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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

MME SH 2021 (Mini Model Expo Schleswig-Holstein 2021)

Unfortunately the in my opinion most important model exhibition in Germany (EME in Lingen) was canceled in 2020 and 2021🙁
Because of that I decided to organize a mini modeling event
Mini Model Expo SH 2021 (15. August, DE)
for some modeling friends and combine it with a barbecue 🙂


Hanno Kleinecke
A fully catered modeling event, completely unique, not only in these Corona-hampered days !
Thank you for great day ! 🙂
15 August 2021, 19:20
I'll happily take a break and have a good look at this. 🙂
15 August 2021, 19:32
wow. that is quite a show. the best of the best 🙂
17 August 2021, 21:46
Rui S
Very Nice. Well done👍
17 August 2021, 22:31
Lochsa River
Quite the tasty collection!

Was the barbecue this good?
18 August 2021, 00:00
Very nice collection of superb models and vignettes. I especially like the RAF dioramas.
18 August 2021, 00:05
David Funke
One of the best shows, I´ve ever visited... Thank you for this great day!
18 August 2021, 07:11
Bernhard Schrock
Thx for the nice words Mates! Small but fine (Klein aber fein) and so I enjoyed this day. We had only a small „electro barbecue grill" but one of us was a "barbecue master" in person 🙂
18 August 2021, 07:44
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Sounds like it was a really nice and relaxing expo. 👍
19 August 2021, 10:59
How much I miss these little meetings!
19 August 2021, 19:05
Christian Bruer
Great little Show. Thx for sharing Bernhard 👍
19 August 2021, 19:26
Sergej I
Nice to see your masterpieces also in desktop-mode, Bernhard. Beautiful! 👍
20 August 2021, 10:44
Roland Revolvermann
Thx for sharing 👍
20 August 2021, 10:46
Jens Kroeger
Es gab ja schon viele Modellbauausstellungen, aber auf dieser Expo gab es mehr Aussteller als Besucher, keine Warteschlangen vor der Tür, nur nette Menschen und 1A Catering. Also ein Tag bei einem Freund mit anderen Freunden!
20 August 2021, 11:16

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