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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)


Boeing-Stearman PT-17, N33162 (completed)

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1:48 Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (Revell 63957)


1 | 21. October 2018, 16:53
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Marco Gallmann
That's interresting, I'm in.
21. October 2018, 17:08
Hanno Kleinecke
Lovely colourful scheme ! Checking in !
21. October 2018, 18:51
Bernhard Schrock
Hi mates: your alle welcome. A lot of front seats are still free :)
22. October 2018, 14:19
Holger Kranich
Einmal das Curryschnitzel Bombay und `ne Pommes bitte! Du hast auch vor keinem Bausatz angst, oder? ;) So i take place!
22. October 2018, 14:53
Bernhard Schrock
Hey, herzlich willkommen als Gast: ist leider alle aber ich kann dir zum gleichen Preis Saltimbocca mit Rosmarin Kartoffeln anbieten. Ist es auch o. k.? Übrigens habe ich die Stranraer überlebt: danach hast du vor gar nichts mehr Angst :).
22. October 2018, 15:04
Thomas Bischoff
I take one of the free front seats!
22. October 2018, 17:35
Holger Kranich
Ok? Das ist sehr gut! Und Du hast Recht - Wer die Stranrear schafft, kann auch allein die Gorch Fock segeln. ! ;)
23. October 2018, 05:36
Gordon Sørensen
Looking forward to seeing your progress, Bernhard!
24. October 2018, 03:40
Martin Oostrom
I should have known you'd build it someday. She's got yellow wings!
24. October 2018, 06:56
Bernhard Schrock
The spruces are molded in yellow and in my opinion it's the most awful color for the plastic except maybe white. Every time I ask myself why? Revell should know they are selling modeling kits and not toys. Because of that I sprayed first a base coat of yellowish grey (3/4 light grey semimatt and 1/4 yellow matt).
31. October 2018, 14:43
Wim van der Luijt
Is the kitchen still open? I would like to join....
31. October 2018, 15:01
Hanno Kleinecke
Ich nehm' die Kalbshaxe Florida a'la Bérnard :D ! Passt auch gut zum Gelb.....
Great detailwork on the elevator hinges
What made the two white stripes on the cowl necessary, filling some channels ?
31. October 2018, 16:54
Bernhard Schrock
You are welcome: today we offer a three course Menu and recommended Chateau Modellier 2018 :)
THX for your nice comments Mates! Great happiness: three hours later and the base coat is dry (old Humbrols!!!).
Hanno: the white stripes are restored reinforcement of the panels. Unfortunately the fit was not the best and it was impossible to save the raised edges of the panels.
31. October 2018, 17:49
Bernhard Schrock
Yesterday I introduced a new painting philosophy: paint first and then look in the instructions sheet if it is correct. Unfortunately it doesn't work :( :) I airbrushed both sides of the upper wing instead of the upper side of the upper wing. I intend to leave this as it is because in my opinion it's impossible to remove the red paint without a mess.
6. November 2018, 16:32
Daniel Klink
Fantastic work Bernhard
18. November 2018, 11:50
Marcel Klemmer
Who needs instruction sheets? :) In addition they are blocking the creativity...fantastic result so far.
18. November 2018, 12:38
Great solution with the struts! What do you use for the etched nickel silver struts? RB Production?
18. November 2018, 12:49
Roberto Rocat
Beautiful Navy bird. Great progress.
18. November 2018, 12:50
Bernhard Schrock
Thx Mates. I'm happy to hear that you like my Yellowwing :). The wiring are from BS&TG models :). Thomas Gatermann and I created the sheet about 2003 or so. After building Tamiya Swordfish I asked myself for an solution for other biplanes and created self an artwork with different sizes and lengths. Thomas Gatermann managed the etching task. See for my SBC and Stranraer: in both cases I use my own wiring. In the Stran Album the first picture show the etched sheet.
18. November 2018, 13:23
Alexander G.
immaculate build as always!
19. November 2018, 06:48
Impressive job!
