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John Thomas (king57)

It's a bright new FUTURE


7 11 November 2018, 16:41
John Thomas
Hey guys just a short post. I just found the NEW bottle of Pledge Floor Gloss/Future. I found it at Walmart for $6.00 Dollars US for a pint. I will try it out soon on my X-Plane Projects. In photo no.3 I show the three bottles of future from the pass. The new bottle date to 2017, the middle bottle to 2014 and the third bottle to 2011. I think I have an older bottle of Future some were and if I find it I will post an photo of it.
11 November 2018, 16:48
Burkhard D
I still use a bottle of Future obtained in 1998 and have a second one in reserve. I wonder what the "best use before" date is!? 🙂
11 November 2018, 16:57
John Thomas
Burkhard, that is a very good question. I just added two more bottles to my Future collection which dates back to 2010 as my oldest bottle. I still think I have an older bottle I will keep looking. If you look photo no. 5 you can see that the bottle has a yellow tint that bottle is eight years old. BTW the date I am using is the date on the bottle label, the contents could be older. The only real change you can see for each bottle is the labels. My bottles have been kept in a cool dark basement, no sun light or high or low temps.
11 November 2018, 18:13
John, would you do me a favor, please. (and anyone that is looking for Future because they don't have any)
Would you look at each of your bottles and tell us what UPC numbers each bottle has? I ask because the UPC is about the only thing that stayed constant through the years that the names changed and the formula stayed constant. There are bottles out there with different UPC numbers, and those are different formulas, one is for wood floors, and the ones like the Blue Boots bottle are for vinyl/linoleum floors. (we don't want the Wood floors version for our models)

Also, concerning yellowing,,,,,,,,,,a lot of the time, it is the plastic bottle that is yellowing over time, not the actual liquid. Easy to check, pour some in a glass bottle or beaker and look through it.

There have also been "cleaner/polish" versions, which again, are NOT what is wanted for models. It was designed to soften old coatings and mix the new with them as it laid down. Imagine an Aquous Acrylic painter having the paint softened and then the clear swirled into it, instead of just a clear overcoat over the paint.
12 November 2018, 02:39
Michael Phillips
I agree with Rex, I would like to see the UPC. They keep changing the bottle AND name of this stuff, so it is hard to keep up with what is what nowadays. The last one I bought had the blue boots as well, and I might need to get some more rather soon.
12 November 2018, 03:39
Good stuff, I dip clear parts in, also airbrush to seal paint or lay decals on .. never had problems with.
12 November 2018, 04:04
John Thomas
Rex,Michael and Cortex Thanks. Rex and Michael I will post the UPC numbers for you
12 November 2018, 13:17
John Thomas
Rex, the new bottle Pledge floor gloss dated 2017 UPC=46500 00182, Pledge Floor Care 2X shine dated 2014 UPC=46500 00182, Pledge Floor Care tile & vinyl floor dates 2011, UPC=46500 00182, Pledge Floor Care multi-surface date 2012 UPC=46500 00182 and Pledge Floor Care wood floor date 2010 UPC=46500 71857. Out of the five bottles that I have they all have the same UPC number 46500 00182. But the Pledge Floor Care wood floor has a different UPC number 46500 71857. The wood floor bottle does have the Future logo on the bottle label as does the tile and vinyl floor bottle. Rex thanks for the tips.
12 November 2018, 13:43
Michael Phillips
Thanks John, that is great info! Now I know the new "Future" bottle looks like the ones in your picture, and therefore which one to purchase.
12 November 2018, 14:48
John Thomas
Michael OK
12 November 2018, 15:28
Patrick Hagelstein
This is a great thread! I bought my new bottle of Future (the 'revive it') only Friday after painstakingly looking through the whole Walmart isle the check if I just missed my known bottles and then just residing with this one. Glad you guys found out I accidentally picked the right one! 👍
12 November 2018, 15:41
John Thomas
Patrick, I am glad that I helped in a small way.
12 November 2018, 17:16

Don't use this UPC on your plastic models. The other ones are the same as the old Future. 71857 does not work the same way, though.

You can test that out for yourself, though. Build a model that doesn't matter to you much, or build one with just the large basic parts cemented together. After painting, spray 71857 on it, decal it, and cover with 71857. Then try to pick it up bare handed after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Even after I year, you will still be able to leave fresh fingerprints in the clear coat, if you hold the model for 1 minute or more.

