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Kerry COX (RedRoo)


'Kittyhawk' Strike fighter F-35B

The latest release from "Kitty Hawk" model makers.

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17. February 2016, 04:04
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Kerry COX
I have just ordered the "Jasmine Models" PE kit from e-bay for $21.00 US. :)
And it looks the ducks nuts.
17. February 2016, 05:33
Kerry COX
Hot off the press. :)
17. February 2016, 14:54
Maciej Bellos
Though it's one of those ugly planes, I'll watch how you tackle it.
17. February 2016, 18:25
Kerry COX
Hi Maciej, Yes, I agree with you. :-/
They are an ugly aircraft, but that is just it's appeal, as it has so many openings and options, I just had to have it. lol :)
17. February 2016, 18:30
17. February 2016, 22:32
Kerry COX
Kerry Cox I have just received my kit from BNA in Melbourne and I was totally surprised to see that it has the etched metal sheet. :-/
In all the reviews I have read, NONE of them mentioned the PE sheet at all, and by the information on the box, this kit must be the very latest edition to go to market, as it is version 2.0 ! :)
The detail is fantastic and everything about it says AWSOME. :)
18. February 2016, 05:45
Thomas Mayer
Kezza, I see some headache masking of the fuselage ahead! Add to this the Jasmine PE set! Man, you really want to go the hard way building models! ;)
18. February 2016, 10:17
Kerry COX
Parrafilm Thomas, is a modellers best friend, but I am wondering just how good the Jasmine PE really is, as there is some PE in the kit, but that is mostly the cockpit area. But I will see soon. :)
A challenge is always what I enjoy. :)
18. February 2016, 10:45
Gareth Windsor
I will be watching this one Kerry. It does look like an interesting model and has some mixed reviews, but have my eye on one. As for the real thing, it's not a great machine. It has some amazing features like the million dollar helmet that can look through the aircraft. But the payload is small and a main fuel tank used in the F-35A & C has been removed to fit the cold air ram fan. You won't need the Canadian decals either. They pulled out and are spending a fraction of the money upgrading their CF-18's.
19. February 2016, 13:29
Kerry COX
We have the 'Super Hornet" here in Oz, and like when we ordered the F-111 back in the 70's, it took many more years to arrive, but just before they were 'out of date', and I can see the same happening again. :-/
Did anyone look at the video on the helmet. ?
Quite interesting, and I get the feeling that this bird really wont need a pilot.
Gareth, as for the kit so far, I have found some small but annoying 'blips' that could pose a small difficulty, but I will enlarge on that as I get further into it. :)
But, overall, it really is proving to be a nice kit.
19. February 2016, 14:30
Gareth Windsor
I tried getting on the F-35B program, but for some reason there was a lot of competition to train in Florida then move to California for the trials. The integrated helmet is one of the main features. Linked in with cameras around the aircraft, the pilot can literally look through the wings and floor and zoom in on targets. But the whole plane is nearly 8 years behind schedule and billions over budget for a 5th gen plane, while Russia & China are working on 7th generation.
19. February 2016, 14:41
Kerry COX
That is most interesting about the cameras mate, and maybe the next time Google do their "Street view" revision, they could use some extra cameras. lol
19. February 2016, 14:51
Gareth Windsor
I watched a news article where a guy from google walked round Mayan ruins for "street view" with a huge back pack and a 360 camera sticking out the top.
19. February 2016, 15:13
Kerry COX
Much like what the cops do here when they investigate a "Crime scene" now, just incredible. :-/
19. February 2016, 20:18
Kerry COX
Hahahaha, That is so true James, but as I said to Maciej, it is mostly because of it's unusual looks and the hype that's gone with it that I just had to buy it, and by the looks of how it is so hard to get now, it is a popular model on a lot of levels. :)
19. February 2016, 22:39
Roberto Rocat
I got to like this machine...! I'm following your work
20. February 2016, 09:45
Kerry COX
Roberto, thanks for looking in mate. I hope I can put a balanced review/build together for everyone. :)
It has got some 'issues' but nothing hard to deal with.
I will post these as the build progresses. :)
20. February 2016, 10:09
Gareth Windsor
Pictures 19 & 20 might interest you Kerry. An F-35 turned up at work one day a few years ago.

