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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

Northrop XP-61 Black Widow #720 (prototype with turret) COMPLETED


1. August 2015, 10:13
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Bernhard Schrock
Many years ago I visited Eduard factory. This was the time Eduard started to experiment with printing of their PE parts. I was rather skeptical. About 12 years later I'm stunned and enthusiastic about the quality. Of course there is a disadvantage because there is no 3rd dimension. It is no problem to fix this by using pieces of plastic rod (round or rectangular) for knobs and pieces of wire for switches (picture 1&2).
1. August 2015, 10:21
Marc Schimmler
Is this also going to be an "orange" aircraft or will it be black ... ?
1. August 2015, 10:24
Hanno Kleinecke
Hi Bernhard, after we talked about your latest projet yesterday, I was wondering if there were picture of your progress already, well, here they are ! So I will take a seat here and have the pleasure to watch and be stunned !
1. August 2015, 13:01
Burkhard D
Schau' ich mir an 🙂
1. August 2015, 14:12
Bernhard Schrock
Moin Jungs, Ist noch reichlich Platz🙂
Marc: noch nicht ganz sicher, ob nicht doch vielleicht der Prototyp :) in olivedrab und grau aber mit gelben Motorgondeln. Diesmal keine Chance für rot oder Orange da für,die Prototypen Gelb die Hausmarke von Northrop war.
1. August 2015, 20:08
Christian Bruer
Well I'll take a seat and have a look on the next BSMP (Berhard Schrock Master Piece) :)
2. August 2015, 10:14
Wim van der Luijt
Count me in, I'm a big fan of both the P-61 and Bernard Schrock
4. August 2015, 07:13
Holger Kranich
Jasses nee! Na das sieht ja mal wieder richtig sahnig aus, Bernhard!😄
Darf ich fragen was Du als Referenz nimmst? Und weist Du schon welches Kurbelwellengehäuse Du für die R 2800 nimmst?
Mir ist aufgefallen das die Luftbremsen aus Ätzteilen sind, eigentlich sollten die aber gewölbt sein (wenn ich das richtig sehe), schon ´ne Idee wie Du da ran gehst?
Ich freue mich auf dieses Projekt von Dir!👍
4. August 2015, 07:31
Jan vdM
Wow das wird sehr spannend.
4. August 2015, 07:39
Harry Eder
Dass will ich mir nicht entgehen lassen :)
4. August 2015, 08:43
Bernhard Schrock
Mates: you are welcome!
Holger: "unfortunately" I found a restoration article with about 1001 (!!!!!) pictures.
I think each rivet and each cable can be researched, if one intend to research each cable and each rivet🙂 I think, I will leave 90% of visible details and despite of that the model will be OK too🙂
I intend to use the engine version with the cylindrical fairing (at the beginning I thought, that the Black Widow was powered with an unusual version of the R-2800, but the cylinder is "only" a fairing) for the crankcase (see the next-to-last picture).
4. August 2015, 09:19
Bernhard Schrock
By the way: I intend to use only a part of the Eduard PE - parts. It is not sinful to use the parts every time. In many cases it is better to leave the plastic parts as a base.
The painted PE-parts coming soon, after the airbrushing of the entire cockpit.
4. August 2015, 09:22
Holger Kranich
Gosh, what a comprehend link, Bernhard!!!😄
I´m excited how you tackle this bird!
4. August 2015, 09:39
uncle chop chop
Golly this is a grate start well done
4. August 2015, 10:55
Choppa Nutta
difficult to believe this is only 1/48th scale, what a great start !! 🙂
5. August 2015, 16:04
5. August 2015, 16:31
Bernhard Schrock
It is very difficult to determine the "correct" layout and number of boxes and equipment, if we can talk about "correct" at all. I think with each production block of the same version the equipment varies. Because of that I will not take things very curiously. For example I moved two black boxes down on the right side of the rear compartment to match the main console. The placement of Eduard does not work because to the right of the main console is not enough space.
Unfortunately the distance between the rails for the seat on the etched part (rear compartment) is too wide. This means; tear off and do again.
5. August 2015, 16:50
Bill Gilman
Superb detailing! Do not worry if it is not 100% accurate - if you create the mood and atmosphere of the P-61 you have succeeded! 👍 👍 👍
5. August 2015, 16:59
Bernhard Schrock
Moin Mates :). THX.
The building is the one thing but more important is the attaching of filigree parts to the rest. The last hour I spent attaching both racks to the sides. As usual I used wire (2 pieces for each side). On the left side one of them is longer to find the alignment hole. After gluing of the fuselage halves I will cut it of. By the way: the large rack is reinforced with plastic for better fit of the wires.