00182 bottles will work just like Future from the past,,,,,you could cover a plastic sheet with it, and hit it with a hammer without scratching it.
12 November 2018, 17:19
John Thomas
Rex, thanks so much for the info.
12 November 2018, 18:18
i am glad that all my stash is 46500 00182 (floor care finish) 🙂
12 November 2018, 23:45
timeline for this product needs update 😉
we only have one in the database 🙂
12 November 2018, 23:46
John Thomas
Spanjaard, Thanks
13 November 2018, 01:09
Lee Fogel
Thank you for the info and proper UPC number to look for.
13 November 2018, 02:07
Ben M
Following so I don't lose this info
13 November 2018, 02:09
John Thomas
Lee and Ben, Thanks
13 November 2018, 02:42
Lee and others,,,,,,another tip is to look through the bottle, the UPC is on the back of the label. Some generations of Future had a different UPC on the front, and the correct one on the back.
13 November 2018, 08:10
I have a white bottle with blue cap, of 'Pledge Multi-Surface Wax'. 750ml.

The number below the bar code is: 5 000204 604177. I have still no idea if this bottle is usable for applying a gloss coat onto models. I've had it in store for a while without really using it. Bought it off eBay some time ago, as this branded product isn't common where I live.
13 November 2018, 08:38
John Thomas
Rex thanks again
13 November 2018, 13:03
John Thomas
Treehugger, I don't know if the Pledge in the white bottle is Future? I don't know if the UPC number would be different out side the US. I would test it first on an old model before using it. You may want to look at ebay again for the new bottle.
13 November 2018, 13:10
Lee Fogel
Thank you Rex I will follow your advice.😉
13 November 2018, 14:50
Ben M
Thank you so much for this thread. I have never used future before and bought a bottle the other day to try. Good to know I accidentally got the "right" kind!
15 November 2018, 14:31
Patrick Hagelstein
Lucky you Ben! 😉 You'll love the product by the way! 👍
15 November 2018, 14:33
Michael Phillips
I agree with Patrick. I use it for quite a few things:

1. Dip canopies for extra clarity and to remove fine scratches and other imperfections.

2. Clear Coat for paint sealing and decal application prep. I actually BRUSH it on the entire model as opposed to spraying it. I seem to get much better results that way and it is actually faster to do. The leveling properties of this stuff is amazing! I always seem to get "orange peel" when I spray the stuff.

3. Used as a decal setting agent. The high surface tension of future actually does a fantastic job of pulling decals into crevices, over contours, etc. However, I don't like to use it with larger decals as you do have to work quickly with this method as it will begin to set after a minute or so on the model. Also, this method is fantastic for helping to eliminate silvering and also blends decals into the paint very well once the flat coat is applied over it.

4. I use it as a base to my own home-made final flat coat. I mix 6 parts future to 1 part Tamiya X-21 Flat Base. This gives a very nice flat finish that can be adjusted to taste by altering the mixture ratio. I would not recommend going below 4:1 ratio though, as too much of the X-21 can lead to frosting.

So it is a very versatile and inexpensive tool for the modeller arsenal, hence the reason modellers go nuts over the stuff!
15 November 2018, 14:43
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks for that ratio Michael!
15 November 2018, 14:45
John Thomas
Thanks guy's. I like the flat base idea, I will test it out.
15 November 2018, 16:52
Michael Phillips
Also, for my flat coat mixture, I create it in batches that I put in a cleaned out used 40mL Tamiya primer jar. Each time I put some in my airbrush before use I usually add about 25% Mr Color Levelling Thinner to the mix in the cup as well.
15 November 2018, 18:33
Ben M
I love the sharing of techniques on this site, thank you everyone who takes the time to help others.
15 November 2018, 18:59
John Thomas
Hey guy's, Michael and Ben Thanks again.
16 November 2018, 01:05
Gordon Sørensen
Like Michael, I use for my canopies too.
If you dip before you paint the frames, it is easier to remove any paint that gets under the masks.
Just use a wide brush and use it as a clear coat for decalling, and to help as a decal settling agent.
You have enough there to last ages, John!
16 November 2018, 01:26
Tom ...
Michael, do you have a mix ratio for semi gloss/satin?
16 November 2018, 04:01
Michael Phillips
Tom, I have not yet attempted to do a satin or semi-gloss finish, but I would start with a 15:1 ratio then adjust from there. Maybe try on a scrap painted piece first to see how that looks. I'm guessing the sweet spot for a nice satin finish is going to be in the 12-15:1 range.
16 November 2018, 05:00
John Thomas
Gordon , Thanks. As slow as I build I have enough Future to last many years. I also use Future as a clear coat on my wood model bases and as a clear coat on my dioramas as wet mud or for glossing water. Check out my album on how I do my model bases.
16 November 2018, 13:05
John Thomas
Tom, thanks
16 November 2018, 13:06
John Thomas
Hey Michael, at what PSI are you spraying your Future and Flat Coat Mix? I spray mine Future Gloss Coat at around 18 to 20 PSI with a .03 needle in my airbrush.
16 November 2018, 13:09
Michael Phillips
John, I also spray it around 20PSI with a .03 Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. I spray this mixture at a bit higher PSI than I do with paints.
16 November 2018, 15:27
Bryn Crandell
@Michael Phillips thanks for the tips. I'll have to add to my cheap book. As for airbrushing I have a Aztek with a GP nozzle that I have dedicated to spraying Future. I think the psi I shoot at is 15-20.
16 November 2018, 15:41
John Thomas
OK, Bryn and Michael thanks so much.
16 November 2018, 16:13
Chris Greathouse
16 November 2018, 18:35
John Thomas
Chris, Thanks
17 November 2018, 02:32
Donald Dickson II
OK, this was an awesome post! I had no idea how to tell if it was still the same stuff. Now I know. I may run to the 24 hour Wally world and see if they have it...
17 November 2018, 04:00
Donald Dickson II
OK, and what do you all use to clean the airbrush after the Future?
17 November 2018, 04:07
Michael Phillips
Donald, I use plain old store bought Lacquer Thinner to clean it out... in fact, I use it to clean pretty much everything I spray. It will clean out anything almost instantly.