Me at Work | Album by Windz
20. February 2016, 14:11
Maciej Bellos
Hey Kerry, I suppose you've seen this one:
Youtube Video

20. February 2016, 20:10
Kerry COX
Well, Most interesting, and sad really, as it was the same for the F-111, given that it was over 50 years ago, but the same 'shit, I hope it works' scenario. ;-(
20. February 2016, 21:14
Gareth Windsor
As far as the UK is concerned, they will make it work as it has to. There is no doubt it is superior to the Harrier and the Harrier combined with modern munitions was formidable.
20. February 2016, 22:41
Maciej Bellos
And there was this report that this Strike "Fighter" can't turn like the aircraft it is supposed to substitute (the F-16). Test pilots flew the F-35 against the F-16 in close combat and well the results were discomforting. It reminds me of the all mossile narrative back with the F-4: who needs a gun, the F-4 will blast the opponents out of the sky with it's missiles and will not get into a dogfight. We all saw how this turned out in Nam.
20. February 2016, 22:49
20. February 2016, 22:58
Kerry COX
Kerry Cox It would be a top aircraft if it could do what the Harrier did................."Viffing", where the thrust nozzels were turned like ready to hover, 'pushing' a tighter turning circle. :)all at high speed too. !!
23. February 2016, 02:20
Tahir Özcivan
Kerry, it is really nice build. I also like the photo.
23. February 2016, 08:28
Kerry COX
Tahir, Thanks for your compliment mate, :) And the 'cover image' was one I found on "Google Images" while I was researching stuff that I felt could help me do a reasonable job. :)
23. February 2016, 09:22
Thomas Mayer
Just browsed through this WIP, Kezza. Following your build is really tempting for me to get this kit, too. Why, oh why are you so good?
27. March 2016, 09:47
Erik Leijdens
Great work Kerry! Makes me wan't to make one too! A Dutch one off course :D
27. March 2016, 09:59
Kerry COX
Thomas and Erik, Thanks mates, but I am really not happy with the fit of all the parts. :(
It's really 'clunky' and the amount of 'flash' is just not good. :-/
The kit PE sheet is one bright light, but the 'Jasmine Models' PE sheet has all the exhaust nozzle parts and will really look good. :)
I am doing as much dry fitting as I can, otherwise I think that there could be huge gaps if the instructions are followed 'to the letter'.:-/
There is a lot of room for some extra detailing, especially in the wheel wells and bomb bays, but as there is not much in the way of images to get any info from, I will go with what the kit provides. :)
So, I will do as good a job as I can and I am concerned about all the masking off of all the raised ridges and panelling.
Cheers guys.
27. March 2016, 10:28
Erik Leijdens
I hear that often from KittyHawk kits, not quite what I expected from a new manufacturer.. But I'm confident you will turn it in a magnificent model Kerry
27. March 2016, 11:08
Kerry COX
Erik, Thank you for your vote of confidence mate, and from what I have seen of other builds on the net, it really can be quite spectacular if you take your time and minimise any dramas it can produce. :)
Cheers. :)
When are you getting yours. ?
27. March 2016, 11:48
Erik Leijdens
Hmm well eeh, I think when tamiya will produce one :D
27. March 2016, 12:37
Kerry COX
Smart thinking LOL. :)
I will certainly be doing the same thing too, as I usually get pairs of the models I build, and for sure the Tamiya would be so much better. :)
27. March 2016, 21:36
Choppa Nutta
if the new Star Wars stuff is anything go buy I'd wait until Bandai make one !! ;) :D
which is unlikely ! :)

