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Jan Voorbij (cupofwondering)

Vickers Wellington Mk. IA

Vickers Wellington Mk.IA, No. 20 Operational Training Unit, RAF Lossiemouth Scotland, December 1940. After 20 bombing missions since Sepember 1939, it was directed to this training unit. Crash landed due to engine failure in Loch Ness but the crew was saved, except the tailgunner, who bailed out but his chute didn't open. Discovered at the bottom of the lake by an American diving party, searching for the monster of Loch nes ("Nessie" 😉 and recovered in 1985, now restored and on display at the Brooklands Museum of Motor racing and Aviation, Weybridge, Surrey, UK. (Airfix A08019;


7 | 21. January 2019, 14:46
Well done. Congrats!
21. January 2019, 19:01
Guy Rump
Lovely modelling 🙂
21. January 2019, 19:46
Andy Ball
thanks for sharing, it's given me some great interior references to work with! lovely job too!!
6. August 2019, 11:42
A lovely build. Well done. Thanks for sharing the reference pictures.
6. August 2019, 17:44
Tom O
I love the luftwaffe fighters, but when it comes to bombers, nothing compares to the RAF and USAAF planes. Makes me want to drive up to that museum and have a good look around the plane in your pics. Thanks for sharing, a really incredible job.
6. August 2019, 18:22
Jake Poyner
Beautiful Plane/Model. Outstanding! I hope mine turns out at least half that good!
9. August, 19:14
Jan Voorbij
Thank you guys!
14. August, 19:50


1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk.IA/C (Airfix A08019)
Vickers Wellington B Mk.IC
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
20 O.T.U. N2980, R
September 1985 Recovered from Loch Ness - Brooklands Museum

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