I clean out of the cup, and run it through the airbrush. I then put a little 90% Isopropyl Alcohol in the cup and spray a some through so there is no Lacquer Thinner left in the brush, and leave about a third of a cup full of alcohol in the cup, attach the lid, and put it away. I keep the alcohol in the cup to keep the needle from sticking when I use the brush again. I am not the best at keeping my airbrushes clean LOL.
17 November 2018, 04:35
Donald Dickson II
LOL I use Lacquer thinner for my Alclads and my Testors when I run out of their thinner. So I have plenty, though I am getting low. But I shall use that. And yep, Wally World here had it. So I gots some now. 😄
17 November 2018, 05:48
John Thomas
Donald I am glad you found some. Michael and Donald, I clean my airbrush out with both Windex and 90% IPA when lots of soapy water when lots of clean water and don't let the Future set in the brush it will gum it up.
17 November 2018, 13:42
Chris Greathouse
I use Iwata airbrush cleaner Immediately after finishing with Future... John is right, don't let it set, or there'll be a mess.
17 November 2018, 15:57
John Thomas
Chris Thanks
17 November 2018, 16:59
Don't let it dry, or you may have no airbrush... Remember it is designed to harden so you can WALK on it 😄 😄
I clean it with pure alcohol (99%IPA)
17 November 2018, 21:47
Folks, when dealing with this stuff - pure ammonia is your best friend... Even says so on the bottle. FYI I still have two bottles of the original "Future" labeled stuff.
17 November 2018, 21:59
Tom ...
Hmm, I've been using 70% IPA... seems fine but maybe I need to pay attention to it.
17 November 2018, 23:08
i hate how amonia smells 😄 😄 and it can affect some materials, like some seals inside of some airbrushes😉
17 November 2018, 23:20
So far no issues with blasting ammonia through the trusty airbrush but ya it makes doing old school enamels a walk in the park when it comes to smell. If you clean right after spaying the stuff then ya water will be ok. However you don't clean right away, seals or not, you got yourself one diehard clogged up airbrush 😛
18 November 2018, 00:36
Donald Dickson II
Hmmmm. There will be a Future only airbrush in this household...
18 November 2018, 04:24
I have a old Paashe H1 and/or Testors ModelMaster (now Aztek) I reserve just for spraying Future or any clear coat for that matter. Paashe is really easy to clean. Only 3 parts.
18 November 2018, 13:45
John Thomas
Thanks guy's. That why I use Windex with Ammonia. for cleaning my airbrush. Ammonia can eat at the Brass parts of airbrushes and may be some of those cheap rubber O-rings seals, that why I flush the Windex with 90% IPA and when water and if needed I would tier down the airbrush and clean the needle and nozzle real good. BTW Windex smells better than pure Ammonia. Not sure how much Ammonia is in Windex it seam to work. Right now I do not have a airbrush just for Future but may need to. Christmas would be a good time to look for one. Needles to say all way wear a mask when spraying any cleaner thru an airbrush.
18 November 2018, 14:09
mask is always a good idea when airbrushing... you can replace needles and nozzles, lungs are a bit more complicated 😄 😄
19 November 2018, 00:18
John Thomas
Spanjaard, Thanks I agree
19 November 2018, 01:23
Donald Dickson II
Those of you who airbrush it. Do you thin it and with what?
25 November 2018, 03:30
Straight from the bottle for me
25 November 2018, 06:18
Alexander Jost
Cleaning: REVELL Airbrush Clean (also traded as Dowanol, substance/chemically: Methylethylketon