Anyhow Kerry good work thus far ! :)
27. March 2016, 22:51
Kerry COX
Choppa, Thanks mate, but it is proving a bit of a hand full, and the call out in the instructions are back to front. :-/
28. March 2016, 03:33
Flemming Forsberg
nice job, very fine way to show us the way
28. March 2016, 12:23
Gareth Windsor
Coming along very nicely Kerry.
29. March 2016, 12:15
Kerry COX
I have to keep checking the drawings and the call out on what is supposed to fit with what, sadly, it's all butt up, meaning, that what is shown is actually the reverse. :-/
Oh well. :)
29. March 2016, 20:38
Kerry COX
With the way I am wanting to 'display' the F-35, I have had to clean up all the ejector pin marks and leave the doors off until repainted. This is a kit where you really have to question every indication and call out of what parts fit together, as there are some major mistakes by those who drew up the sequence of assembly, being wrong on many occasions. :(
30. March 2016, 01:11
Bart Goesaert
seem to have overlooked this one Kerry, but it seems like a nice detailed kit... Ok some mistakes in te sequence of assembly, but that's modelbuilding. I have a recent kit in which most items in the instructions are either wrongly labelled, not labelled at all or wrongly positioned in the instructions...
30. March 2016, 12:17
Kerry COX
Bart. :) EXACTLY mate, and I think that if I did not have any previous experience, the whole thing would be in the garbage can right about now. :-/
It certainly is a challenge for sure, but as I go through it and pace myself, it will be a lot better, But I am wondering how the paint scheme is effected that is seen on all of them, being that light grey raised portions. :(
I have Parrafilm and I put a lot of faith in that rather than masking tape. So I will cross that bridge when I come to it. :)
30. March 2016, 12:50
Fantastic work Kerry. Very precise and clean.
31. March 2016, 12:47
Kerry COX
Marko, ! G'day mate. :) I hope your well. ? Thanks for the kind words mate, as I have tried hard to get it right, but the instructions. !!!!!
Do you have any suggestions as to how I could tackle the 'raised' surfaces I have to paint. ? Thanks in advance. LOL :)
31. March 2016, 20:17
Thomas Mayer
Kerry, why not also use Parafilm on the raised structures of the aircraft? Shouldn´t be too hard to cut along the raised elements.
31. March 2016, 20:20
Holger Kranich
... and again i´m sitting here with an open mouth! This is a typical build by Mr. Cox! The red roo strikes again :D Awesome details on the canopy - it screams to be displayed open!
1. April 2016, 12:42
Kerry COX
Holger, Flattery will get you everywhere mate. LOL :)
The PE that comes with the kit is really good in every way.
I also bought the 'Jasmine' PE sheet, mostly for the exhaust 'petals', but otherwise, they are exactly the same but the kit PE has no 'Petals', but I don't mind.
The all round 'fit' is really not all that good and a lot of 'adjustments' have to be made to achieve a flush fit of surfaces, and as you saw, the instructions were meant to be read in a mirror. :-/
The whole model will be fully opened, with flaps and leading edges down in the "dirty' configuration. (an aussie expression) for when everything that can be
