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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)


Grumman EA-6B Prowler (completed)

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1:72 Grumman EA-6B Prowler (Hasegawa K14)1:72 EA-6B (Eduard 72151)2+


13. November 2017, 19:40
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Patrick Hagelstein
Yes!!! I'm in! Looking forward to this build! Have fun Bernhard!
13. November 2017, 20:08
Alexander G.
WIP by Bernhard - instant "subscribe"
14. November 2017, 00:08
14. November 2017, 01:36
Harry Eder
I´ll take a seat too!
14. November 2017, 06:33
i am in too!
14. November 2017, 07:11
14. November 2017, 07:11
Bart Goesaert
me three, nice progress so far, always nice to learn some insights like those with the framing...
14. November 2017, 07:18
Oliver Zwiener
Hallo Bernhard, das Projekt steht bei mir auch noch in Zukunft an - allerdings für die USS Enterprise und ich habe noch die Wolfpack folding wings. Ich bin mit dabei und lerne gerne wieder mit ;)
14. November 2017, 07:27
Bernd Korte
14. November 2017, 08:49
Patrick Hagelstein
Dann aber Achtung Oliver. Iech wolte für meine F/A-18C auch ein Set Wolfpack Folding Wings nutzen, aber das Resin das die Koreaner nutzen schlinkt aber sehr. Es könnte so sein das die Flügel ziemlich klein ausfallen.
14. November 2017, 12:47
14. November 2017, 18:12
Konrad Limmer
Watching too
14. November 2017, 18:40
Sarunas D
Interesting build. Following.
14. November 2017, 18:44
Bernhard Schrock
Result of a good painting-morning: a half of the cockpit and all seats completed.
18. November 2017, 18:51
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Bernhard.
18. November 2017, 20:32
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
18. November 2017, 21:02
Watching too ;)
19. November 2017, 20:10
Soeren .
The seats are stunning
19. November 2017, 20:12
Martin Oostrom
I'm starting to dislike you ;)
Your results are just staggering. You Sir, are a true master.
19. November 2017, 20:57
Kees Kleijwegt
19. November 2017, 22:13
Stephan Ryll
I'll take a seat Bernhard :)
20. November 2017, 17:47
Patrick Hagelstein
In the time I try to find my modeling desk again, you already built up and paited the whole cockpit and four seats and managed to close that dreadful combination of fuselage halfs and belly insert! Amazing! What's the trick with the small plastic pieces? Do you glue them on before glueing the fuselage parts or afterwards?
21. November 2017, 14:45
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you Patrick. Don't worry: In my opinion in comparison with my past modeling years and other mates I have very few time for modeling. This is the reason for different new und unusual methods and tricks.
The small plastic pieces (0,13mm thick) help to avoid "offset" between the fuselage halves and accelerating the drying time of the CA. Hold the part with the tip of a scalpel, put the underside in CA and place them on the seam. After few seconds it's strong and you have no offset. AFTER placing of all plastic pieces fill the remaining gap with CA: ready.
Yesterday evening I spent only 1 hour for sanding & cleaning the entire fuselage and restoring of the main panel lines.
I will post pics today evening.
21. November 2017, 16:31
Adam Gudynowski
Great job
21. November 2017, 17:08
Oliver Zwiener
fill the remaining gap with CA: ready - what is the meaning of " CA " ?
22. November 2017, 05:12
Bart Goesaert
Cyano Acrylate glue, Nice work by the way, and not only with the seams...

Aren't you afraid that the hull will split open when you much pressure is applied?
22. November 2017, 05:29
Patrick Hagelstein
Looks good Bernhard!
22. November 2017, 05:49
Holger Kranich
Na da kommt ja jetzt wieder etwas, ganz nach meinem Geschmack! ;)
22. November 2017, 11:07
Martin Oostrom
Thanks for the ca tip. But how do you remove the small pieces without too much trouble?
22. November 2017, 11:15
Bernhard Schrock
no problem. On the inside I have plastic stripes as reinforcement too. The rear bulkhead of the cockpit tube I glued with a "fatt" blob of CA and microbaloons.
with sharp scalpel (no11), 400 sandpaper and Tamiyas 1000 sanding pad. You can additionally bend the tip of the scalpel for better handling.
22. November 2017, 17:10
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Bernhard.