Thinning: SIMPLE GREEN cleaning liquid, thinned 1/10 with destilled water. Excellent for all water-based colours! (see simplegreen.com or extrade.de)
25 November 2018, 10:33
John Thomas
Alexander, Thanks. Donald I do not thin Future I also use it straight from the bottle.
25 November 2018, 15:04
Chris Greathouse
Straight from the bottle for me too
25 November 2018, 17:25
John Thomas
Thanks Chris
26 November 2018, 02:01
Michael Hickey
Not only do I use Lacquer Thinners to clean out Alclad II but I use it to thin down my Gunze & Tamiya paint. One thing you don't want to mix Lacquer Thinners with is paints like Vallejo, AK, Mig and Meng. Those water based paints really go glumpy when they come in contact with Lacquer Thinners.
26 November 2018, 03:09
Alexander Grivonev
Has anyone tried to lower the surface tension of FUTURE somehow? I use it as a base for decals and as an overcoat afterwards. It tends to form droplets on the surface if you apply too much at once, ESPECIALLY on decals. It spreads really poorly on them. Future is terrific stuff but it wasn't designed to be spray applied after all and a lower surface tension would make it a truly magic product...I've had a quick glance at the thread and thought Gunzes Leveling Thinner might be a solution, never worked with this stuff.