I have ordered some 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm masking tape for all the raised surfaces from Hobbylink Japan, as all the stocks here at BNA are all sold out. :(
I am getting more confident with it now, whereas at first, I was a little overwhelmed. :-/
Keep on truckin' as the saying goes.
Cheers mate. :)
1. April 2016, 14:31
Holger Kranich
Keep on trucki´n, thats a good saying! What about Thomas idea to use Parafilm for the raised surfaces? Would that work?
1. April 2016, 15:36
Kerry COX
Good morning Holger, :) . I have used my vernier caliper to measure the width of each of the raised panel lines you see painted a lighter grey and so far, they have come in at 1mm, 2mm and the widest being 3mm, so I will be tape masking off, as I have tried the Parrafilm as a test run, but it just won't hold too much of a complex pattern as what is on the model. :-/
I don't mind doing all the taping, as I really do think I will get a cleaner/crisper edge and the lines will stand out better the neater and cleaner they are. :)
Parrafilm just won't 'stay down' on matt surfaces as well as it does on the gloss surfaces, so there is too much of a chance it will lift as I spray, and I can't take that risk. :)
1. April 2016, 22:43
Donald Dickson II
So, no one has come out with masks for this yet I take it?
2. April 2016, 04:05
Kerry COX
Donald, Not that I have heard, but I will bet that it will not be too long before some one does mate. :-/
Eduard has some A/M stuff, but nothing for the painting of all the raised panel lines. :(
2. April 2016, 04:27
Donald Dickson II
Aside from the fact I really am not a fan of the plane, THAT is precisely why I wont be doing one. I would end up gouging my eyes out trying to do all that masking.
2. April 2016, 04:40
Kerry COX
Donald, That is why I am going for all the masking tape that is super skinny, instead of trying to cut it on the model, just measure and snip. :)
2. April 2016, 11:57
Donald Dickson II
Good luck sir!
2. April 2016, 14:33
Colin Phillips
wow looks great so far, I have the 'A' version of this kit. It's going to be a challenge
2. April 2016, 14:57
Kerry COX
Don and Col, hi guys, It's been a different challenge, but are they not all different. ? :)
There is nothing really 'fine' about Kitty Hawk models, reminding me of the Airfix 'chunky' feel and fit, but in the end, can and do turn out pretty bloody good.
2. April 2016, 17:33
Stephan Ryll
Outstanding Kerry
3. April 2016, 07:34
3. April 2016, 07:40
Maciej Bellos
Nice progress so far Kerry with that rather ugly piece of machinery. If you are having trouble figuring out the paint check this out:
12. April 2016, 20:37
Kerry COX
Maciej, Hi, :) It's not so much the paint colour variations, but rather the masking off of the raised surfaces on the whole model. But I am being patient waiting for my specialist masking tape, as the width of these lines vary from 1mm through to 2mm and 3mm. So, once I have these to play with, I won't need to do any 'cutting in' that would scar the surface and spoil the total overall finish.
Thanks for the link. :)
Cheers. :)
12. April 2016, 22:39
Donald Dickson II
I am glad you can get the para film to work for you. I have a whole big roll gathering dust as I can not get this stuff to cling to anything with any effectiveness.

