here now, as my daughter has gone down to be with her mum for a while and all that is on my table is safe from her wanting me to be neat and tidy. hahahahahahahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂
30 September 2019, 22:21
Gareth Windsor
Pulling up a seat Kerry, this looks fascinating.
30 September 2019, 23:57
Kerry COX
I do hope it will be as half as good as Lode's ships, as it is something that has had me hooked from the moment I had heard about the fact it actually existed. !
👍 🙂
1 October 2019, 01:06
Gareth Windsor
The British Navy tried the aircraft on submarines after WWI but it dived with the hanger door open killing everyone onboard. The project was abandoned straight after. I built a motor driven one when I was a kid....many many years ago.
1 October 2019, 02:44
Kerry COX
Fascinating Gareth. ! That almost sound like an Irish Navy joke. !
1 October 2019, 03:42
Gareth Windsor
I know! HMS M2.
Youtube Video

1 October 2019, 10:30
Random Penguin
Oh my
1 October 2019, 10:36
Alec K
I'll take a seat as well Kerry. Your builds and accompanying commentary are always entertaining 👍
1 October 2019, 11:54
Kerry COX
Aleck. hehehehehe Thank you my friend. 🙂 🙂 🙂
I have always been encouraged to pass on any information I acquire that is relative and informative in a way that is easily understood and not to technical in content, and now with the 'paint' in windows, it makes it all that more fun and entertaining.
This build I am deliberately doing in a slow march, wanting every thing I do to be fault/blemish free.
1 October 2019, 12:35
Kerry COX
Gareth, thank you for the video and I will now be doing some follow up research on exactly what happened to have it all terminated, especially seeing how far they got with the development stage. !!!
1 October 2019, 12:36
Bart Goesaert
Seems to have overlooked the progress on this one, but stunning work so far. Nice microdetailing
4 December 2019, 09:16
Very nice
4 December 2019, 12:17
Kerry COX
Trying to figure out wether to waterline or stand mount. 🙁
Any suggestions. ?
4 December 2019, 12:38
Bart Goesaert
Combination? Add a clear resin bottom as a block to which you can show the bottom, or what I've seen recently a clear plate around the ship: modelbouwen.be/attac..?attachmentid=119216
4 December 2019, 13:01
Kerry COX
James. I like your thinking. 👍
As a waterline situation would see people spending more time in evaluating the state of the ocean, and not the vessel. 👍
4 December 2019, 16:20
Christian Bruer
Very nice and sharp work so far Kerry 👍
4 December 2019, 20:04
Kerry COX
Gents, I do appreciate all your opinions and suggestions. 👍
I did try and create a sea scape with some dedicated materials for such a result but with no avail. 🙁
A waste, but gained experience in the attempt. 😉
4 December 2019, 20:07
Martin Oostrom
I'm shocked! Kerry's account is hacked! This guy is suggesting that there is stuff in our hobby that Kerry can't do.
Just a joke mr Cox! Water is an tricky thing to get just right. I've seen beautiful models drowned out by ugly water. But also beautiful water wasted on a rubbish model. That sweet spot is hard to find, at least for us mere mortals.
4 December 2019, 21:28
Kerry COX
Martin. Your comments are well taken my friend. !
I have seen some great work done by some ship modellers here, but in so many cases, the 'water' let them down. 🙁
But show me a build that is in dry dock, and I can look at it all day, as all the attention is on the detailing with no distractions.
4 December 2019, 21:46
Alec K
It's progressing nicely mr Cox. I think dry dock presentation is the way to go, but that's just my opinion.
5 December 2019, 05:19
Kerry COX
Alec. Thank you for your assurance. 🙂 👍
The sea making is a bit overwhelming really, even with all the videos and step by step images I have seen, and my miserable attempt, I think the dry look will be my best bet. 😉
5 December 2019, 06:05
Kerry have you seen Scaleatons latest effort - as difficult to follow as many other Youtube water dioramas videos (they seem to assume we all know how do build one) but still worth a look. I may work it out eventually if I watch enough of them! There is an amazing one on here (probably the best I have seen), its a Harbour Tug with water pouring over the decks, but no instructions I'm afraid
5 December 2019, 07:49
Kerry COX
Richmond, my Darwinian friend. 😉
Thank you for the heads up and the name of the youtube crew who have some vids of the water world tips and tricks.
I will do a search and see what they have on offer, as the failure on my part has ignited a desire to one day, get it right, and anything that can help, I am keen to look at. 👍
Again, I thank you. 😉
5 December 2019, 10:11
Bart Goesaert
We can only offer options, final choice is always with you. Nothing wrong with placing it on blocks or even the pedestal provided in the kit.