I apply it straight from the bottle btw and use IPA or Ethanol to clean the airbrush.
26 November 2018, 05:51
Michael Hickey
I use it the same way Alexander, but I find if I spray it in light enough coats it works fine. Don't know what dishwashing soap would do in the mix of it. I use dishwashing soap in my bowl of water when I'm decaling to break the water tension.
26 November 2018, 09:31
Alexander Grivonev
Yeah, I thought about dishwashing soap too, in essence we need some kind of a 'surfactant'. Question is how else will it affect the 'Future' itself? I think the only way to know is to try..
26 November 2018, 10:35
John Thomas
Thanks guy's. I hand brush small areas but also use light coats when airbrushing. One other use of Future that I tried is to mix Future into Acrylic Model Master paints. I did one test with about 10% to improve the paint and I liked the way it worked. I also made a mix with Poly Scale Acrylic Aluminum for an NMF on an P-40N which turned out nice. I used the Future to improve flow and add toughness to the mix for masking and it seam to have worked. I still need to do more tests mixing Future with Model Master Acrylic paints. I do know that Future does not like Tamiya paints in one test I did. I dont know about other water base paints.
26 November 2018, 13:14
Kit Kabinet
Great info in this thread! Unfortunately there no longer seems to be a Pledge Future equivalent available in Europe. I still have half a bottle of the old Pledge version (which I guard with several nasty pointy instruments) but if anyone knows the current equivalent in Europe, I'm very interested.
Also interested in breaking the surface tension, as I also noticed it tends to bead on decals. Soap may get frothy, so I'm careful with that. I'll have to check if glycerin or glaze medium will work. Warcolours has a surfactant in their range that claims to do the job, but I have also read that it doesn't act well with just every product.
8 March 2019, 23:50
@Kit... I am not sure how it is on you side of the big pond but - Amazon or Ebay can be your friend - hint hint
9 March 2019, 01:28
yes, the problem is the shipping costs.... I got some via Amazon, only issue was that the seller is only selling in UK, Germany and France. so i have to order via family in france.
9 March 2019, 12:48
Kit Kabinet
Indeed, shipping costs make it very expensive. I hope that the amount that I still have will last me long enough for Pledge to re-introduce this formula on the EU market. Although I fear there's probably some dumb law against one of the ingredients, otherwise they would probably have re-released it here already..
12 March 2019, 00:30
Well folks, I did not factor in shipping 😭. Did not know it was that evil over there. (thanks great-grandpa for moving to this side of the pond).
12 March 2019, 00:38
Mark Parkinson
Could this be the latest European equivalent to Future?
I can only seem to find it sold here or Amazon and ebay though
12 March 2019, 09:09
John Thomas
Thanks Guy's more great info. Hey guys do any of you car builder use Future on your cars bodies? I don't build to many cars but I have one I would like to build, I was thinking of dipping the whole car body in future.
12 March 2019, 15:56
I would love je to hear how that goes John.
14 March 2019, 19:30
Martin Oostrom
Just beware of pooling. Dipping the windows of my toyota led to rippled windows. Hard to see, but it is there.
14 March 2019, 19:53
Chris Greathouse
Try dipping, then letting the liquid pool at the bottom while the piece is vertical, then just tap the bottom of the window on a piece of paper towel... The towel will soak up the excess and there should be little to no pooling.
14 March 2019, 20:51
Matthew A
Mark I bought some of the multi surface wax when it first came out in that bottle - It left may floor, table and boots streaky so didn't try it on a kit. I go past Johnson's in Frimley a lot and each time wonder if the formula has changed since.
14 March 2019, 23:02
John Thomas
Thanks guy's, I will let you know how it goes I may even make a project out of it and post some photos. The kit I have is the Monogram 1970 Plymouth Superbird with the rear wing. I did see the NASCAR version of this car race at Dayton in 1970 and it won. The kit plastic is a sky blue color witch would be hard to match so I will try to kept the plastic body color. I am thinking of dipping all the kit body parts separately even the glass and just paint the parts that need painting. This would be my first car project in over 30 years. I may do some plumbing and wiring.
15 March 2019, 00:46
Rui S
Very interesting. I still have to buy it from ebay because it dosen´t exist here.
6 April 2019, 19:02
John Thomas
Rui S, Sorry to hear that, it's very useful stuff
7 April 2019, 12:22
Rui S
Yeah John, i can just imagine that' 🙁 & I'm só very curious about it8)
Cheap and very useful his just my thing 😄
7 April 2019, 12:26
John Thomas
Rui S, I was very luck to have visited Portugal many years ago. spent two days in Lisbon back in the mid 1960's and in High School I was the Ambassador from Portugal in our School's UN.
7 April 2019, 12:40
Donald Dickson II
They have this at my Walmart. At least they did a month ago. If anyone wants it, let me know. I will be more than happy to get it and ship it. No profit, just cost. Though I am sure shipping across the pond would be expensive.
7 April 2019, 15:27
Christian Bruer
Great thread, thx for all the intersting Information. Now I know the Pledge I got from a modelling friend is the right stuff.
7 April 2019, 16:00
Rui S
John,, Very glad to know that' you liked the time you spent here even if it was só long ago. I was born 5 years after that' and we have evolved a lot since 🙂
@ Donald thanks for your attention. I will see if i can get it from europe first. But Nice to know that' you can help.
7 April 2019, 18:40
John Thomas
Thanks guy's, All the Pledge/ Future that I have found was at my local Walmart. I just used my bottle of Pledge/ Future the other day when I clear coated my F-18C project.
7 April 2019, 20:00
I got mine for a decent price in Amazon, the only problem was that they only sell it in Germany, UK and France. They do not ship to other countries. Fortunately I could get it via family in France. If anybody want to know the seller details, let me know. It was the cheapest option to get full bottles across the pond
There is people reselling the stuff in smaller bottles on Ebay, but I never tried them. Specially since you can not be sure of what you get.....
8 April 2019, 20:38
Jos Jansen
I ordered through Amazon and they shipped it to the Netherlands...
8 April 2019, 22:37
John Thomas
Jos and Spanjaard, thanks for the info
9 April 2019, 00:00
hi Jos, i guess it is a question of price...
this is the one i used amazon.fr/gp/product/B000ARPH4C 17.74EUR per bottle to France. it is possible to have it in German Amazon amazon.de/gp/product/B000ARPH4C for 19.52EUR and UK for 12.99GBP amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000ARPH4C funny enough.
German, French or UK do not ship to NL, but from Amazon Spain, they do 😛 amazon.es/gp/product/B000ARPH4C for 15.77EUR but with 3.95 to shipping to Spain or 6.03 to Netherlands. If anybody knows a cheaper one, please post it here, somebody can benefit from it 🙂
9 April 2019, 13:51
my first bottle was shipped to NL... but it was much more expensive, via EvilBay....
9 April 2019, 14:21
John Thomas
Spanjaard, great info but I have a question being from the US, I though that the EU was one happy family so why would a EU Country not ship a product to another EU Country. Also could a person from the Netherlands or other EU Country just take the train to England or Germany and buy as much Pledge/ future as you would like for personal use. A very enterprising person could buy lots of Pledge/ Future and sell it at Model Shows, just an idea. I have to travel 40 miles to my model shop one way for my kits and supplies I do buy a little on Ebay.
9 April 2019, 14:21
Usually EU countries and specially EU webshops do not make a problem to sell anywhere in EU. but Amazon does what they want.... besides, i think it is a question of the seller not wanting to make their life complicated... specially if they are based in US, so they ship to a few countries only, and they do not care about the others.
9 April 2019, 14:38
Gordon Sørensen
Wow! $6.25 US at Walmart. Shipping would probably be extremely expensive though...
9 April 2019, 14:50
John Thomas
Spanjaard, I see. I am lucky to be able to buy as much Pledge/Future as I like from my Walmart which is less than a mile from my house.
9 April 2019, 14:52
Jos Jansen


