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Adam Carter (animcom)

It's time to bust the tower!

Picked this up today for a steal, ?10 for a 1/48 Tomcat! Obviously this is the first jet I ever dreamed about after watching TopGun as a kid and ever since I started modelling I've always wanted to build a big version of it. Gonna be OOB and may try and pick up a TopGun them decal sheet somewhere too! Or not.


Es-haq Khosravi
Good luck with it!
7 December 2013, 17:27
Clifford Keesler
Good Luck with the build, I love Tomcats.
8 December 2013, 17:03
ole moller
£10 thats all?where is the justice?ruddy good find and deal on this,and if you find topgun decals please let me know,i truly love these aircraft,i have 1 in my stash awaiting construction lol
9 December 2013, 15:46
Adam Carter
I know, I was shocked too! I did double check the price so I could do no more really! Enjoying the build already too
9 December 2013, 22:52
ole moller
i`m still having palpitations at the price you paid lol,also nice start on the office,and the kitten looks like he`s enjoying it as well
10 December 2013, 09:44
Gerald Willing
Nice Cat 😉
10 December 2013, 09:46
Es-haq Khosravi
I have this kit and I think the price Adam has paid is fair... The kit is not that good.
10 December 2013, 09:50
Es-haq Khosravi
But the Box art is excellent! It it self worths 10 euros! 😉
10 December 2013, 09:51
Gerald Willing
10 December 2013, 09:52
Adam Carter
I so love the box! The kit seems ok and the office is great fun to build.
10 December 2013, 18:25
Holger Kranich
You can never have enough Tomcats!
11 December 2013, 07:29
Heico van der Heide
That is a sweet Tomcat. Looks a lot like a cat we had...
11 December 2013, 12:26
Great start. How does this kit compare to the Monogram kit? Gary
11 December 2013, 12:46
Holger Kranich
Nice and clean wor on the pit, even when its a bit black, though!
11 December 2013, 13:51
Adam Carter
Heico: Cat we had? How interesting!
Gary: No idea as this is my first but the kit itself seems to be fine when compared with other jets ive done (see my albums)
Holger: My greatest critic, your comments keep me working harder! Can you recomend a black that is a bit less black if you know what i mean? I'm currently using Humbrol 33 acrylic spray.
As always chaps, thanks for the comments.
12 December 2013, 13:26
Heico van der Heide
Yes, we.. My wife and i 😛 It looked allmost exactly like this one. She was very sweet too. But anyhow, hope to see some progress soon on your model.
12 December 2013, 14:33
Holger Kranich
Adam, i dont want to criticize, i just share my thoughts... What about priming the pit in neutral grey and paint the distinguish areas in black... Just suck a pic from the net and have a look! But however, fun is the most important thing!!! And when you like it, black is the perfect colour for the pit!;)
12 December 2013, 20:57
Adam Carter
Ha ha Holger, only pulling your leg (joking) mate! The build progresses and I have to say its a dream to build
15 December 2013, 17:42
Adam Carter
Any thoughts on whether I should glue the wings in one position for stability?
15 December 2013, 18:52
Es-haq Khosravi
You want to glue it fixed?!!!
15 December 2013, 19:08
Es-haq Khosravi
If you don't want to open the nose cone, so you can place the radar on a carriage next to your tomcat!
15 December 2013, 19:11
Adam Carter
Good idea! Purely to make it stable and well fitted, I love the moving wings!
15 December 2013, 19:19
Adam Carter
I left the wings moveable!
15 December 2013, 19:43
Es-haq Khosravi
Very good!
15 December 2013, 20:16
Ray Seppala
Nice progress Adam
15 December 2013, 23:12
Adam Carter
Have spent the whole day in the shed spraying all the little bits now the main body is done. This is gonna be my final build for 2013, and it's also my 30th model this year! Now to decal the body before sticking all the little bits on. I wonder what Santa will bring me? I asked for some Hasegawa kits but guaranteed I get socks again.
22 December 2013, 22:11
John Thomas
I like your Cat
24 December 2013, 12:55
Adam Carter
Many thanks, the feline variety or the jet?
25 December 2013, 19:23
Adam Carter
Finally finished, let me know what you think guys and girls!
26 December 2013, 16:22
Es-haq Khosravi
Well done Adam!
26 December 2013, 22:00
Adam Carter
many thanks, really chuffed with it
27 December 2013, 08:54
kevin sarsfield
chesters dead..yea arrr
16 January 2014, 20:35
Martyn Fox
Nice job Adam. Your cat looks full of mischief. I've got one that keeps commandeering my modelling chair🙂
16 January 2014, 23:26


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