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HK Models B-25J


6. August 2013, 01:18
Gerald Willing
Nice big bird Tim Sloan
6. August 2013, 01:32
Es-haq Khosravi
Excellent job!
6. August 2013, 01:37
Tim Vereecke
awesome work Tim! 👍
6. August 2013, 05:54
Holger Kranich
I always had a soft spot for the B-25 and this one looks great! Did you used any aftermarket stuff?
6. August 2013, 07:36
Tim Sloan
thankyou, it is a great kit.. the only AM I used was Terry Deans nose weights,and decals from Zotz..this one was built for a client, which didnt want to spend the extra bucks, next time I want to get the whole deal and deck it out for my own collection
6. August 2013, 13:09
Peter Mollenhauer
Looks great, Tim! Excellent job!
6. August 2013, 13:23
Mike Grant
Beautifully executed Tim, the weathering is nicely restrained 👍
6. August 2013, 15:27
Luc B
👍 Excellent job Tim!
6. August 2013, 22:08
Dirk Heyer
Never heart about HK Models?
What scale is it?
I like noseart,and that`s one of this wonderful hot pin-ups!
6. August 2013, 23:05
Bill Gilman
1:32, right?
6. August 2013, 23:07
Tim Sloan
Dirk,where ya been? yes its 1/32nd and HK just released a B-17G in 1/32 if you havent seen that.
7. August 2013, 04:40
Holger Kranich
LOL! How not to see it!;)
7. August 2013, 06:12
Dirk Heyer
Well, well boys,
1/32 scale was never in my focus! So it is an easy task for me, to oversee such things!
He He He
Too big and too heavy for my purse and primarily my showcase!!
Nevertheless, a wonderful noseart!
Will have it in mind, not to oversee such little kits the next exhibition.
7. August 2013, 08:40
Urban Gardini
What a beauty, n' the plane as well that is...
7. August 2013, 18:55

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