I ordered via a seller in the States, last year for 50 bucks...now you can buy it for 20 bucks, two bottles...shipped to the Netherlands. Of course not as cheap as you can get it on your bike to the Walmart, but it is fantastic stuff and you really can use it for a very long time!
9 April 2019, 19:04
Martin Oostrom
Thanks Jos. Really a shame that shipping is €488,-
9 April 2019, 19:16
Burkhard D
A study in yellowing with samples from 1998, 2000, 2017 (left to right) 😄


5 May 2019, 07:47
Ralf Schoenen
Just found on Amazon
Pledge11182 Revive It Bodenglanz, 69 ml, klar transparent amazon.de/dp/B000ARP.._api_i_HYPZCb475533W
5 May 2019, 08:22
Ralf Schoenen
If the above link does not work,just search „Pledge floor care
5 May 2019, 08:26
John Thomas
Thanks, guys. I am very glad that very one is enjoying my Future thread. May be we can post some of the different use for Future other than clear coats. Thanks Burkhard D for the Yellowing photo.
5 May 2019, 12:11
Greg Baker
Thanks again for starting this thread, John. My moving company decided (even after I checked with them) that my two brand new, unopened, bottles of Future should be left behind (without telling me). So I was in a bit of a panic, trying to decide if I needed to smuggle one back to Canada (where I bought it in the first place) in my suitcase. Luckily I was able to send my mom on a mission to WalMart and, thanks to this thread, I was able to confirm she got the "Revive it" bottle. Whew! One less stress after seeing all my models and kits boxed up and put into a shipping container (along with... practically all my other worldly possessions).

Of course, this now means I have two bottles of Future on the open market here in Korea. Anyone looking to make a purchase? 🙂 it's a limited time offer that runs out at the end of the month!
14 July 2020, 16:14
Patrick Hagelstein
Reading up on this, can I assume you're a Canadian national currently living in Korea and preparing to move back to Canada? In that case I can relate: I'm a Dutch national living in the US and fearing I have to leave behind my whole stash of paints once I have to move back to the Netherlands next year...
14 July 2020, 16:29
Patrick Hagelstein
Facepalm moment....... I just found your bio here.... 😉
14 July 2020, 16:29
Greg Baker
Yep. That's correct. The paints were an issue... I was able to get some of them to go by basically drying them out. I'm not sure if I can revive them for sure, but Tamiya acrylics seem to have a good success at being brought back to life, I think. It was worth a shot, anyway.
14 July 2020, 16:34
Patrick Hagelstein
That's actually a cool idea! I predominantly use Gunze and MRP lacquers, which can be thinned and even revived by Gunze's Self-leveling Thinner. I'll have a year to experiment with that. 👍
14 July 2020, 16:38
Greg Baker
if there's no liquid... it's a painted bottle. 🙂
14 July 2020, 16:46
Patrick Hagelstein
😄 😄 😄 👍 True!
14 July 2020, 17:00
ha ha ha, I would have never thought of that! great idea!
14 July 2020, 22:33
How much do you want for the future bottles?
14 July 2020, 22:39
Greg Baker
For a mate of scale, $10 per bottle plus whatever shipping comes to. I just want to cover my costs.
14 July 2020, 23:47
PM sent
15 July 2020, 01:02
John Thomas
Hey Guys, I have been testing mixing Future with Model Master Acrylics to improve flow and smoother finish. Has any one done any testing with Future? I have got some nice results.
15 July 2020, 13:22
I find that Pledge works especially well mixed with metallics, no need for a top coat. But to me it stinks to high heaven. Don't breathe the stuff just because it has a "pleasant" odor. I can't spray it indoors until I upgrade my spray booth. 🙂
16 July 2020, 00:46
John Thomas
JD,Thanks. so far Tamiya paints dont like Future. I have mixed Future with Poly Scale Acrylic Metallics and it worked well. The smell is a problem and I do use a spray booth. I am testing more Acrylics results up soon.
16 July 2020, 13:08
Christian Bruer
Hey there, I got a feedback from a modelling friend, that the 2017 Pledge review it UPC #46500 00182 comes out milky when used. Can anyone of you confirm that experience!? I did not have any problem so far. TIA, Cheers Christian
19 July 2020, 08:54
John Thomas
Hey Christian, I heard some were that "Pledge" in the UK was made milky and smell added so kids would not drink it. Don't know if it is true or not. I have done some more testing . Both Vallejo Model Color and Model Air mixs well with Future also Model Master Acrylics. I don't have any Gunze or Lifecolor or any AK paint to test so I don't know. If Tamiya does not work well I would think any Acrylic paint similar to Tamiya would also not mix well. I am still trying to work out the best percentage of Future to add so far 10% works well.
19 July 2020, 13:50
Matthew A
I bought the wrong stuff we av here
19 July 2020, 14:38
Christian Bruer
Thank you John. My modelling friend had the problem sealing canopies. Some samples came out milky.
19 July 2020, 18:29
John Thomas
Hey Christian, some kinds of glues can also fog canopies and clears parts to make them look milky mainly super glue. You can dip clear parts in future to help stop the fogging.
19 July 2020, 20:10
Christian Bruer
Sorry John I should had better desribed what I meant with my last post about milky canopies. My modeling friend made the experience, that canopies turned out milky when dipping them into Pledge review it. The same experience with Future was a clean and clear canopy. He mentioned, that the formula of Pledge was different to the original Future and that it could be a reason that it does not propper work cleaning and sealing canopies with a layer of Pledge / Future. Does anybody eles made this experience and can confirm?
20 July 2020, 18:43
Tom ...
I wonder if the "tolerances" for Future's formula are pretty loose. I mean it's meant for polishing floors so I'm thinking there's a fair bit of leeway, and people seem to have varying experiences with it, though most are very positive.

