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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

Kermorvan lighthouse - completed


Bernhard Schrock
This time I plan a rotating white light. Because the mechanical rotation is too complicated I intend to use this time too my best friend CMOS 4017. I will use 10 white SMD LED's mounted in a circle. 10 capacitor and 10 additional resistors help to simulate soft change between the LED's for better simulation of a rotating beacon.
30 January, 08:21
Dietmar Bogatzki
Interesting start with the electronic, Bernd 🙂
30 January, 08:39
Wow! Looking forward here .......
30 January, 10:27
Villiers de Vos
Bernhard, I am also working on a very basic circuit for tiny LEDs. Not nearly as complicated as yours. I am following this process with interest.
30 January, 14:03
Ben M
Watching this!
30 January, 14:20
Thomas Espe
30 January, 15:56
Bernhard Schrock
Hi mates. Thank you for interest. Just finished the LED array. First I prepared a piece of 0,8 mm thick plastic with 10 sides and CA glued the LED's in place. At second I bend a circle of 0,4 mm wire and soldered them on the underside to the (common) cathodes. They are 2 groups of thin flexible wires because I had no enough different colors.
30 January, 15:56
You should include a short video here (Youtube works) of your wonderful lighthouse electronics 👍, after the lighthouse itself is finished. Also for the Elbe one.
30 January, 16:05
Hanno Kleinecke
Ahh, here we go, Checkin' in
30 January, 16:16
Łukasz Gliński
Ah, so here's the WiP 👍
30 January, 16:18
Bernhard Schrock
bughunter: A good idea with the video, thx. I am lucky to have in the house a very good filmmaker (my son) 🙂. We set up a scenery with the original background in Hamburg and simulated evening light. The video (raw material) and the photos were imo very successful. We have already an idea for the YouTube video.
30 January, 20:11
Great 👍
30 January, 20:40
Erik De Smet
I admire your multiple skills, Bernhard, following with intrest
30 January, 21:12
Hanno Kleinecke
Baseplate looks very athentic and „rocky" 😄
12 February, 19:41
Villiers de Vos
Coming along nicely.
13 February, 05:41
Juergen Klinglhuber
Da geht bald ein Licht auf !... Netter Baubericht! 👍
27 February, 16:14
Villiers de Vos
Hats off to you. Beautiful craftmanship.
27 February, 16:16
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you Hanno, Villiers and Jürgen. Today I managed the last task: installing the beacon in the light-housing. It works perfectly and the board fits very well into the tower. Now I have only the last 195 m to run🙂
2 March, 18:36
Alec K
Very interesting and unique project, I love it 👍
2 March, 19:02
nice finishing touch
2 March, 19:45
Ben M
are you going to post a video of it rotating somewhere?
2 March, 21:38
Hanno Kleinecke
Let there be light ! Superrealistic depiction of the brickwork 👍
Extra praise for the flag ! 👍
2 March, 21:42
Bernhard Schrock
Good morning Ben, indeed I plan a short video similar to the video concerning the LH Bunthäuser Spitze. I hope that my son will help me.
Hanno: thx for you nice comment!
3 March, 06:12
Łukasz Gliński
The flag is a true icing on that lovely cake 🙂
3 March, 08:54
I agree with Łukasz and other mates 👍
Good job so far.
3 March, 18:48
Very nice , Bernhard 👍
5 March, 17:41
Łukasz Gliński
The stone/marble looks v.convincing 👍
5 March, 18:25
Fantastic result and great lighthose family 😉
5 March, 18:27
Dietmar Bogatzki
Awesome, Bernhard 👍
6 March, 08:41
Alec K
Beautifully done 👍
6 March, 14:05


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