23. November 2017, 00:02
David Funke
das gucke ich mir an.... :D
23. November 2017, 20:51
23. November 2017, 22:03
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work Bernhard
23. November 2017, 22:07
Dave Flitton
This is awesome!!!
24. November 2017, 04:21
Thomas Hopfensperger
Jetzt gehts aber los! I love the seats!!!
25. November 2017, 13:25
Hanno Kleinecke
Maximum a. t. d, as usual ! Phantastic :)
25. November 2017, 19:26
Burkhard D
I'm in!
26. November 2017, 16:16
Patrick Hagelstein
Is that ridge in picture 31 that noticable??? I can't remember that.
26. November 2017, 16:22
Patrick Hagelstein
There's a EA-6B gatekeeper at Tinker AFB. Let me know if you need any specific reference pictures!
26. November 2017, 16:23
Bernhard Schrock
Patric, thank you for the proposal. I have several books and publications from Squadron Signal and D&S.
The step (ridge) in very noticeable. The correction was no real complicated: I spend only a half of hour or so.
26. November 2017, 17:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Aha! Good! Do you have some before and after pictures so I can get a better understanding what to look out for?
26. November 2017, 17:54
Bernhard Schrock
:( I'm sorry: forgotten to shot a picture before correction :(
26. November 2017, 20:51
Patrick Hagelstein
Can't you undo it then? ;)
26. November 2017, 20:59
Bernhard Schrock
Patrick: no problem. So I had to load the routine A6/125r into my 3D-printer. But at the moment the routines A6/146 (main gear bays) and A6/147 (nose hat) are processed. :)
27. November 2017, 08:04
Patrick Hagelstein
Are you seriously 3D printing your parts? ;)
27. November 2017, 17:09
Bryn Crandell
Watching with intent.
27. November 2017, 18:20
Clifford Keesler
Very nice progress.
27. November 2017, 23:24
Chris Nally
Lovely stuff Bernhard
29. November 2017, 10:53
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you Mates.
Each ECM-pod needs a lot of power. Because of that each pod has an own wind driven generator. Kit parts for the propellers are designed very well and are so tiny that it is nearly impossible to hold them during cleanup. Because of that I first glued the propellers on the pods and cleaned them later.
3. December 2017, 09:55
Bernhard Schrock
3 of about 10 airbrush sessions completed: bottom side and topside of fuselage airbrushed.
5. December 2017, 20:13
Patrick Hagelstein
Man! Just not checking Scalemates for only one day and the Prowler is already primed and ready to be painted! :) Amazing! It looks very good Bernhard!
5. December 2017, 20:54
Patrick Hagelstein
Correction: it IS painted! ;)
5. December 2017, 20:55
Hanno Kleinecke
Oho, Do I spot some preshading ? :)
5. December 2017, 21:04
Bernhard Schrock
Jou: paint is "on". Tomorrow the rest of the upper side will be airbrushed. Hanno: you have good eyes. As usual with me it is post shading.
5. December 2017, 21:21
Patrick Hagelstein
I love the coroguard color!
7. December 2017, 23:35
Konrad Limmer
Bernhard a very nice build so far.
8. December 2017, 09:21
Clifford Keesler
9. December 2017, 22:11
Oliver Zwiener
Unfassbar effizient - ich hätte jeweils vielmehr abmaskiert. Mit wieviel Bar wird hier denn lackiert ?
10. December 2017, 14:32
Bernhard Schrock
Moin Oliver. Danke für die Vorschusslorbeeren. Auf dem Bild ist der Zwischenschritt zu sehen: so habe ich nur die Rumpf Streifen lackiert. Anschließend habe ich die Papier/tapemasken abgemacht und die Umgebung für die Tragflächen-Walkways geschützt. War wohl zu faul, noch mehr Papier/Tapemasken zu basteln :)
10. December 2017, 15:53
Bernhard Schrock
The biggest hurdle is taken: the windscreen is in place without CA fogging and remains clean and without blemishes after airbrushing.
10. December 2017, 20:28
Very nice, well done
13. December 2017, 20:42
Patrick Hagelstein
In picture 56 you mentioned the pilots windscreen deicing system & red light but what about the iconic refueling probe???
13. December 2017, 23:14
Bernhard Schrock
Patrick: you are right. "Where is the refuelling probe?" I have not forgotten them. I know myself well and know that the part would break off 5 times during the airbrushing and decaling. :) I will glue it at the end of the end assembly.