For myself I've noticed that clear coating over Tamiya acrylics for my car bodies develops a mosaic of fine cracks over time so I've now switched to Alclad's Klear Gloss, which I find easier to apply over large areas than Future.
20 July 2020, 19:54
i have used future over tamiya acrylics without any problem.
20 July 2020, 21:00
Clifford Keesler
I use it over most paints without problems, even laquers. It works great on my canopies.
20 July 2020, 21:06
James C
I've used it for a while now ONLY over the top of acrylics... Tamiya, Italeri, AK, MiG etc and also have not had any issues with it, but the stuff I use is as pictured in the link below... and NOT the "Revive it".
The only time I encountered problems with the stuff was when I tried to airbrush it on a tank that I had painted with acrylics, but weathered with oils and enamels etc. It immediately started to bead up like rain water will bead up on a freshly waxed car etc. So I've not tried it again on armour builds.
But, sticking with a freshly painted (with acrylics) aircraft, it works great to seal the paint in readiness for a panel line wash (enamel) I also note that it's not nearly as "bullet proof" as has been mentioned in the past. Possibly due to a formula change?

20 July 2020, 21:22
John Thomas
Tom,Spanjaard, Clifford and James Thanks. I have also had no problems with Future over Tamiya or most other Acrylics. I am testing mixing Future into acrylics to improve the finish and adhesion for better masking mainly for Metallics. I don't use enamels or lacquers but all paints need to be fully cured before over coating with any clear coat.
21 July 2020, 13:10
you can also try using it differently, i do extremely thin layers, so it cures really fast. James, what about you?
21 July 2020, 14:55
i have same bottle than James, by the way.
21 July 2020, 14:56
Michael Phillips
The only issues I have ever encountered with Future is with Gunze Aqueous Insignia White and to a lesser extent Gunze Aqueous Light Gull Grey. I have found that the paints crack when I use Future as a gloss coat over these (and only these colors so far). I know it has to do with cure time differences but since I have had this happened more than once I now no longer use future over those colors. Never had it happen with any other brand or any other Gunze Aqueous color.
21 July 2020, 15:38
John Thomas
Michael, Thanks. Future is not all ways the best chose for a clear coat. I have mainly be using Future for decals and weathering but be using Liquitex clear acrylic Gloss. Stain and Flat for my final clear coats.
21 July 2020, 17:16
Christian Bruer
So far I only use a rest of original Future and the Floor Care (the blue / white label posted by James). I have ordered the Reviev it and will test it.
By the way I used it on Vallejo acrylics without any problems so far. Normally I add an oils wash before I start adding the gloss coat also without any problems.
21 July 2020, 18:58
James C
@ Spanjaard - Yes, multiple thin layers is the best way to apply it so that it dries/hardens more quickly and to avoid any runs. Then once finished, I let it sit for a couple days (at least 3) to cure properly. This will minimize the risk of leaving finger prints behind while handling afterwards.

For what it's worth, I also use Tamiya (Acrylic) X-22 clear gloss mixed 50/50 with Tamiya lacquer (on my armour builds) to seal decals and paint, then immediately apply a light coat of straight lacquer only over the top. This process always ensures a dead smooth finish and also tends to speed up the drying process.
21 July 2020, 19:16
John Thomas
Thanks guys
21 July 2020, 20:01
Tom ...
I came across a comment on another site regarding the cracking I experienced with Future: "One more point is to make sure the underlying paint is fully dry; at least 48 hours. I've had cracking issues when I've applied too early."

