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Tim Sloan (TSHobbies)

P-51D Big Beautiful Doll


11. July 2014, 22:11
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
11. July 2014, 22:25
Clifford Keesler
Great looking engine.
12. July 2014, 02:13
Gordon Sørensen
Wow! Looks fantastic Tim!
12. July 2014, 12:27
Christian Bruer
Nice Merlin!
12. July 2014, 14:49
Tim Sloan
thanks guys, I appreciate that
13. July 2014, 13:37
Erik Leijdens
Wow very impressive!! You have great modeling skills👍. I was at Duxford when the "Doll" went down after a collision with a Skyraider, sad moment..
10. November 2014, 21:53
Tim Sloan
thank you Erik, that wouldve been a sad site to see..
11. November 2014, 02:46
Kerry COX
Wow. !!! Two big beautiful bouncing boys. I am so pleased you posted these P-51's and It was just wonderful to browse through all 35 pics of your tremendous skills. The only thing that annoys me is that I cant zoom in on them for a closer look LOL. ! I am making an assumption that these are the Tamiya kits.. Just wonderful.
11. November 2014, 02:54
Tim Sloan
thanks Kerry, yes they are both Tamiya kits along with alot of extras
11. November 2014, 12:23
Jens R.
Looks awesome!
11. November 2014, 13:30
Tim Sloan
Thanks Jens
12. November 2014, 20:03


1:32 P-51D Mustang (Tamiya 60322)1:32 P-51D exterior (Eduard 32302)1:32 P-51 Wheels (Eduard 632015)10+

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