And the model is coming along well!
13. April 2016, 03:01
Ulf Petersen
Hi Kerry, interesting project of yours.
I am watching closely. :)
13. April 2016, 05:15
Kerry COX
Donald and Ulf, Hi mates, :) and I am pleased to let you know that parrafilm is not the masking material for all situations and to not toss it away thinking it has no use, quite the contrary.
It has unique qualities that will work only /mostly on surfaces that are smooth and non porous , (meaning), that matt surfaces are more difficult to get that 'adhesion' aspect of the film to work best. :-/
The 'secret' to having it work at it's very best is in the way and the amount if 'stretching' it has to have done to it before it is applied to the surface needing protection.
I did have a video on Youtube, showing the technique I use for masking clear canopies, which by the way, was where it was discovered to have it's best adhesion qualities by a guy who worked in a medical lab where it was used to seal the joins of the glass tubes to prevent the leaking of fluids.
He was a lab techie and took some home with him to experiment with it on his models after seeing how it wants to 'cling' to ultra smooth surfaces and not leave any marks or residue behind after it is removed'
And after he had submitted an article on how to use it in Finescale Modellers Magazine, the American Can Co's sale of the stuff to modellers was astounding, as it works so well.
Now, my huge roll of the stuff is coming to an end, but I have had the same roll for over 10 years now, and a good 70% of what I have used has been the excess from the trim off and the experiments with it to see how and what other applications I could use it for.
Like decals over matt surfaces, the adhesion qualities are not it's strength, but like I said, a surface that is like glass, including gloss painted, is what is required and preferred for it to 'work'.
It will take you many years to use the whole roll if it is a big one, so you have a lot to 'play' with, doing experiments with it and 'making' it work for you.
I love it and swear by it, and as it is such a 'soft' masking material, it will release from the work area with just a wooden tooth pick used to break the 'seal' and begin the removal process, usually by 'winding' it onto the tooth pick and the film simply comes away with very little effort. :)
I will make a new video and make it one that is more descriptive and visually rewarding on just how good and easy it can be to have it around.
I hope that what I have written here has been of some help mate.
Cheers. .
13. April 2016, 06:09
Bart Goesaert
to make the masks, can't you tape a piece of masking tape to the model, make the raised lines visible with a pencil by rubbing over the lines , then remove the tape, place it on a cutting board, cut out along the lines and add the again to the model?
13. April 2016, 07:50
Kerry COX
Far too complex a procedure and the resulting distortion of the wanted masking would prevent an accurate reapplication of the desired strips and would mean an excess of handling the model that could cause damage to the finer protruding parts.
Past experience lets me say that too. :-/
13. April 2016, 09:22
Donald Dickson II
Kerry, canopies is what I got it for. And perhaps working on bare metal finishes. I just can't get it to do what I need it to. I will keep messing with it, but so far I have gotten nowhere with it.
13. April 2016, 19:24
Clifford Keesler
How did I miss this one! Very nice Mr. Cox. How is the kit?
13. April 2016, 21:46
Alistair Graham
You always inspire with your modelling skills.
13. April 2016, 21:59
Kerry COX
Clifford and Donald, :) Good morning gents.
Donald, you have convinced me that I must do the close up video of how I use the Parrafilm to mask canopies, as words will not do it, but seeing and hearing my description would be a whole lot better and supportive mate.
So, I will do it today, and I hope it will help you overcome the difficulties your having. And if it's any comfort Donald, I went for a long time getting no where with it, but found too, the placing of the piece you want to use between the palms of your hands to 'warm it up a bit' so that when you stretched it, it would 'give' and respond better when being placed on the surface. So I will post the link to the Vid once it has been uploaded to Youtube. :)
13. April 2016, 22:01
Kerry COX
Clifford, 'The kit' is quite well detailed, but there are a number of issues I came across, in particular, the part assembly call out is wrong/ass about and dry fitting will prove invaluable in discovering which part goes where,:-/
I have found the model is like the early Airfix kits, being 'chunky' and with some flash, along with some fit issues where there is a fair bit of effort in making some surfaces flush, but with patience and some good clamping, they can be overcome.
But overall, it is an enjoyable and some times challenging kit. :)
The brass PE is some of the best around and easy to do, and the ladder recess is a doozey. !!! ESPECIALLY the cutting out for where the part goes, a most delicate procedure and it will look like it was not meant to fit there, but it does.
Worth the dosh, but I would love to see the dies squared a way some more, but just watch out for the misleading call out's on parts positioning and assy.
Cheers. :)
13. April 2016, 22:14
Vegard Øksenholt
Looks good Kerry :) What do you think about the fit here? You see I have no experience with Kitty Hawk kits yet. Strange that they added decals for RNOAF to this kit, as we're not getting the B version.
13. April 2016, 22:48
Gareth Windsor
Vegard, the kit was designed and put into production a few years ago and a few countries have pulled out of the program now (like Canada). The original kit had the experimental flaps over the ram fan rather than the air break style intake door it has now.
14. April 2016, 00:40
Kerry COX
Ours is still coming, but we are using our own software system.
14. April 2016, 02:53
Thomas Mayer
Kezza, I wonder how on earth you got the paint job on all those tiny PE parts inside the canopy this nice? Speaks for your patience, my friend!
14. April 2016, 05:49
Kerry COX
Thomas, Thanks my friend, and you say the nicest things and I am always humbled when I see your kind words mate, as it is you who got me all fired up to continue on with my modelling mate. :)
Seeing your masters gave me the incentive to do better. :)
14. April 2016, 06:48
Thomas Mayer
Masters? Me?? Thank you, buddy! :)
14. April 2016, 08:14
Kerry COX
ANY time Thomas. (You ARE the best mate). ;)
14. April 2016, 09:13
14. April 2016, 10:05
Holger Kranich
What a heartwarming conversation :D
14. April 2016, 11:08
Thomas Mayer
Holger, Kerry and me give you a hug. Next year! :)
14. April 2016, 11:25
Kerry COX
Ja Ja. :) (y_
14. April 2016, 11:40
Holger Kranich
In public? :o