This is also nice, no sea to make:

this is just stunning:

But making a nice seascape is not the easiest thing to do, far from it...
5 December 2019, 11:16
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Kerry - I've been MIA with my work topics, and there is some great progress to catch upon😉 👍 love the deck and the metal, the AA gun is as crisp as it can get!

As for adding to the waterline topic - in my humble opinion, the bottom of a submarine is not the most exciting object one can imagine to re-create as a model, so I'll root for a water display... saying that without having any real clue how a good one should be done... 😄 Anything works, having fun is paramount!
7 December 2019, 00:11
Kerry COX
Slavo. Welcome back my friend and thank you muchly for your support for a sea base. 👍
I will be experimenting with a craft paste that has much more 'give' when working to create swells, so I have found with other dioramas I did.
Yes, I do agree that the hulls of any vessel leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the over all look. 😉
7 December 2019, 01:34
Martin Oostrom
Barnacles, waterline growth and fading. Damaged keels, bent prop blades, salt streaks. Choice enough 😉
7 December 2019, 08:29
Martin Oostrom
And I can't do any either.....
7 December 2019, 08:29
Slavo Hazucha
1:350 barnacles are definitely an aftermarket niche that needs to be filled ASAP!!😉 😄
7 December 2019, 09:40
Martin Oostrom
Some mr surfacer on a stiff brush, flick on the hull, paint and done! Sounds easy. 😄
7 December 2019, 10:01
Kerry COX
James. Thank you so much for your appreciation mate. 🙂
The PE by Flori models is the finest I have ever used, and the best part, the carpet monster got none of it. ! 👍

10 December 2019, 18:44
Erwin Leetink
My, that monster must be pretty grumpy right now!
11 December 2019, 08:45
Peter Hardy
Who? Kerry? He only gets grumpy when his fish and chips get pinched by a seagull!
11 December 2019, 08:59
Random Penguin
Who said "fish"?
11 December 2019, 10:04
Kerry COX
Peter meant fush n' chups. 😉
11 December 2019, 11:05
Peter Hardy
You going to comment on my Viper Kez?
11 December 2019, 11:35
Kerry COX
I will av a look. 😉
11 December 2019, 12:14
Erwin Leetink
I actually meant the other monster 😛
11 December 2019, 12:48
Kerry COX
Erwin. 😉 My carpet monster has learned to keep his big mouth shut. 😉
11 December 2019, 23:13
Gareth Windsor
Kerry, see you having a go at the toilet paper water. To get the effect you want try 3 layers of paper ( using the water / wood glue mix) and then a 1" decorating brush to push and shape the paper into the waves and wake. Seems to work quite well.
Youtube Video