14. December 2017, 08:47
Good policy! :)
14. December 2017, 11:59
14. December 2017, 12:58
Thomas Hopfensperger
So now it's the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning??? :)
14. December 2017, 15:21
Oliver Zwiener
Vor 4 Wochen gestartet , mitten in der Adventszeit und dennoch bald fertig ...... einfach nur bewundernswert.
14. December 2017, 18:35
The very clean build and careful work is again impressive!
14. December 2017, 19:21
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Great job so far !
14. December 2017, 20:55
Holger Kranich
Na hier geht es ja schon mal ordentlich weiter!
16. December 2017, 12:00
Hanno Kleinecke
Legs are looking great ! 0,4 mm Litze ? :)
19. December 2017, 20:13
Bernhard Schrock
:). You have good eyes Hanno: 0,5 Litze. Just in time received off white.
19. December 2017, 21:04
Oliver Zwiener
Litze hatte ich noch nie von gehört - meine Lernkurve steigt wieder an - danke dafür :)
20. December 2017, 05:32
Bernhard Schrock
Moin Oliver, Litze lässt sich besser an filigranen Bauteilen formen und ist nicht so widerspenstig wie Draht. Manchmal verwende ich 0,35 mm starken Lötdraht aber dieser ist empfindlich gegenüber zufälligen Biegen: 3 mal hin und hergebogen und ab ist er. Somit ist die Litze die beste Wahl. Gibt's z.B. für Eisenbahnbedarf.
20. December 2017, 13:39
Oliver Zwiener
Bernhard : lieben Dank für die links. Bis heute habe ich in der Tat dünnen Draht benutzt oder noch schlimmer Stecknadeln oder Büroklammern. Ich wünsche Dir noch gutes Gelingen auf der Zielgeraden ;)
20. December 2017, 18:10
Bernhard Schrock
Landing gear completed. Last lap to run: moveable canopy parts.
20. December 2017, 21:55
Björn Svedberg
It looks great! And a really nice build log.
21. December 2017, 11:29
Bernhard Schrock
Today I started with my favorite modeling task: final assembly :) Nose gear is completed.
21. December 2017, 20:37
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Bernhard, well done.
21. December 2017, 23:05
Patrick Hagelstein
At first I thought the off white landing gear was very dark but once installed it looks fantastic!
22. December 2017, 12:45
Bernhard Schrock
Björn, Clifford and Patrick: thank you. Today I intend install the main gear. Pictures coming soon.
22. December 2017, 14:51
Bernhard Schrock
Patrick. You are right: it is not pure white but in fact very light grey (5% grey, off white). Many years ago I had a chance to learn a lot about colors, design and layout from the former editor of the German modeling magazine MF. One of his theories was that neither pure black nor pure white exist and look good in a model. Because of that the tires are painted with 80% gray. So you have a chance to dry brushing them AND washing with black (100% gray).
22. December 2017, 14:54
Murad ÖZER
Bernhard paint finish is spectacular, what brand are you using - don't tell me revell aqua? :D Merry xmas and a happy new year.
22. December 2017, 14:59
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks Bernard! I knew about the black/grey but the white is new to me.
22. December 2017, 15:06
Bernhard Schrock
Murad: im very glad to see you praise. From beginning I'm using only the Humbrol enamels. Sometimes I must use the blue paints of Revell because Humbrol offer no cobalt blue or similar blue shades. Lower side: H127, post shading with H127+33% H128.
Upper side H128, postshading with H128 + a bit of H126. Mottling with H129 (gull grey). Washing on entire surfaces with slightly toned up basic colors.
22. December 2017, 15:16
Murad ÖZER
ah that figures. for me enamels always have a special place in terms of surface finish, i only wish somebody could come up with an odorless version alas i guess the stink is what makes those paints act like this along with true cellulosic/lacquer paints afterall.
22. December 2017, 15:25
Even when you're done with that plane, keep the WIP going - it's just great! :)
22. December 2017, 17:06
Hanno Kleinecke
Ich seh was Du meintest, wat für'n Fummelkram ! :) Und auch noch von innen maskiert, super, hab ich so noch nie gesehen.