I'm pretty sure I didn't wait that long so I'll need to pay attention to that.
26 July 2020, 02:01
Bill Newcomer
Just found this thread and have learned a few things here. I have been using the same bottle of Future for years (dated 2000). I have never air brushed it. I have only applied it with a 3/8" wide brush to car and truck models painted with enamels or lacquers. Even if I leave bubbles, it self levels nicely. I usually apply it once the decals, BMF and chrome bits are on the body. I usually do so before the windows are installed. It does a great job of keeping the decals and BMF from being disturbed from handling. It also adds gloss to rattle can paints that didn't gloss well enough. I used to be wasteful by pouring a bit in a dixie cup, brushing it on then throwing the remaining away. I now keep a small amount in an old Testors bottle to always have it at the ready. An empty enamel thinner bottle it what I use. The paint brush cleans up pretty well with hot running water if you clean it immediately after painting. On models where I got dust or painted too slowly and screwed up the layer of Future, I use cotton swaps in household ammonia to remove it and try again. The enamels and lacquers underneath are not affected by the ammonia. I have yet to paint any acrylics. I just ordered an air compressor that comes with (3) airbrushes for $89 US. I may likely try airbrushing future once I get the hang of it.
26 July 2020, 06:06
John Thomas
Bill Thanks And good luck. Remember to clear out our airbrush after future use dont let future set in the airbrush it will gum it up. I use Windex to clean out the future when some IPA and lot of water.
26 July 2020, 14:01
Clifford Keesler
That is what I use to clean my air brush with after spraying future also, IPA, and then Auto windshield washer fluid. For acrylic paints, I use the windshield washer fluid as my standard air brush cleaner. A gallon jug last me forever.
27 July 2020, 21:43
John Thomas
Clifford, Thanks
28 July 2020, 13:21
in my local supermarket i have found this
anybody has used it? it looks a bit milky and does not small the same as the one we know works
9 August 2020, 13:05
9 August 2020, 18:00
John Thomas
Spanjaard. I heard some were that Pledge in the UK was milky for some reason, I would test it first before using it on a good model, it may be fine.
10 August 2020, 12:51
i tried to dip something on it, to see how it looks... results totally inconclusive... i will certainly use it in a test model before even thinking on using it in a good one.... i doubt is the good stuff
10 August 2020, 13:52
John Thomas
Hey Spanjaard, look forward to your results.
11 August 2020, 00:05
Greg Baker
I just got a new bottle of the Revive It... which looks identical to the pic. I'm still drowning in boxes and packing paper, but I'm eager to give SOMETHING a try, so giving a canopy a dip in Future sounds like something I can handle. Will report back any findings.
11 August 2020, 17:50
John Thomas
OK, Greg thanks
11 August 2020, 20:22
Patrick Hagelstein
Welcome home Greg! How did the shipping (and reviving) of your dried lacquer paints turn out?
18 August 2020, 16:50
Greg Baker
Thanks Patrick. I'm back home in Canada now, but my shipment is still on its way, so no word on what paints survived. There's been a lot more work than I thought, getting the house back in shape after 7 years of renters, but I'm one bathroom project away from finishing the most dire of repairs. I'm also building a 1:1 scale diorama of a modelling man-cave in the basement. I'm about 80% done framing in the walls...😉
26 August 2020, 13:56
you need to post that Greg😉
26 August 2020, 17:44
Rui S
I agree with Spanjaard😎
26 August 2020, 18:19
Christoph Kunz
So sad, a 1:1 scale dio of a man-cave and no pics😉
26 August 2020, 22:18
John Thomas
Yes I agree, Greg you need to post some photos of your Man Cave
26 August 2020, 23:58
Greg Baker
Hahaha... okay, here we go... My New Man Cave | Album by strobez (1:1)
27 August 2020, 05:21
John Thomas
Hey Greg, nice stud work. I hope you will have good ventilation for our airbrushing and lots of lighting.
27 August 2020, 12:41
hmm - nice drill
27 August 2020, 20:49
Roy McKay
here for the follow....
20 April, 12:17
Nigel Brown
It's a minefield ... so many different versions of (presumably) the same thing. The brand name appears to change over time and is also different again in each country
24 April, 17:24
Kyle DeHart
Just bought a new bottle last year (in the US) and they still look like picture #1. Works great!
24 April, 21:13
John Thomas
Kyle, Thanks
25 April, 18:22

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