12 December 2019, 03:18
Kerry COX
Gareth, you have been reading my emails mate. 🙂 🙂 🙂 hahahahahaha
The video you posted is exactly the one I have based my new attempt on, using diluted PVA glue and the broad brush to create the wave effect. !!!
Images 80 and 81 are the results of what I was aiming for. 👍.
Thank you for the video too my friend, as it is one of the very best I have seen and demonstrates just how simple it is, but dynamic in it's eventual outcome. 👍
Much obliged. 😉 😉
12 December 2019, 05:27
Slavo Hazucha
The new attempt looks much better and very promising! I did water with toilet paper & PVA glue once many years ago, did not turn out half as good, but I can still recall the sour smell of it today 😄 This is looking good 👍
12 December 2019, 06:30
Kerry COX
Slavo, I am really pleased with how this is turning out, and I avoided the smell by placing the sheet in direct sunlight for the whole day, and with the heat wave conditions we are experiencing here in Australia at the moment, it took no time at all to dry. 🙂
All I need to do now is cut out the hull shape and trim as necessary then paint. ! 😉
Cheers and thank you for your encouragement my friend. 👍 😉
12 December 2019, 06:58
Erwin Leetink
How did you manage to tame it??? Oh please teach us, oh master!
12 December 2019, 08:07
Peter Hardy
Looks pretty good Kez.
12 December 2019, 09:39
Gareth Windsor
As with most of your builds, I'm watching keenly. I love the subject and this is shaping up to be another winner my friend. I have a Grumman Goose I want to make sitting on the water and this looks like the way ahead.
12 December 2019, 14:13
Rui S
Great work 👍. Looking forward to see the Next Steps 😎
25 July 2021, 13:36
Kerry COX
After the QMHE comp is over, (Aug 21/22), I will be getting out all the kits that have, (finish later) on the sticker and get them into my new display case. The sub is finished but needs a convincing paint job that won't cover too much fine detail.
25 July 2021, 22:00
Lode Schildermans
A sub is a nice build to do. I enjoyed it a lot. Easy to do and the weathering part is the part where one can find all the amusement 🙂
27 July 2021, 18:24
Kerry COX
Lode. I do wish that the research material on subs and rust problems associated with it was more available. I guess that it would be more pronounced on subs, more so than surface ships, and that's what I would like to get right. 😉 👍
27 July 2021, 21:47
Clifford Keesler
Watching, with intrest.
27 July 2021, 21:55
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, Maybe my album on my SM 9 sub could be helpful. and you're always free to ask
27 July 2021, 22:43
Kerry COX
Lode. Thanks mate. I will go over and have a good look. 🙂 👍
27 July 2021, 23:39
Martin Oostrom
For metal to rust you need two things; moisture and oxygen. The combo is found around the waterline (duh!)
A sub will rust a bit more on the deck as a normal ship salt water accelerates rust and it is likely that some salt water remains on deck after surfacing
28 July 2021, 05:42
Kerry COX
Martin. Thank you so much for your help and direction mate. 👍
I will work on just how much and try to not overdo it. !
👍 😉
28 July 2021, 06:40
Bart Goesaert
That build looks great... enjoy the seascape.

With regards to the rust, the dirtiest line is the waterline, where algeas and such settle while moored/floating on the surface. Rust is where oxygen reaches the bare metal, or where a difference in oxygen occurs. With that last I mean that a metal rod in the grond will rust below the surface, not at the surface.. same occurs in water.
28 July 2021, 11:21
Clifford Keesler
I'm speechless, just mind blowing so far.
28 July 2021, 19:35
Kerry COX
Thank you one and all for your suggestions and guidance. It's a great help to know that there are so many dedicated souls looking out for me.
Cheers. 😉 👍
28 July 2021, 22:03
Slavo Hazucha
Back again and I see progress on this little fellow! 😄 Great stuff as one would expect, plastic & metal singing sea-shanty in perfect harmony 😉

I don't think I've seen the infamous tripple 25'mils look this good in tiny scale (in any scale, if truth be told...). 👍 Kerry Cox the master of all trades 😉 👍
7 August 2021, 19:37
Kerry COX
Aw shucks Slavo. ! Hehehehehehe
15 men on a dead man's chest. !
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. !!!
Your too kind my friend. 🙂 But grateful for your praise. 👍
Not an easy subject, with naval subjects not my strong point. But I was set a challenge by a former associate and I am pleasantly surprised that it looks something like a submarine. ! 😉
7 August 2021, 23:18
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, I am pretty impressed by your build. This sub is nicely detailed. I look forward to your further progress
8 August 2021, 06:37
Kerry COX
Lode. Just the painting and some rust to go. 🙂
8 August 2021, 06:40
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic details! Waiting for the final effect.
8 August 2021, 06:47
Kerry COX
I am happy to say. DONE. !
8 August 2021, 19:22
Christian Bruer
The sub looks awesome Kerry. The paintwork brings all the sharp details to life. Can't wait to see it in it's display.
8 August 2021, 19:31
Kerry COX
Christian. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for my project. 🙂
This is the first 'ship' build I have ever finished, but being such a small build, I thoroughly enjoyed the rewards it gave me.
It would have been nice if there was more reference material available on this particular type of submarine, as then my confidence level would have been a whole lot higher.
But I can honestly say now I did have a good try at getting a good result.
Cheers. 🙂 👍
8 August 2021, 20:34
Alec K
Excellent work as always Mr. Cox. I think sometimes not having a pile of references frees one to just let the creative juices flow 👍
9 August 2021, 12:50
Rui S
Very Nice build. The deck weathering work it's great. 👍 The sub photos are a bit to dark?
9 August 2021, 13:34
Lode Schildermans
What a delight to see, Kerry. Your sub looks very nice. Great result, my friend and be proud on your first naval build. I wished my first car would have the same quality
9 August 2021, 20:31
Kerry COX
Good morning Gentlemen. ! (7.30am) and 11 days to go to the QMHE competition, unless we have an other 'lockdown'. !
Thank you all for your wonderfully uplifting compliments. 🙂
Alec, I must agree with your comment on the 'creative juices', as the only splash of colour on the build is the tops of all the escape/access hatch turn handles, not knowing if that was actually part of the system that the Germans had on their submarines. 😉
Rui. The decking was a bit of a guess, but it looked the part. 👍 And the lighting I have is not great for the close up images I like to creat, so I am investing in a ring light where I can put the camera through and not create shadows. !
Lode, believe me when I say that I am really surprised at the outcome, not really knowing what the colour scheme was, but went with the 'If it looks ok, don't mess with it' thinking. 🙂 🙂 🙂
The rust will happen, but just how much will matter.
Too much and it will look like a candidate for the scrap yard. 🙁
Wish me luck. ! 👍 👍 👍