29. December 2017, 11:18
Bernhard Schrock
Hmmmm, genau. Dazu hat Hasegawa, für mich "ohne Grund" das vordere Teil (jeweils rechts im Bild) zweigeteilt. M.E. Ist es kaum möglich, die zwei Teile zusammenzufügen ohne quer zu verschleifen und zu polieren (habe ich gemacht/ musste ich machen :( ) da war der Rest (Fummelkram) schon fast harmlos.
29. December 2017, 11:23
Bernhard Schrock
Just in time in the "old" year completed without hitch. :) :) "Better" pictures today.
30. December 2017, 10:44
Martin Oostrom
Your build speed and quality remain top notch. Absolutely fabulous!
30. December 2017, 11:08
Fully agree with Martin
30. December 2017, 11:18
Hanno Kleinecke
Fertig ! Looking very good, I'm glad your motivation did'nt quit on the last cm..... :) Guten Rutsch !
30. December 2017, 11:58
Christian Bruer
Very nice work
30. December 2017, 12:00
Sarunas D
Congratulations! Looking very good. Just in time for this year :D
30. December 2017, 12:01
Erik Leijdens
Amazing work Bernhard!
30. December 2017, 12:14
Konrad Limmer
Very nice indeed!
30. December 2017, 12:24
Oliver Zwiener
Ich denke das gleiche wie Martin , die Geschwindigkeit und Qualität ist einfach sagenhaft. Klasse Ding - herzlichen Glückwunsch und lieben Dank für die lehrreiche und unterhaltsame Online-Dokumentation. Bin schon gespannt auf 2018 ............... ;)
30. December 2017, 12:34
Davide Tessari
Awesome build!! Good job
30. December 2017, 13:15
Fantastic job, Bernhard. Very nice tail deco. Congratulations and happy New Year!
30. December 2017, 13:32
Daniel Mysak
Nice work, you did some great improvements.
30. December 2017, 13:41
Very nice
30. December 2017, 13:47
Bernhard Schrock
I'm very very suprised how many comments I get after posting 2 snaps! Thank you!! I just posted the "real" pictures of the completed model.
30. December 2017, 15:52
Normally I prefer NAVY birds totally worn down and filthy but the light weathering on your beautyfully built and painted Prowler looks just superb! I'm a little bit sad that your WIP is over now - I'll miss it...
30. December 2017, 16:23
Thomas Hopfensperger
EA-sexy! I love it!
30. December 2017, 18:17
Kees Kleijwegt
Amazing work Bernard! I like it very much
30. December 2017, 18:27
David Thor
30. December 2017, 18:52
What a great bird! But I guess you made a mistake and put it into the wrong category, since this model is for sure 1/32 !!! There are so many very nice and small and clean build details, this is not possible in 1/72 :o UNGLAUBLICH!
30. December 2017, 22:01
Clifford Keesler
Absoutley amazing, well done.
31. December 2017, 02:13
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Very nice build congrats !
31. December 2017, 09:02
Excellent work and wonderful result.
31. December 2017, 09:36
Bernhard Pethe
Rechtzeitig zum Jahresende wieder ein Schmuckstück fertig geworden. Einen guten Rutsch und weiter schicke Modelle in 2018 :)
31. December 2017, 14:32
Burkhard D
Klasse, wie immer super gemacht. Schön auch die Prespektive, Ausleuchtung, und Schärfe der Bilder. Alles Gute für 2018, Bernhard.
31. December 2017, 16:55
Zbynek Honzik
Excellent job, Bernhard!
31. December 2017, 19:23
Christian Ristits
Wundervolle Prowler mit fantastischen Details, alles gute Bernhard für 2018 mit hoffentlich viel bastelspass! LG Christian
31. December 2017, 19:26
31. December 2017, 22:00
Wie immer von dir einfach nur zum "Niederknien" Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr :)
31. December 2017, 22:15
Bernhard Schrock
Hej Leute: eine ganz tiefe Verbuegung für solches Lob und natürlich von mir Euch allen einen guten Start ins neue Jahr. Good start into next year!
31. December 2017, 22:27
Stephan Ryll
Wonderful work Bernhard
6. January 2018, 12:08
Alexander G.
Again a fantastic result, Bernhard!
6. January 2018, 12:25
Ben Schumacher
Wie konnte ich das nur verpassen? Wunderbar wie immer, Bernhard!
30. May 2018, 08:51
Very nice work
30. May 2018, 12:29

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