5. August 2015, 19:47
Bernd Müller
Excellent modelling ! The details are really superb
5. August 2015, 19:52
Soeren .
Awesome work Bernhard!
6. August 2015, 08:35
Mats Bengtsson
Extraordinary detail as usual 👍
6. August 2015, 08:43
Bernhard Schrock
In the Internet I found a hint in a modeling article that the instrument panel is too far to the front. This is right but it is no problem to correct this mistake. Otherwise the rest was without trouble: kit parts combined with PE-parts and scratch build parts. The only funny thing: it took me about 3 weeks to do half a plane last time and now I needed the same time for the cockpit. Just in time before vacation starts🙂 Offline for one week: cheers and nice and sunny vacation for you :) :)
7. August 2015, 18:47
Bill Gilman
Enjoy your vacation!
7. August 2015, 19:03
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome Bernhard, bet it will be another master piece.
8. August 2015, 01:17
Rob van Dodewaard
looking great already
8. August 2015, 06:35
Christian Ristits
Maßstab 1🤔chrock!
8. August 2015, 07:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
Wonderful beginning, as always, Bernhard!
8. August 2015, 09:02
uncle chop chop
I love it grate job
8. August 2015, 11:58
Bernhard Schrock
During vacations its a lot of time for research... Yesterday I found an interesting video about the P-61:
13. August 2015, 07:16
Marc Schimmler
I had to check that this is really 1:48 ..... :o
13. August 2015, 09:10
Martien Lourens
So good. It looks very promising, Bernhard.
13. August 2015, 10:18
Gordon Sørensen
Great job on the interior Bernhard!
13. August 2015, 18:15
Dieter Bihlmaier
How can I missed this one...?😢
13. August 2015, 20:03
Bill Gilman
I like the way you've folded the PE seat harnesses. It looks very natural. I always have difficulty with that in my scale (1:72). Since the PE is the same thickness in both 1:72 and 1:48, it makes 1:72 folds look unnatural. Have you tried the new fabric seat belts? I think they might work better.
13. August 2015, 23:20
Bernhard Schrock
Good morning Mates. The best wishes from the sunny Balticsea and thank you for the newest comments. Today we expect 29*C, 0,5 m waves and a lot of sand (this is was my son enjoys most :)
Bill: I'm very glad that you like that modeling task which I most "hate" (beside engraving) 🙂. I'm not sure what you exactly mean with fabric: do you mean fabric as material for harness in 1:72 or 1:48? Does there exist such fine and thin fabric (silk?), that works for 1:48 (1:72)?
14. August 2015, 06:12
uncle chop chop
I think he means eduard make fabric seatbelts aswell as metal depends on what u want
14. August 2015, 10:16
Clifford Keesler
Yes Eduard makes them and there is another co. but their name escapes me at the moment.
15. August 2015, 01:00
Bernhard Schrock
Bill, uncle and Clifford: thanks for the information: Just searched and stunned! I don't noticed this very interesting product made by Eduard:
I think, with a bit of time and patience the result will be very impressive. I'm my opinion a little bit too cost expensive (about 8-9 € per set for one seat).
15. August 2015, 03:19
Bernhard Schrock
By the way: yesterday I researched a little bit for my P-61 project I found this.... Unfortunately in Russian language but the pictures speaks An international modeling language. I'm really SPEACHLESS. All pictures saved already for my build.
Don't miss to look the other builds of him, for example the B-25.
15. August 2015, 03:25
Choppa Nutta
Really liked that article and the photos of such good work. Liked the way he handled the leading edges 🙂
15. August 2015, 13:40
Marc Schimmler
I like his technique for the canopies
15. August 2015, 14:02
Choppa Nutta
yeah, he did get a result with the canopies too, lots to like on that build especially the rear compartment
15. August 2015, 14:09
Bernhard Schrock
During the vacation I had a lot of time for research and noticed that the gunsight parts from the kit are a bit simple (picture 23 and 24) in comparison with the original (picture 27). Fortunately it was no problem to remove the already installed seat and after a half hour I was more happy with the result (pictures 26 and 28).
I noticed too that the turret is not correct: after mounting the gun cover (the part with the 4 openings) a gap remains on the upper side. I solved problem by thinning the upper edge of the turret and decreasing the width of the gun cover.
In my opinion the Brownings are not bad but I found in the spare box some holed metal tubes from Karaya. In combination with 0,55 mm needles that will be a nice effect🙂
16. August 2015, 18:45
Bernhard Schrock
I could not decide if the hatch should be open or closed... Because of that I designed it movable🙂 Probably I was inspired by the article by Albert Bertych (see my post of 15.08 with a link to his article).