9 August 2021, 21:43
Rui S
Haaa ok, I'm Crasy to see the hull weathering 😎 Good luck Mate
9 August 2021, 22:20
Hi Kerry. Wow! Just wow. Abundant talent ahoy!... This looks fantastic and really great going through the build pics on a subject I am not knowledgeable of. Enjoyed it very much. ?
12 August 2021, 19:48
Clifford Keesler
Awesome Keeza, can't wait to see the final result. I have a bunch of submarine kits, trying to weather them scares the h*** out of me.
12 August 2021, 23:20
James C
Looking fantastic Kezza 👍
13 August 2021, 19:33
Kerry COX
James. I do appreciate you dropping in and your appraisal mate. 👍 🙂 Thanks a million. 😉
13 August 2021, 20:40
Kerry COX
I am happy to say I earned a welcome silver award at this years QMHE. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Quite a big surprise to some there. 👍
8 September 2021, 04:17
Slavo Hazucha
Congrats to the jolly podium! 👍 😉

How come only silver? Did you show some of Lode´s builds pictures to the jury so they skipped gold? 😄
8 September 2021, 08:51
congratulations Kezza
8 September 2021, 08:57
Robert Podkoński
8 September 2021, 10:35
Daniel Klink
Hoho, fantastic result Kerry!
Most impressive wow!👍
8 September 2021, 10:43
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Congratulations to silver!
It is great and detailed submarine, Kerry. Nice job! 👍
8 September 2021, 10:47
Bart Goesaert
Well deserved, congratz
8 September 2021, 12:20
Alec K
Congratulations 👍
8 September 2021, 13:00
Kerry COX
Thank you for all your comments and congrats Slavo, Spanjaard, Robert,Daniel, White and Bart. I have images of the meet, but due to the border closure because of the covid19, between Queensland and New South Wales, many competitors failed to show up, making it one of the smaller comps for quite a few years, but what was on the comp table was of an extremely high quality. Thank you all again. 👍 🙂
8 September 2021, 13:06
Lode Schildermans
Hi Kerry, that medal is well desserved. Pity it wasn't a golden one, but with all those Covid builds, the competition must be harsh
8 September 2021, 20:54
Rui S
Congratulations, Kezza 👍
8 September 2021, 21:00
Kerry COX
Lode, Rui, thank you lads. The 'gold' winner was well put together, but being an event that was sweating on one persons say so if it was to go ahead, it went well. It was strange to be there and all wearing masks. Unable to really communicate or be all that involved, but it was a whole lot better than being cancelled again for an other year. !
Lode, all the competitors had a long time to get their entries 'right' before submitting them to the comp, and the standard was really top of the tree in all categories. Harsh is a soft way of saying brutal really. I would have hated to have been one of the judges. 🙁
8 September 2021, 22:51
Congratulations to model and award 👍 Nice outcome and a interesting piece of history! I had to read the wikipedia article about this ships.
9 September 2021, 14:03
Erwin Leetink
It is a stunning model. If I may, the last picture shows a clear gloss of the roundels, whereas the rest of the plane is matt. This might have something to do with the lower rating at the contest.
9 September 2021, 16:42
Clifford Keesler
Congratulations Keeza, a well deserved award. A stunning model.
9 September 2021, 19:25
Kerry COX
Clifford, thank you my friend. It was a ton of fun to put together and I felt it had some chance of being noticed by the judges. More than happy with the result 🙂
10 September 2021, 08:58
Lode Schildermans
I can imagine, Kerry, that it wasn't easy for the judges neither, but hey, you won a medal in a naval competition
10 September 2021, 20:11

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