But yeah, i´m looking Forward!
14. April 2016, 11:55
Thomas Mayer
In public, of course! Hehehe...
14. April 2016, 12:09
Holger Kranich
And hopefully with Havanna ;) ;)

Kezza do you like Havanna Club with coke? If not, you will learn to love it! :D
14. April 2016, 12:17
Kerry COX
I have just checked "Google" to see what an 'Havanna Club' is and I can honestly say, I am not a rum drinker, and besides, I am type 2 diabetes and I can't consume sugar, but beer is fine, and you still get a hug. :)
14. April 2016, 14:29
Holger Kranich
Ok with Diabetes, coke is not the right Thing! And we have more than enough beer and hugs to give! ;)
14. April 2016, 14:34
Holger Kranich
Did you noticed? The next years Event is opened to sign in!
14. April 2016, 14:35
Thomas Mayer
Really? So the room is fixed for us?
14. April 2016, 14:56
Holger Kranich
Yep the event is save and online here :)
14. April 2016, 14:58
Thomas Mayer
The event list ends at November 2016. Where is Wangerooge 2017?
14. April 2016, 15:00
Kerry COX
Do I have to sign in and where do I do it Holger.?
14. April 2016, 22:26
Holger Kranich
You can do it here, Kerry:
5`th Jubilee Scalemates Meeting Wangerooge (4-12 Март, Wangerooge DE)
15. April 2016, 06:23
Holger Kranich
Yihaaaw, i simply cant wait!!! :)
15. April 2016, 06:24
Kerry COX
I am now able to go ahead with the masking of the raised surfaces on my 35 with the tapes I ordered from Hobby Link Japan. :)
25. April 2016, 23:44
Choppa Nutta
Just thought I might leave this here ;) :D

Youtube Video

28. April 2016, 09:42
Bart Goesaert
dayum, thats nice...
28. April 2016, 09:50
Kerry COX
I am so glad you did Choppa. :) Cheers.
That was just mind popping. !! Thanks for posting it :)
28. April 2016, 10:45
Choppa Nutta
personally I was disappointed he didn't have it all operated by remote control ........ :P ;) :D :D :D
fantastic detailing and the precision required to make those features work, just awesome, I particularly liked the swiveling tail pipe, but then I would ;) :D
28. April 2016, 10:53
Kerry COX
Watching the main undercarriage action he created, It got me thinking that if he had gone to all that trouble, Then why didn't he put a pivot pin in the knuckle where the strut folds/pivots in the middle instead of folding inside as a stiff arm with tweezers. ? Have an other look and see what I mean.:-/
And that exhaust nozzle was a real engineering marvel. :-O
28. April 2016, 11:46
Choppa Nutta
yeah I noticed the way the gear had to go in but I can forgive him that given how small those knuckles are :)
I suspect that might be the reasonable limit for a 1/48 scale, or at least more doable on a 1/32+ scale..