18. August 2015, 19:34
Bernhard Schrock
Cannon bay and hatches. In this area too It was not easy to decide what I should do. On the one side I wish to leave the clean lines of the fuselage but on the other side I wish to leave the option to show the inside of the bay with very nice designed interior. For a long time I had no solution how to manage the hinges. Because of the curved shape of the fuselage my standard way for this task was not possible. And then I remembered thin dark grey rubber line in the depth of my spare box. This is the solution: in the closed position the hatch is automatically pulled into the correct position :)
23. August 2015, 19:31
Camilla Josdal
Wow, amazing details Bernhard! 😄
23. August 2015, 23:55
Marcel Klemmer
As usual, it looks alway good :)
24. August 2015, 18:47
Dave Flitton
24. August 2015, 19:40
Clifford Keesler
It is looking outstanding Bernhard, good inspiration for mine, when I get to it.
25. August 2015, 02:26
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you mates! Unfortunately very slow progress because of large and complex airplane and a lot of required corrections.
25. August 2015, 20:00
Porfiry Pocięgło
Looks like another exceptional build Bernhard! All those small details are insane!
27. August 2015, 21:35
John E
28. August 2015, 00:32
Bernhard Schrock
Yesterday I finally worked with the clear parts. The rear element and the rear cone are moulded thin and the fit is very good especially of the cone (I think no sanding will be required). For the rear element only minor work was necessary to match the fuselage opening. Both "steps" on the edge (on the clear part for the hatch and on the fuselage) should be made thinner.

In contrast to the rear parts the pilot's and gunner's canopy is moulded much too thick 1,5-2 mm) and the fit is very poor especially on the front: approx. 0,5 mm too short and the edge is approx 0,5 mm too high. I corrected this area with a plastic stripe and CA glue. Because of the thickness I had to remove three instruments mounted on the edge and move them more inside.
Fortunately I could manage the fit on the rear side (formerly approx 0,3-0,4 mm too high) only via sanding and patient fitting.
30. August 2015, 07:24
Bernhard Schrock
How is the cone fitted??? If asked myself this question a lot of times. But only yesterday I discovered a great website with more than 120 (!!) original period photos. One of these (43) you can see very well how the cone is fitted: obviously the edges are thick enough for an inner thread and so it is attached from inside with screws. It was great fun to create this in a "similar" way (in the case of the model only 4 "screws" made from wire).
30. August 2015, 20:14
Hanno Kleinecke
This is completely unreal mate ! I would'nt even know how to get these bolts alined with the holes........ Extremely extraordinary Bernhard !!! 🙂
30. August 2015, 22:03
Bernhard Schrock
Hi Hanno, thank you for the compliments. The most difficult is to find the vertical middle axis. After that it is less difficult. I use a Stechzirkel (????-circle, sorry don't know the correct English term). So it is possible to work very exactly with a tolerance of 0,1-0,2 mm. The pins are 0,25 mm, the holes are 0,38 mm.

In the morning I started the task which needs quiet and concentration: fitting of the canopy. After nearly 2 hours I'm very satisfied with the result. I believe I discovered a new technology to create moveable panels and hatches. On the picture the hatch is in closed position and you can see it fits nearly perfectly. The hinges are made from thin rubber line (0,35 mm thick) witch pulls the hatch closed automatically.
31. August 2015, 15:55
Aghis Barberopoulos
I just saw this one, I need to stay tuned...
31. August 2015, 17:53
Urban Gardini
Marvelous work so far mate!
31. August 2015, 21:47
Gerald Willing
Wow... das sieht ja gar nicht wie ein Schlacht und spachtel Spaß bei einen Monogram Bausatz aus. ;)
1. September 2015, 12:53
Carlos Medrano
Here we go... Another Gem!
1. September 2015, 13:41
Tolle Arbeit die du uns hier wieder zeigst. Das kann ich glatt als Referenz für meinen Bau nehmen
1. September 2015, 13:44
Bernhard Schrock
It is done: the clear parts are in place. I decided to glue the pilots hatch to the rest without moveable option in the usual manner: fixed with CA-glue and the gaps filled with Future. This was a real problem because there was no contrast between the two clear parts. It will become visible soon after airbrushing zinc chromate if this worked...
1. September 2015, 20:10
Bernhard Schrock
For very long time I haven't build an USAF - machine. Because of that I tried the first mixes of olive drab (ANA 613) and neutral grey (ANA 602) on small parts. I'm happy with the olive drab, the grey is a bit to dark. I think a bit HU129 will be help.
2. September 2015, 19:18
Bernhard Schrock
Hi Mates, help needed!!!!!!!
P-61 in olive drab/ neutral grey scheme: should be the area below