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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

General Motors (Grumman) FM-2 Wildcat

About 18 years ago I converted the excellent 1:48 Tamiya kit to the latest variant of the Wildcat; FM-2 build by Eastern Division of GM and powered with the most powerful R-1820 Cyclone. Reduction of weight (2 MG's were deleted) in addition with the additional power of the Cyclone (1350 PS) increased dramatically the performance of the Wildcat.
Last week I noticed that this model is not present in the net...

The model represents the #16 from VC-79, based on CVE-83 USS Sargent Bay, 1945.


14 | 28. May 2016, 12:03
Choppa Nutta
Awesome build. 👍
28. May 2016, 12:39
Stefan Fraundorfer
Die Fotos beweisen, dass du auch schon vor 18 Jahren exzellente Modelle gebaut hast.
28. May 2016, 12:43
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautiful cat Bernhard, all those carefully placed details and perfect paintwork make this one unique .
28. May 2016, 14:58
Soeren .
Wonderful work!
28. May 2016, 15:07
Christian Ristits
This is fantastic, could have been an actual one easily!
28. May 2016, 16:35
top!!! 👍
28. May 2016, 19:54
Stefan Suessemilch
Awesome cat Bernhard!! 👍
28. May 2016, 19:57
Very nice work!
28. May 2016, 21:52
Wow, amazing detail
29. May 2016, 13:10
Hanno Kleinecke
Even after 22 years, this one still is state of the art 🙂
7. June, 13:06
Bernhard.....just a beautiful example of your work and its excellence, going back decades....

....Thank you for letting the rest of us mere mortals on to this build!

7. June, 23:02
Top notch, amazing attention to details!
8. June, 09:38


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