impressive he made it all fit so nice and neatly :)
28. April 2016, 12:05
Kerry COX
Oh, yes, totally and utterly amazing work Choppa, and there is really nothing I could 'fault' with it at all. I would be happy to get a finish like his for sure.
28. April 2016, 12:35
Choppa Nutta
.... but I did have the same thought, would've been even better if those knuckles folded properly :)
Anyhow good ref for just the detail work alone :)
28. April 2016, 13:30
Kerry COX
I have watched it many times now, pausing and trying to see just what size these magnets are. :-/
You can get them, and the ones in the Tamiya Mustang and Spitfire had a good holding capacity. But fascinating detail in the wheel wells though.
He was none too gentle when operating them either.! :S
Cheers Choppa.
28. April 2016, 18:55
Kerry COX
And we are buying these stuff up's. ? Jeez, the American weapons industry selling "lemons".? NEVER. LOL :)
28. April 2016, 20:22
Donald Dickson II
LOL while that is clearly not a real article, it's not far from the truth. The 30s DID get their asses handed to them by Typhoons. It might fare OK against early F-4s. As in Corsairs.
28. April 2016, 21:12
Choppa Nutta
The UK should've kept it's Harriers, at least they have proven themselves ....

Although, I do like the look of the F35 :)
28. April 2016, 22:03
Kerry COX
As we all know. 'Looks ain't everything'. :-/
28. April 2016, 22:14
Choppa Nutta
..... it is for modellers !! :D :D :D
28. April 2016, 22:15
Clifford Keesler
Everyone says it is a dog, except for the pilots that fly it, but again they would probally get their asses in a sling if they said what they really felt about it. The Boeing offering was not any better. It could not even hover or land vertically without them having to take the intake lip and gear doors off the darn thing, and it was the ugliest airplane I have ever seen. I wonder how Lockheed could graduate from something like the F-22 to a dog like the F-35. That is like when my squadron converted from F-4,s to the F/A-18, we went TDY to Tyndall AFB in Florida for some ACT against F-15C's our pilots thought they were going to kick Air Force butt. They got their backsides handed to them. LOL.
28. April 2016, 22:19
Clifford Keesler
P.S. Kerry your building skills just amaze me. Looking wonderful sir.
28. April 2016, 22:22
Kerry COX
You know, just as I had typed that, I was making coffee and I thought exactly what Choppa had just posted. LOL And we all wouldn't be the happy modellers we are now if we always got it wrong. :-/
28. April 2016, 22:25
Donald Dickson II
And I just watched the video. Holy crap!
29. April 2016, 05:00
Kerry COX
Yeah, ! pretty impressive hey. ?
29. April 2016, 05:46
Bart Goesaert
@ Donald, there's a good possibility in that, just because the fokker is too slow for the F-35... one of the reasons why a Fiesseler storch was difficult to shoot down: a fighter pilot could only get it in his crosshair for a second... i know it's a fake story but I would love to that in reality
29. April 2016, 07:30
Gareth Windsor
Hey Kerry. I just bought this kit, despite my actual thoughts on the real thing, but I "needed" one for my FAA collection. I'm kinda glad I took my time getting it in a way as the British version in service now is all one colour, so no masking off the zig zag RAM tape....yeay.
1. October 2019, 00:11
Kerry COX
Gareth, the 'zig zag' masking is one aspect of this kit that has seen it sit for such a long time in the back of my work bench draws. !!!
Not having used the mask kits available, thinking I will do it with my 2mm wide roll of tape. O-!
But I will get it, one day. hahahaha :) :) :)

But isn't the British one a two tone paint scheme on the ZZ. ?
1. October 2019, 01:11
Gareth Windsor
It was a two tone, but I've been told all one colour now, just slightly more matt to look at, probably a UK direct supplier now that the aircraft are physically in Britain. We don't have the reflective canopy either and I was already to mix a little alclad into the clear orange.
1. October 2019, 02:34
Jos Jansen
Amazing build...missed this totally!
1. October 2019, 03:29
Kerry COX
Jos. I saw a build where the modeller had all the undercarriage retractable and weapons bays that opened, with slung missiles too. !
All in 1/32 I believe, which would make it quite possible.

