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Tim Sloan (TSHobbies)

B-17F Memphis Belle


14. August 2013, 13:33
Arne Greve
Is that the original?
14. August 2013, 13:35
Wim van der Luijt
Great Pics...thanks a lot for sharing!
14. August 2013, 13:47
Tim Sloan
not the original,but the one used in the movie
14. August 2013, 13:48
Holger Kranich
Great shots to get a glimpse of a feeling how it was in that bomber! Thank you very much for sharing !
14. August 2013, 14:08
Arne Greve
I think, she (the Plane) looks very weary. Not war-weary, but weary. But not so the woman on Pic 102. She looks beautiful. 😉
14. August 2013, 14:27
Martien Lourens
Great pics Tim. One of my favorite bomber. thanks for sharing
14. August 2013, 14:31
Stefan Suessemilch
Great pics Tim! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
14. August 2013, 15:07
Aghis Barberopoulos
DX*F "Memphis Belle" looked weary when I saw her up close 20 years ago. She hasn't changed much, unlike me...
14. August 2013, 15:44
Tim Sloan
your welcome guys.. shes kept at an airport not far from me, when shes not on tour..so maybe I'll get even more pics next time I go...Arne..thanks man, thats my lovely wife modeling for me
14. August 2013, 17:17
Albi Hitz
Thanks for sharing Tim, nice pics
14. August 2013, 21:34
Holger Kranich

Hey Mike, and this must be the soundtrack:
Youtube Video

15. August 2013, 04:21
Thanks for the pics.
15. August 2013, 07:04
Charles Jones
Beautiful pics, the last time I saw the Belle I was on my way from NTTC Millington/NAS Memphis to NS Mayport and the USS Saratoga back in 1979. At that time she was a neglected basket case. At that time all the plexiglass had frosted white and her paint, well calling it OD green would have been stretching the truth a little.
15. August 2013, 23:19
Bill Gilman
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! For those who are interested, the original Memphis Belle is being restored at the US Air Force Museum:
HCS-5, the Belle you saw was the original.
16. August 2013, 01:12
Arne Greve
Sometimes, I think, I live in the wrong country or on wrong continent. In Germany/Europe, we have some very nice Landscapes, some old fortress or some old towns. Our museums are full of antique thinks, but such nice planes, we haven´t so much good museums, like in the USA.
17. August 2013, 07:56
Bill Gilman
We do have some nice museums. The National Museum of the USAF is fantastic. Here are a few more:
Udvar-Hazy Museum, Dulles Airport Virginia | Album by Navy Bird
Planes of Fame Museum, Chino California USA | Album by Navy Bird
And one in Canada:
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, Ontario | Album by Navy Bird
I'm about to upload some photos from the USAF Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, so stay tuned!
17. August 2013, 13:49

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