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Erik Leijdens (ErikLeijdens)

AT-6 Texan RNMFS

A Texan of the Royal Netherlands Military flying School, based in Jackson Mississippi in 1942.


1 | 5. March 2018, 10:36
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Erik Leijdens
Will be building the Italeri(occidental) Harvard kit to make it look like a AT-6 Texan as used by the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School in Jackson, Mississippi in 1942. This was the flying school for the Dutch pilots of the Dutch East Indies. Texans, Vultees, Kansans and Mitchells were in the inventory to train the future pilots. Just a nice little kit to build without much fuss and worries, I hope.
5. March 2018, 10:42
Ohh how interesting, the Texans under construction, that should go fast, like Eduard Bf 109, one of my favorite models, but unfortunately to do a lot of other stuff by November,

Thanks for sharing 👍
5. March 2018, 11:12
Björn Svedberg
The Texan is a really nice plane. There were some in the swedish air force too. I saw one flying at an air show a couple of years back. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
Nice work Erik! 👍
5. March 2018, 11:18
Stephan Ryll
Nice start with this 👍
5. March 2018, 17:19
Thomas Bischoff
count me in! Nice start - I also consider to build a Harvard (in the far future 🙁 )
6. March 2018, 18:21
Erik Leijdens
Thanks for the interest mates. Yes the Harvard/Texan is one of my favorites too. Always nice to hear the specific sound when the 2 propeller tips reach the sound barrier.
The reboxed Italeri kit is a Harvard and not a Texan as I want to build. The 2 big noticeable differences are the extended exhaust pipe but this was easily modified to the short one. One other difference I noticed is that the rear canopy part of the Harvard comprises of no less than 6 small windows and the Texan's rear canopy of 4. In my kit only the Harvard part is included so it's not really correct for the Texan I want to build but I will leave it this way since it's a quick build to keep up the building pace.
Gave the Texan an all black base for the AK Extreme metal colors.
7. March 2018, 07:56
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Nice metal!!!
8. March 2018, 21:08
AK created really good colors, but that's just the basis, the work stays with you,
I succeed 👍
8. March 2018, 22:03
Martien Lourens
Nice plane, very nice build so far, and AK Extreme metal excellent paint to work with.
8. March 2018, 23:28
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful NMF finish Erik, Hope I can make my Thunderbirds F-100 look as nice.
9. March 2018, 01:00
Erik Leijdens
Thanks mates. It looks quite nice indeed but I think it could be much better when I had used a gloss black base in stead of a satin one...First timer for me to build a NMF model..🙂 Which brings me to the following question; Can I spray a coat of Future over the NMF, then adding the decals and after that a coat of clear satin without losing the NMF look?
9. March 2018, 10:24
nice NMF. I did use Future on top of my Alclad painted P-51D. But in any case, I would suggest to try in some spare plastic first. one thing for sure, with the future you will loose some of the metallic shine.
9. March 2018, 13:31
Kees Kleijwegt
Nice going Erik! Great subject and very well executed 👍
I agree with Antonio to experiment first, the metallic shine will be altered by subsequent layers of Future, gloss, etc.
9. March 2018, 21:27
Clifford Keesler
Try Alcalds Aqua gloss. I hear it works well.
10. March 2018, 00:12
Erik Leijdens
Used Future in the meantime and it worked great, also added some walkways and anti glare
10. March 2018, 00:32
10. March 2018, 00:36
Stephan Ryll
Very nice work Erik 👍
10. March 2018, 06:52
Kees Kleijwegt
Good to hear Future works well 👍
10. March 2018, 09:35
Clifford Keesler
Wow, that is looking very good.
13. March 2018, 19:02
Michael Phillips
Man, that is some seriously sharp paintwork! That thing just looks sooooo nice.
13. March 2018, 19:07
Zsolt Czegle
Awesome paint job! 👍
13. March 2018, 19:12
David Thor
13. March 2018, 19:14
Kees Kleijwegt
Excellent work mate! 👍👍
13. March 2018, 19:59
Hanno Kleinecke
Masterly NMF, excellent !
13. March 2018, 20:05
Erik Leijdens
Thanks mates but all the credits go to AK.. I just poured it into my airbrush and sprayed it on the model 🙂
14. March 2018, 07:03
excellent job so far Erik, do not give all the credit to AK😉
14. March 2018, 07:07
Erik Leijdens
Thanks Antonio 🙂. Decaling done! The decals are very thin, the large decals tear apart in several pieces so I had to puzzle a bit. Now I have to decide whether I will add a panel line wash or not.
15. March 2018, 07:32
Peter Hardy
I don't normally comment on warbirds Erik but I love the skin! Great build!
15. March 2018, 07:42
Stephan Ryll
Erik this is looking awesome 👍
15. March 2018, 16:10
Murad ÖZER
Top notch! 👍
15. March 2018, 16:30
Erik Leijdens
Thanks mates! Actually it is a test for me to spray bare aluminum, never made a nmf model before. Think it worked out 🙂
15. March 2018, 18:02
pretty well!
15. March 2018, 18:26
Peter Hardy
Bloody well!
16. March 2018, 09:27
Dan Cook
Lovely metallic paint work. Very nice paneling contrasts.
16. March 2018, 10:14
Really nice metallic paints!
16. March 2018, 10:17
Erik Leijdens
Done. End pictures added. Decided not to use a panel line wash, kinda like it as it is.
16. March 2018, 20:54
Daniel Klink
Right Decision... It looks great as it is..the various metal-looks of the panels ...love it..
Very nicely done 👍
16. March 2018, 20:56
kinda like it? no wonder why! it looks excellent as it is 🙂
16. March 2018, 21:00
Björn Svedberg
Yes, this is truly a great looking plane! 👍
16. March 2018, 21:02
Very nice
17. March 2018, 06:49
Stephan Ryll
Very nice final result Erik 🙂 like it a lot 👍
17. March 2018, 08:09
Stefan Fraundorfer
Great work Erik, congratulations!
17. March 2018, 08:18
Eelco Gregoire
Cool bling bling plane Erik.
17. March 2018, 09:22
Tim Heimer
Nice looking! rare to see this bird!
17. March 2018, 13:12
Erik Leijdens
Thanks a lot mates!
@James C, it is a nice kit, not Tamiya nice off-course but very buildable. Cockpit detail is quite good, fit is good but some parts are very thick, and you get the choice for the longer Harvard exhaust and the Texan one.
17. March 2018, 15:49
Thomas Bischoff
Turned out really nice! Love the NMF finish and the 100% matt black 👍 👍 👍
17. March 2018, 20:05


1:48 Harvard Mk.IIA (Italeri 2736)1:48 Avenger, P-51D, Texan, TC-45 Beechcraft, Oxford (Dutch Decal DD48060)

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