1. October 2019, 03:45
Bart Goesaert
That F15? Jawdropping .. following such a build in 1/48 too, a hind, all scratchbuilt in that one....

Nice work on this one...
1. October 2019, 08:24
Kerry COX
Bart, thank you my friend. ;)
1. October 2019, 08:38
Slavo Hazucha
Where was this thread hiding? :O Excellent stealth attributes, went totally under my radar... :)

Well, when Mr. Cox goes super-detail, it truly is a big show. Some memorably cool stuff throughout the process, tip & results both.

Pic 49 - I actually also really like the parafilm-wrapped pipe - as it stands it would make an excellent surface effect on i.e. Russian LG piping, I´ll keep that in mind

All the details & PE look great, the ladder assembly & the engine nozzle being my particularly favorite striking highlights...

It looks like a decent kit in all aspects too - one thing though, maybe it´s the light & shadow play, but the raised details on the nose below & in front of the canopy (especially pic 104 & 107 a bit too) appear to be just a little bit over-pronounced... I just saw an F-35 (not a B though) and it definitely was not that "bumpy" around there... maybe a very gentle sanding to calm things down a bit? ;)
1. October 2019, 10:28
Kerry COX
Slavo. Thank you most kindly for your welcome comments and praise.
I am most honoured to have you comment in such a favorable way. :)
There is a set of PE provided in kit, but I didn't know that until after I had bought the PE I thought I was needing, but the kit PE is not all that well detailed, but good for what it offers to those who are willing to be adventurous with the provided set.
There are some fit issues, especially on the intake area, but with your skills, it will not be much of a challenge.
I have a habit of starting kits as soon as I open the box and if things crop up that make the smooth build grind to a halt, I box it and go away to come back later after I have seen what others on line have encountered.
Kitty Hawk being rather new on the block, I am expecting some improvements to the dies, as they did with the 'Viper'.
1. October 2019, 12:30
Bryn Crandell
How did I miss this one? Kerry keeping it under the radar just a little bit. Looks awesome so far.
1. October 2019, 19:16
Kerry COX
Bryn, this was started so long ago, I had almost forgotten I had posted the progress, but now the build pace has slowed down some what, I will have more time and inclination to keep going with it. ! :)
1. October 2019, 20:49
Kerry COX
Lode, I am too mate. hahahahaha :)
Now I have the 1 and 2 mm masking tape, I will attempt to attack all those raised areas. :-O
2. October 2019, 06:44
Sergej I
In. ????
22. October 2019, 18:35
Kerry COX
Right now, I am taping up all the raised strips with the 1 and 2 mm masking tape, cutting carefully as I go. :)
I am wondering if this is what all the other modellers had to do to get that spectacular look. ;)
22. October 2019, 20:04
Clifford Keesler
It will look fantastic when you get it done Keeza. I know it will.
23. October 2019, 01:27
Kerry COX
Clifford, thank you for your confidence my friend.
It is one of the more tedious jobs I have done. Ugh !
23. October 2019, 02:09
Kerry COX
Lode. You sure are a boost to my confidence mate.
There are /were a few build issues with this kit, but thankfully, I have been able to conceal the worst of them. :)
Now my compressor has had a fit and I need to get that running. :(
But aside from all I have on my bench as running builds, I can see the 35 coming to an end in the not too distant future. :) :) :)
23. October 2019, 21:00
Roberto Rocat
Great progress
26. October 2019, 10:03
Chaz Gordon
looking forward to seeing the finished article
30. October 2019, 20:46
Gareth Windsor
It's an F-35A, but still fun to watch. The Dutch receive their first operational aircraft and in the arrival ceremony it was supposed to taxi through an arch of water. Fire trucks get it wrong.
12. November 2019, 17:51
Stephan Ryll
That's looking like some serious work Kerry
12. November 2019, 19:14
Bryn Crandell
Gareth it looks like the crash crew has some explaining to do. Not good. but funny.
18. November 2019, 19:05

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