20. November 2018, 10:58
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
Whaou! very nice job.
20. November 2018, 11:42
20. November 2018, 12:21
looking good as always Bernhard
21. November 2018, 12:15
Always such walk around pictures added to the build reports. Crazy
26. November 2018, 17:59
Gordon Sørensen
Fantastic attention to detail, Bernhard! Looks great!
26. November 2018, 23:57
Roberto Rocat
Amazing detail work makes it look real!
27. November 2018, 08:06
Bernhard Schrock
The propeller tries to look like it is made of wood :) (a little bit of brown paint and fine brush). By the way; thank you for feedback.
27. November 2018, 20:40
Daniel Klink
Fantastic result with the prop Bernhard
27. November 2018, 20:55
ups, fast übersehen sieht klasse aus
27. November 2018, 20:58
Hanno Kleinecke
Stunning wood effect !
28. November 2018, 17:43
Ben M
Very very very nice. Watching. I always loved Steadman trainers too, lots at airshows when I was a kid.
28. November 2018, 22:04
Gordon Sørensen
The prop looks great, Bernhard!
28. November 2018, 22:17
Ben M
You should teach a workshop on painting propellers. I would seriously take it.
29. November 2018, 01:32
Bernhard Schrock
Rigging made of etched flat wires completed
29. November 2018, 20:17
Bernhard Schrock
One of the most difficult tasks on "modern" biplanes are the spread bars because all flat wires pass THROUGH the spreadbars
1. December 2018, 11:40
1. December 2018, 13:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
Awesome details and a wonderful, amazing outcome in the making!
1. December 2018, 13:24
Burkhard D
Some great ideas and skills to learn here :)
1. December 2018, 17:55
Stefan Schacht
hallo Bernhard, this is a very nice project again :) Cheers Stefan
1. December 2018, 19:00
Daniel Klink
Looks good Bernhard. Fantastic explanations as well
1. December 2018, 19:01
Roberto Rocat
...fantastic work...
1. December 2018, 20:08
Wim van der Luijt
great work on the stearman and thank you for the tip on the spread bars!
2. December 2018, 09:19
Tom ...
Really beautiful!
2. December 2018, 09:31
Jean Pierre CULIS-FERY
The correct french expression when you see a build with this quality is:"Demain, je me remets au macramé!", i made a fantastic job and thank you for the explanations, i will try to use it.
2. December 2018, 10:27
Very beautiful!
2. December 2018, 10:28
Marco Gallmann
Perfekt work congratulations
2. December 2018, 12:20
Alberto Michieletto
Fantastic and perfect work!
2. December 2018, 13:27
Vitor Costa
Amazing work! The rigging... wow! Perfectly done! Everything done by you right (the rigging parts)?
2. December 2018, 14:39
Björn Svedberg
That is a beautiful plane! Great work!
2. December 2018, 17:34
Thomas Hopfensperger
Very, very nice, Bernhard!
2. December 2018, 17:34
Bernhard Pethe
I would like to get in there and start in the air. Very nice.
2. December 2018, 17:54
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautiful yellow bird ! Masterly and delicate detailing, excellent result
2. December 2018, 18:43
Bernhard Schrock
Hi mates. Yesterday I enjoyed my finished bird and today enjoy your comments :).
Vitor: yes, the rigging is half my work (artwork, the other half / etching was done by Thomas Gatermann).
Bernhard: would you like to sit in the front or in the back?
2. December 2018, 18:49
Ben M
This build is inspirational! Thank you for sharing your work and advice.
2. December 2018, 19:16
2. December 2018, 19:41
Bernhard Pethe
Bernhard: I sat in front one time. But no matter, it is a nice experience to fly with such a biplane over the land. :)
3. December 2018, 10:24
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work as always! Lovely aircraft too
3. December 2018, 11:18
Another masterpiece in your collection!
3. December 2018, 12:42
Pure piece of art, or result of a modeler with AMS ;) Very close to the original aircraft
3. December 2018, 15:28
beautiful model
3. December 2018, 21:42

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